Friday, 21 October 2011

Ricky Gervais: As Funny as Cancer

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Ricky Gervais, the vastly over-rated Brit’ comedian (sic) that certain members of the common herd find funny, has copped for lashing of good old fashioned criticism, poison pen letters, and actual death threats from disability groups due a repetitive use of the word "mong" on the twit’s Twitter feed.

The moronic bore's recent tweets have included such offensive phrases as "Good monging to all our gimps", "Night-night you manky monglets" and the idiotic "Two mongs don't make a right".

However Beverly Titwank, director of the disability charity Kneecapped branded Gervais' tweets as a direct insult against anyone he considered less than perfect, pointing out that such language can perpetuate discriminatory attitudes towards disabled people – and closed her minor diatribe by advising him to take a look in a mirror and then listen to his own televised bloviating blather - that would make a pig spew.

The DS Education International charity claim the word ‘mong’ is a derogatory abbreviation of Mongol, and used offensively to describe people afflicted with Down's Syndrome – informing press hacks that many people would find it just as offensive as profane language related to race or sexual orientation.

This current incident isn’t the first time Gervais – a person of very limited intellect and even less common sense - has caused controversy and elicited complaints for using the word. During a 2010 stand-up show he described the Brian London impersonator cum singer Susan Boyle as ‘a mong with a song’ - but following a hail of criticism apologised and claimed it was all in fun.

Not a man known for admitting fault or the fact he is ever wrong, Gervais has now posted yet another moronic tweet, stating "Well done everyone who pointed out that mong USED to be a derogatory term for Down's Syndrome – but Mong was actually the name of the Neanderthal bloke that came up with the idea of rudimentary cave drainage – and the modern use of the word mong means dopey or ignorant – just like me.”

Gervais reckons he has personally, in his unqualified arrogance, now ‘reclaimed’ the word for his own use – probably along with the terms ‘tosser’ and ‘cunt’

Full of himself, he continued “Faggots USED to mean a bundle of kindling, Gay USED to mean happy, and Fudge USED to mean a type of candy – now they’re all used to describe butt-fucking poofters. Words change. Get over it, you sad fucks."

The ‘funny man’, who harbours a paranoid fixation over dogs pissing on his leg as he walks down a street, was recently described by Knobhead magazine as the type of bloke who gives misanthropes, racists and xenophobes a bad name, has since this latest faux pas against disabled folk been described a being: “a shit for brains moron who’s about as funny as a course of chemotherapy” – and – “It’s a fucking wonder he can still breath, as the self-promoting tosspot’s head is so far up his own arse” – and “he’s a cunt in cunt’s clothing.”

The diminutive Gervais, a former gulley-sucker’s mate, who accidentally got into the entertainment business following an incident at his local Whitley Jobcentre, where he had staff in hysterics while trying to convince them why he should be entitled to welfare and unemployment benefits – with one counsellor advising him “You’re that funny you should be doing a comedy act on the telly – now fuck off!”

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