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Tomlinson Murder- Justice Denied

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Well, we already know who put the T in Britain, and also the CUNT in Scunthorpe – now the question of the day is who knocked the big J out of Justice?
Yes, justice denied for news vendor Ian Tomlinson who suffered premeditated and unprovoked acts of gratuitous violence which were visited on his person – an innocent passer-by – and resulted in his death. Label it an ‘accidental killing’ or ‘manslaughter’ but they’re only euphemisms for ‘murder’.

Ian Tomlinson, 47, died after being assaulted by a member of the Met’s Territorial Sadists Unit assisting their home grown Riot Squad thugs on the 1st April 2009 during the City of London’s G20 protest demonstrations.
The Crown Prosecution Service yesterday announced it has ‘finally’ decided in its infinite wisdom, that the police officer who was filmed by Channel 4 News belting Tomlinson across the back of the legs with a steel baton then shoving him violently to the ground on King Kong Street outside the Bank of Never-Neverland will not face charges – criminal or otherwise - over his death.

Immediately after the assault Tomlinson is seen on CCTV dragging himself to his feet then tottering back onto Shitcreek Terrace from Royal Punch-up Passage. He staggers along for about three more minutes, before dropping dead on Muggings Hill – a mere 100 meters from where he was violently asaulted. Then, to add insult to injury, he was charged – posthumously - by Community Enforcement Officers from the Renta-Thug security agency quango, with lying on the pavement and causing an obstruction.

Director of Public Prosecutions Kermit Fuctifino told reporters from the Daily Shitraker and the Scandalmongers Gazette there was no prospect of a conviction for murder because experts could not agree on how Mr Tomlinson died – so obviously he would have collapsed and died precisely as and where he did regardless of the sadistic plod thug belting him across the legs and shoving him to the pavement -whereupon he impacted his head.

DPP Fuctifino explained there was a sharp disagreement between the so-called medical experts about the cause of death, which led to three post-mortem examinations being conducted on Mr Tomlinson.

The first ‘dodgy’ post-mortem examination by Dr Ramjam Chuckabutty, acting for the Met and the CPS found he died of natural causes linked to coronary artery disease and his addiction to Dolly Mixtures - with the extensive lesions and bruises to his legs, upper body and head inflicted by PC Ghengis McTwatt not considered contributing factors to his mortal demise.

The second autopsy, performed by Home Office pathologist, Dr Griswald Bogbrush, acting for the Tomlinson family, totally contradicted the first when it was discovered he had died of massive internal haemorrhages in both the cranial and stomach cavities as a result of blunt force trauma, in combination with a case of acute dandruff.

The third examination, performed by Dr Irawaddy Jaffacake, bizarrely agreed with the findings of both the first ‘corrupt’ and the second ‘honest’ post mortems – adding that Tomlinson’s chronic ingrown toenails might have caused his fatal fall.

The Crown Prosecution Service had considered filing assault charges but prosecutors considered it would be problematic to prove the push substantially harmed the newspaper vendor.
Conversely, a charge of common assault, which does not require proof of injury, could not be brought against the former Scumborough Hamlets Council tomcat strangler PC Ghengis McTwatt, the officer responsible for attacking Tomlinson, because of a six-month time limit statute and the investigation impasse caused by CPS and DPP dithering had taken sixteen months – to date and counting.

The Independent Police Coverups Commission completed their inquiry in August 2009 and handed a file of evidence to the CPS - whereupon a total lack of will, coupled with gross incompetence, caused the case to be shelved and gather dust until the statute of limitations for a charge of common assault ran out.

The CPS, and too the Metropolitan Policy Authority’s Assistant Commissioner Cressida Dickhead, have accepted the barbaric conduct of PC McTwatt was not very nice and perhaps bordered on being wholly unsociable if not constituting an unlawful act.

While the reaction from Tomlinson’s family – and too the general public – has been one of labelling the Crown Prosecution Service’s decision as "an effin’ disgrace” - Ms Fellattia Titwank, the press secretary for the Ox-Rat ‘Plod Watch’ charity, told reporters "This is clearly an outcome that satisfies absolutely nobody and everybody comes out of it badly.”

“The reputation of the police is fucked up like a soup sandwich already and labelled a sick and corrupt fascist establishment. We have that troglodyte PC Delboy Smellie getting away with brutalising a female protester - then nobody from the trigger-happy CO19 Armed Response Squad was prosecuted for murdering the Brazilian electrician chappie who looked a bit like Mr Al Qaeda - and to add insult to injury the clot who shot him seven times in the head actually got promoted for his gross incompetence. Now we have this horrifying Ian Tomlinson incident.”

“Hence morale is going to be piss poor if the public’s logical perception is that the police constantly get away with crimes and are never brought to justice. Now we have the DPP stating for the record that they can’t even charge PC Simon McTwatt with assault or misconduct – never mind murder or manslaughter - especially so when he has a past history of using excessive force and would likely as not get profiled as a psycho’ bully and sadist if he had to undergo a psychiatric evaluation.”

“Then we have the very questionable decision by the for the City of London Coroner, Dr Ronnie Shipman, to call in Dr Ramjam Chuckabutty, a forensic pathologist who no longer had a contract with the police force due his incompetent performance and an investigation into his professional conduct concerning cadavers and the rumours of necrophilia.”

“Really, when he was tasked with performing the initial post mortem on Mr Tomlinson he was already under investigation by the General Medical Council facing accusations of misconduct over his failings in a total of four unrelated autopsies performed between September 2002 and August 2004.”

Allergy warning: This article was written in a known propaganda-infested area and may contain traces of slight exaggeration, modest porkies and misaligned references.

Oh, and by the way, fuck the UK's Fascist Plod Squad and the New World Order.

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