Wednesday, 26 October 2011

UK MPs - Like Lambs to the Slaughter

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Today’s gutter press banner headlines are blatantly plastered with the fact that Posh Dave Scameron has defeated a House of Conmans vote - 483 to 111 - to finally grant the cheated British public their thrice-promised ‘in or out’ referendum on continued EUSSR membership, despite a focused rebellion by back bench MPs.

Well, of course the public school prat’s beaten them - after resorting to dirty deeds and sending the party whips (read ‘thugs’) round to give every fucker and their dog a Chinese burn and a dead-leg if they didn’t obey their Master’s voice.
Scameron had his heavies impose a three-line whip - the strongest order a party can give - on Conservative MPs, meaning that any who voted against the government would be struck off the Tory Christmas card list, have their Masonic advancement careers blocked, and be black-balled from all future summer garden parties – and possible New Year’s honours.

Monday night’s five-hour debate on the issue was prompted after a petition was signed by more than 100,000 members of the common herd who took the trouble to get off their apathetic arses for a change and put pen to paper to express their disgust with decades of catastrophic government mismanagement by both the Tories and Labour – and at being forced into a state of involuntary membership of the kleptocratic den of graft and corruption that represents the Brussels-based EUSSR Debtocracy.

Regardless of the outcome of the rigged Parliamentary vote, public sentiment is still dead set against PM Scameron for abandoning a manifesto pledge for a one-off ‘in or out’ referendum on continued EUSSR membership.

Further ire was also directed towards the Tory’s closet case Foreign Secretary Willy Vague, viewed by friends and political associates alike as a right nasty little piece of work - and the type of person who gives faggots a bad name – who displayed his capacity for duplicity and hypocrisy to their full advantage by shedding his Eurosceptic mask and contrarily attempted to quell the back bench rebellion on Scameron’s behalf by calling the motion "a piece of juvenile graffiti that should be pissed on from a dizzy height.”

Er, hang on a fucking minute – isn’t this supposed to be a constitutional democratic system with the statues written in stone - where each MP holds a personal opinion and is entitled to stand up and be counted on the strength and conviction of their own beliefs - and not what some bullying public school oick orders them to say and do?

However, this is the imbecilic Vague, not a person reputed for his polymath abilities, but more one whose principle interests - hobbies perhaps - focus on career advancement and self-preservation first; plus hanging around public lavatories and Hampstead’s Cottagers Woods with playmate Chrissy Myers – and trying on his hapless wife’s erotic lingerie.

On a separate and perhaps scandalous note, Westminster’s rumour mill is currently churning out calumnious gossip that Vague was recently interviewed – along with Lord Peter Scandalson - by the Met’s Plod Squad and RSPCA officials regarding acts of cruelty relating to the sexual abuse of a gaggle of gerbils during a Gay Arrogance extravaganza party at Soho’s Felchers and Scat Club.

Conversely to the rigged outcome of the Parliamentary vote, and Posh Dave Scameron’s disingenuous statement that a referendum on continued EUSSR membership would present an irresponsible distraction from dodging the current eurozone snafu – and the impending bankruptcy flack and associated fall-out – the man is still faced with growing criticism over putting the Tory Party’s interest before the national interest – both of which shall serve to further contribute to his rapidly diminishing authority and credibility.

Acting on orders from his Zionist kikester bosses, Scameron announced he opposes a public vote on the UK's continued EUSSR membership and has sought to shift attention from the pathetic financial state our de-industrialised Broken Britain is in, to helping solve the Gordian knot eurozone crisis which is fated to see the entire 17 eurozone membership nations forming a queue outside the NM Rothshite pawnshop before Christmas – with Greek islands going for £5 quid each (deposit required).

So, regardless of getting a bollocking off the French Presidential midget Nicky Sarkozy last weekend for poking his nose into eurozone discussions and told to “put up or shut up” for criticising the pathetic state of the eurozone’s economies when Britain aren’t part of it – quote: “This merde Scameron – he can go and fuck spiders, telling us what is good for the euro when they still have their silly old pounds and pennies” - Posh Dave’s going to try and gate crash the scheduled meeting of the heads of the 17 nation eurozone in Brussels this week with representatives of the Rothshite crime syndicate’s insolvency / fire sale group: Bailouts-R-Us.

Thought for the day: The entire Parliamentary hierarchy is riddled with conflicts of interest – by parties of self-interest with a sworn duty to the voting public whose welfare and that of our nation they are in office to supposedly represent and guard.
Alas, as the old maxim goes: “If treason doth prosper, none dare call it treason".

The only solution to restoring the voting British public’s economic liberties and our system of constitutional representative government is a revolution – peaceful if the crooked / corrupt scumbag MPs infesting the House of Conmans agree to go quietly – or violently (tumbrels and the block) if they so refuse.
Regardless, fuck the EUSSR and the eurozone and Globalism - and the New World Order.

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