Thursday, 6 October 2011

US Envoy to UN Spits Dummy

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China and Russia have bared their teeth, stood united in common cause and vetoed a UN Security Council resolution condemning the Assad-led Syrian government over its purported crackdown on Arab Spring anti-government protesters.
While nine lapdog countries backed the Zionist-drafted resolution in the 15-member council, four more decided to watch their respective arses and wisely abstained.

On hearing of the veto, US envoy to the United Nations, Susan ‘Spo’ Rice – yet another of the Rothshite-Illuminati crime syndicate’s hand-picked Rhodes scholars – went a deathly pale under her perma-suntan, then spit the dummy and expressed Washington's outrage over the fact thy hadn’t got their own way, the same as they did with Libya.

In that particular case a dodgy resolution was ram-rodded through to provide humanitarian intervention and for NATO to enforce a ‘no-fly’ zone – which typically – and with malice aforethought - turned into yet another Iraqi-style ‘regime change’ chaos in motion bloodbath - with non-combatant civilians getting snuffed by the truckload and the country’s infrastructure devastated – so Bechtel and Scallyburton could go and rebuild it all while Slackwater XE’s Renta-Thug Brigade organise a few selective assassinations and secured the oil supply contracts.

The European-drafted resolution had been watered down in a pathetic attempt to avoid vetoes from China and Russia, dropping any direct references to sanctions, humanitarian intervention and no-fly zones against the Assad government in Damascus.
The result represents a huge blow to the Illuminati’s New World Order plans to tackle the conspired Syrian issue with a military solution, much the same as the current Libyan fiasco.

China’s UN representative, Flip Flop Fong, sided with Russia's UN Ambassador Michail Sackashit, with both parties informing a press hack from the Daily Shitraker that the UN resolution draft was based on the philosophy of confrontation – and the threat of an ultimatum of sanctions against the Syrian authorities was unacceptable to their respective governments.

“President Putrid and Moscow's concerns focus on the fact that a UN resolution could lead to yet another aggressive Libyan-style foreign military intervention in Syria – in this case just to advance the plans of the kikester Shylocks’ Protocols of the Greedy Bastard Elders of Zion – and constitute yet another step in achieving their manifest destiny’s Greater Israel – stretching from the Nile to the Euphrates – and far beyond – into Iran, Russia and China.”

According to the pro-Zionist US envoy Susan Rice: "The United States is outraged that certain members of the UN council has resorted to these pathetic arguments and failed to address this urgent moral challenge and growing threat to regional peace and security – and I’m not talking about Palestine and a Third Intifada either.”

Syria's envoy to the UN, Mr Gnasher al Jaffacake, informed the media his government was astounded by the UN Security Council's efforts to undermine stability, security and co-existence in the region and specifically Syria.

Ms Rice then lost her rag and stormed out in protest at the truth being used as a weapon against America when Mr al Jaffacake had the blatant audacity to mention the fact that the United States has recently used its veto power to deny Palestinian recognition as a sovereign state – to protect Israel.

This, he stated, was viewed as the US partaking in the ethnic cleansing and slow-cook genocide of the Palestinian population, trapped behind 30-foot high Great Apartheid Walls inside the biggest concentration camps on the planet and committing the same scale of atrocities against the people of Gaza that the Knesset’s Jews of convenience still propagandise were inflicted upon them by Hitler’s Nazis during the Holohoax.

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