Friday, 7 October 2011

UK: Israeli War Criminals Welcome

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To the undying shame of the British people, and wholly against their will, not only are the Tories pushing to abolish Britain’s Human Rights and Wrongs Act and replace it with some draconic edict that would embarrass the totalitarian, fascist likes of Hitler, Stalin and Mao - and make even Pol Pot blush - but they’re now inviting Israeli war criminals over for official visits since recently conspiring to emasculate the British version of the Universal Jurisdiction Law.

This has been expedited to accommodate the demands of the Rothshite crime syndicate and their psychopathic Israeli kikesters, to prevent them getting their collars felt and prosecuted for crimes against humanity – specifically the continual slaughter of the hapless Palestinian populations of the occupied West Bank and besieged Gaza Strip.

Since 2001 the UK's Universal Jurisdiction Law has given the power to British courts to prosecute suspected war criminals and torturers, even if their crimes took place in another country – such as Palestine. The principle of the law goes back to the belief that some crimes including genocide, torture, hostage-taking (and too the murder of Turkish pro-democracy and human rights activists aboard Freedom Flotillas) must be fought wherever the criminals can be arrested.

However the Tory Party’s Friends of Israel club forced a change in the Universal Jurisdiction Law to oblige the Knesset’s homicidal maniacs, and conjured up the all-new Police Reform & Social Irresponsibility Act 2011 - specially formulated and ram-rodded through Parliament to indemnify kikester war criminals and human rights abusers – and put a stop to pro-Palestinian activists applying for nuisance arrest warrants against the government’s Israeli pals.

Just this week a new sign has been erected at Thiefrow, the UK’s premier airport, bearing the legend: ‘Israeli War Criminals Now Welcome’ – with a red carpet rolled out and ready for the imminent arrival of the Knesset's spank-eyed opposition leader Tipzi Livid.

Livid, who cancelled a trip to Britain in 2009 fearing arrest for her part in ordering the 22-day duration ‘Operation Kill Every Fucker’ 2008-2009 festive season attack on the defenceless non-combatant population of the Gaza Strip, is scheduled arrive in the UK on Thursday to meet with the ultra-Zionist brown-nosing Foreign Secretary Willy Vague to discuss Britain’s contribution to the planned military attacks on Syria and Iran.

Whistle-blowing moles at the Foreign Office, working for Ox-Rat, the snitch and grassers watchdog charity, leaked the news, informing one press hack from the Holohoax Gazette that "We can confirm Ms Livid intends to visit the UK this week to doubly secure PM Scameron’s pledge to veto the Palestinian’s petition for statehood recognition when it is presented before the UN Security Council.”

“As you might be aware, Tel Aviv and the Rothshite crime syndicate’s AIPAC lobbyists have ordered their US muppet, President Barky O’Barmy, to cut off all aid to the Palestinian Authority for having the cheek to demand recognition as a sovereign state before the UN last month. Now, knowing what a prick he is for breaking promises, they want the same commitment from Posh Dave. A little less of the carrot and stick – and a bit more of ‘the stick or the cudgel’.”

Thought for the day: We can always count on the Tories to disappoint us on virtually any issue – and now they have conscience-stifled Mick Clogg and his Lib-Dum cronies in coalition as their partners in crime. How obliging they are for their Rothshite bankster bosses.
Ah well, whatever changes to the moral laws of the land these bastards make, it still doesn’t alter the fact that Tipzi Livid’s a ZioNazi pondscum war criminal – guilty of ordering the free-range murder and ethnic cleansing of the civilian population of the Gaza Strip.

While we can't cure cronyism and stupidity, we can at least vote it out of office come the next election - a campaign trail promise that 'We, the People', - unlike the Tories and Lib-Dums - intend to keep. As to this clusterfuck of a Libservative Coalition, history will not remember any of their number or rank kindly.

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