Tuesday, 11 October 2011

World Declares Bliar 'Persona Non Grata'

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Tony Bliar, the UK’s ex-New Labour Slime Minister, outed adulterer and mass-murdering war criminal extraordinaire, currently posing as the Quartet’s renta-joke Middle-East Peace Emissary, has not only long ago pawned his moral franchise with conjuring dodgy dossiers about weapons of mass distraction, approving the assisted suicide of Dr David Kelly, plus the 6/8/05 murder of the conscience-stricken Robin Cook whose loose lips were about to get Tony into trouble over dodgy dossiers and sanctioning the 7/7 false flag terrorist attacks on the London Tube system - but is now in danger of losing any and all semblance of credibility remaining as the beleaguered Palestinians announced for the public record they are set to declare him persona non grata.

Senior authorities in the Palestinian Liberation Organization have informed press hacks they would cut all contacts with the bottom-feeding Bliar, who was given the role as the representative of the Quartet – comprised of the United Nations, the European Union, Russia and the United States - after he was forced to resign his post as the UK premier to Gordon ‘Incompetence’ Broon in 2007.

PLO authorities have finally woken up and become cognizant to the glaring fact that the dysfunctional Bliar's activities favour the outlaw Israeli regime on all matters and concerns in the international arena and he is in reality acting as a pro-Zionist diplomat, rather than the impartial mediator his role is supposed to represent.

The AIPAC-dominated neo-con White House proposed Bliar for the Quartet post to apply his natural talents for hypocrisy and deceit in coordinating Western efforts to buy legitimacy for the outlaw Israeli state and attempt to stabilize the Zionist occupation of the Palestinian territories.

Conversely, PLO spokesman Shaheed ibn Himar informed one press hack from the Intifada Review “How the fuck can anyone legitimise the illegal rogue state of Israel - this festering haemorrhoid on the arse of the Middle East that stole our lands in the 1948 Yawm an-Nakbah?”
“We have now decided that Bliar is not the type of person we wish to buy a used car from. He is no longer to be trusted in the role of a neutral international representative as he has been lobbying the neo-imperialist European political powers to ignore and deny our long-overdue bid for statehood at the UN Security Council.”

“Bliar focuses his attentions on conflict management rather than conflict resolution, with his demonising of Islam. He is a political whore – for sale to the highest bidder and long ago coerced for his past sins and bought by the Rothshite crime syndicate as their gopher and puppet mouthpiece – and we shall declare him persona non grata in the coming days.”

To add insult to injury and further jeopardise his shaky reputation and position, Bliar this week sided with the US ambassador to Damascus, Robert Ford (yet another of the CIA’s agent provocateurs armed – like Bliar - with a dodgy diplomatic portfolio of hypocrisy) in rejecting claims by the Assad-led Syrian government that the good ole US of A is funding terrorists to drag Syria into a conspired Arab Spring quagmire of socio-political chaos.

Bliar and Ford jointly called on Syria to respect the 'basic human rights' of its people – while ignoring the denial of such by the scumbag monarchies of Saudi Arabia and Bahrain (home to the US Fifth Fleet) – and the same from the Israelis with their perennially-excused inhuman treatment of the Palestinian populations of the occupied West Bank and Gaza Strip – for which the Knesset and IDF forever duck reproach and sanctions – yet are instead ironically rewarded with continued supplies of US arms and aid to maintain their hypocrisy as the sole democratic model in the Middle East.

Further to this end, legal mechanisms introduced following WW2 aimed at facilitating the prosecution of war criminals, specifically the Universal Jurisdiction Act has been emasculated by the UK’s Tory Friends of Israel club to preserve Israeli impunity from accountability for their disregard for the Geneva Conventions and continued human rights and wrongs violations.

Thoughts for the day: Hmmm, obviously there’s been no epiphany nor Pauline conversion to the right path for our Mr Bliar along the road to Damascus - and Treacherous Tony is still no more than a frog who dreams of becoming a toad – then and now.

A quick analysis of Bliar’s top notch score on the international Scumometer scale, earned for getting Britain into the global pariah index, right next to the US of A, for partaking in the illegal invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq, causing the slaughter and maiming of millions of civilians – actually reveals nothing more complex than the fact he’s simply a low-life cunt, devoid of conscience and who long ago pawned whatever moral franchise he ever possessed.

Such is so perfectly instanced when one reflects on the fact of who, in their right mind, apart from the very blackmail-prone Bliar, would have ever conferred rank, and authority - and power over lesser mortals - into the hands of an unscrupulous, corrupt fudger like Peter Scandalson - now elevated on Baron Rothshite’s Crony Command network’s orders to Lord Scandalson of the Felchers, no less.

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