Thursday, 15 July 2010

QE2 Praises Canuck’s ‘Hypocrisy Central’

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HRH Queen Lizzie II was recently across in the New World, checking on her Virginia Company assets and investments, giving the Kenyan cuckoo a pat on the head for looking after the White House, before ensuring the collective clots comprising the United Nations assembly in New York still remembered which way was ‘up’ when she delivered them a patronising pep talk to keep the New World Order and Global Warming carbon credit cap n trade exchange scam agendas on schedule.

However, just prior to this Lizzie, or Brenda as she likes to be called, was just north of the Niagara border – in Stevie Harper’s Hypocrisy Central – Canuckster Canada.

Brenda went totally overboard - which many put down to her encroaching senility and the fact she was born with the usual blue blood lack of a moral conscience - when the daft old boot praised Canada's commitment to preserving basic freedoms as she dedicated the corner stone of the country's new Museum for Human Rights. Brenda’s ‘monarchical tribute’ came after she unveiled the symbolic monument which contained a stone from historic Runnynose in England - the site of the signing of the Magna Carta in 1215.

The £200 zillion quid ‘Ikea’ style flatpack building designed by the American architect Antoine van Twatte, was the vision of the late media mogul and kikester Zionist ‘Israel Viper’ and is slowly rising from the ground in the Canadian city of Winnie the Pegg – in an area called The Forks – ironically, and perhaps deliberately, an ancient meeting place for certain tribes of Canada's First Nation people - with an inauguration scheduled to take place slightly before the end of the world date of 23rd December, 2012.

At a concert to extol the dubious virtues of Institutional Hypocrisy - and celebrate all that is dark and sinister in human nature - that followed the travesty of a dedication ceremony, Brenda told the assembled guests - which included Canuck Prime Minister Stevie Harper and her useless psychopath husband Phil the Greek - "This building, the new Canadian Museum of Human Rights, will rise up to become a symbol of the importance which Canada attaches to human rights and its own role in promoting them at home and throughout the world.”

Nice one Brenda – never piss around with fibs, make the lie as big as the Devil may care – and make it simple; keep saying it, and eventually some fucker and their dog will start believing it. Hey, it worked for Joseph Goebbels and the Nazi crew - and the kikesters in Tel Aviv stick to the policy with unwavering adherence when perpetuating their Holohoax victims scam and promoting false flag terrorist attack propaganda.

So, what does the tame ‘Uncle Tom’ Truth and Reconciliation gang of brainwashed stooges have to say regarding this latest bunch of lies and obscenities praising Canada’s despicable human rights record towards its First Nation aboriginal peoples? (Red Injuns & Eskimo types). Er, not much, just clapped their hands and agreed with the official line of bullshit.

In a single week Winnie the Pegg and the city’s new Museum for Human Rights (read Human Wrongs) has been inundated with visits from 280 world religious leaders, followed by a junketing United Nations delegation, and finally Queen Elizabeth herself - with all of them bubbling with craven praise for Canada’s non-existent aboriginal human rights achievements.

Achievements indeed - unless the ethnic cleansing and outright genocide – by systematic abuse, torture and starvation - of 50,000 aboriginal children under the supposed care of officially-sanctioned Catholic Indian Residential School mass murderers and serial child rapists is to be lauded as an ‘achievement’?

Now the ghosts of those 50,000 child victims are murmuring in their shallow graves as the topsoil is blown away by the quickening winds of retributive anger – exposing their bones to the vagaries of the collective unconscious.

They want answers concerning the fate of ten of their Secwepemc native contemporaries who disappeared like some X-File cannon fodder stand-ins from the Kamloops Catholic Indian Residential School in British Columbia when Queen Brenda visited there in the fall of 1964.

Brenda and Virus Man Philip turned up on a ‘royal visit’ in September 1964. All the kids were kitted out with ‘breakfast’ and clean clothes, and ten of them – seven boys and three girls - accompanied her down to Dead Man’s Creek (ominous name) for a picnic and were never seen again – they disappeared forever.

Forever – and that’s a long time in anyone’s book. So, were Brenda and Philip responsible for their ritual murders under the enactment of some sinister Satanic pact? It’s doubtful the truth will ever be known – for those few anyway.

However, with the recent formation of an eight-nation International Tribunal into the Crimes of Church and State - a body that is charged with confronting Pope Benny, the Mk XVI model, head on in September, and convening local non-governmental tribunals throughout Europe to investigate the kiddie fiddling pederasts and child murderers – with its mandate specifically extended to Canada, then let’s pray those 50,000 child victims who suffered such barbaric privation and abuse at the hands of their assigned Catholic ‘Guardians’ and ‘Spiritual Mentors’ - whose sanctimonious social posturing has forever been one of ‘holier than thou’ – derive a measure of satisfaction and peace when Karma comes full circle.

Oh, and by the way, fuck the Vatican and the Freemasons, and the Zionists, and Big Brother - and his sister - and their New World Order.

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