Friday, 9 July 2010

Israeli PR to Adopt ‘Nazi Tactics’

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While obviously suffering from cognitive impairment where matters of the truth and reality are concerned, the latest gospel according to the pug-ugly Judge Hadassa Ben-Itto of the Israeli Supreme Court now proclaims that the Knesset politicians must learn from Goebbels’ Nazi tactics of how to mould and control mass opinion within the goyim herd.

The 96-year old split-arsed jurist came out with her novel scheme during a recent conference discussing ways to improve the State of Israel's PR efforts in the world. The meeting, which was held last week in London, was attended by some 150 senior Jewish legal experts, assorted political kikesters - plus various IDF and Mossad war criminals travelling on counterfeit foreign passports.

“This situation has not just arisen from the barbaric attacks on the Gaza Freedom Flotilla, but dates back even before our sloppy agents were caught red-handed in the act, cheering and hi-fiving, after they demolished the World Trade Centre Twin Towers in New York on 9/11.”

“We’ve been getting a very bad press from the non-Zionist media – the stuff we don’t control or our pal Rupert Mudrock doesn’t own.”
"I have thought about it long and hard, about our hypocritical 'Hasbara', and nothing is working because we are now worse than the Nazis ever were towards us with our brazen hubris and inhumane acts against the Palestinians.”

“The people of the world who can still think for themselves and are not fooled by the media’s stupid fairytale propaganda – and there’s a lot around who aren’t Yids – are sick and tired of our chutzpah and the Holohoax and perennial victims pretence – and Mossad’s false flag attacks to demonise Islam and the Muslims and generate sympathy for our political and territorial ambitions.”

“The conscience of the world is with the Palestinians and not us – they can see our government has created the biggest open prison on the planet – the besieged enclave of Gaza – our concentration camp – our Auschwitz become – a travesty and a celebration of all that is dark in humanity.”

“To get around this we have to adopt the archetypal Goebbels style - Korjybski's ‘General Semantics’. Repeat the lies often enough, shout them out loud and the job will get done. The sheer brute force of the propaganda will stamp the Zionist reality on their forebrain.”

Hmmm, well, if such is repeated ad infinitum that will quite possibly do the trick; for underpinning the concept is the ideology of superiority, both racial and cultural, and bears the master smith’s hallmarks of a reasoned approach to the event but amounts to the same thing - a justification for barbarism.

Well, where Nazi tactics are concerned the Israelis have already adopted one tried and tested method – the South African racial policy of segregation with the Great Wall of Apartheid they’ve constructed around the beleaguered enclave of Gaza - which beats any ‘Warsaw Ghetto’ barbed wire fencing efforts hands down.
Plus the Nazi ‘Master Race’ strategies the Israelis have adopted – especially so their ethnic cleansing policy – is now being extended to mass genocide of the Palestinian population.

Alas, to the very end the kikesters running the illegal and rogue state of Israel are terminally pre-occupied with the faulty logic that they’re the Chosen People, the Children of the Covenant, and have a divine right to anything and everything they choose to encroach upon and steal.
The sovereign nation of Palestine in 1948, the Golan Heights, the West Bank, the Gaza Strip – in this projected Protocols of the Elders of Zion propaganda affirming a Greater Israel – stretching from the Nile to the Euphrates – and beyond.

Conversely and during the same week as Judge Hadassa Ben-Itto spouted her asinine discourse, the Israeli Minister of Trade, Industry and Labour, Binyamin Ben-Eliezer, informed the international media that the world was tired of their kikester chutzpah and that Israel, rather than the Gaza Strip, is the one actually blockaded.

“We’re not the ones maintaining a blockade. We’re blockaded, utterly isolated. We’re in a situation where the world is sick and tired of us and our disingenuous propaganda,” he told the Foreskin Snippers Gazette.
“They’re tired of hearing our explanations, of showing empathy for our troubles, even if they’re real troubles. The world is tired of our duplicity and hypocrisy. This business just isn’t working anymore. After 43 years, nobody wants to hear disingenuous excuses about why this occupation is continuing and how we have nobody to talk to,” Elezier continued.

“They listen to us drone on of this supposed Jewish intelligence and propensity for the arts and higher culture yet we demonstrate nothing more in our actions against the Palestinians and our neighbours in Lebanon and Syria than a tribe of Philistines, of ravaging barbarians who rip out fruit and olive trees and would plough salt into fertile lands.”
“We allow our vaunted IDF to bully and murder non-combatants and justify our brutal actions as self-defence. We are no longer the Children of the Covenant but the People without Conscience. We have pawned out moral franchise, we are international pariahs become.”

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