Thursday, 29 July 2010

International Arrest Warrants Scam

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Since UK-based Palestinian sympathisers and human rights activists sought the issue of International Arrest Warrants to facilitate the apprehension of Israeli government and military officials guilty of committing war crimes against the besieged civilian populations of the Gaza Strip, then contemplating a trip to the UK by these specified Israeli war criminals has now taken on the childhood prospect of whistling past the graveyard at a steady jog – and not looking back over your shoulder.

However, true to traditional political hypocrisy and acting in a manner not conducive to the public good or interest, the Zionist-infested British government on Thursday submitted a proposal calling to amend its Universal Jurisdiction law, which will effectively prevent private individuals from filing lawsuits against ‘foreign leaders’. To clarify the issue this can be interpreted as Israeli war criminals posing as politicians, and if approved, the current law’s amendment will spare Israeli politicians and high-ranking IDF officers from being handcuffed and served war crimes arrest warrants upon their arrival in the UK.

This duplicitous amendment will serve the likes of the porcine Tipsi Livid, the Israeli opposition leader and former foreign minister who was forced to cancel a trip to London last year when faced with an international arrest warrant for war crimes committed on her watch during the IDF’s 22-day ‘Operation Kill Every Fucker and their Dog’ offensive on the civilian population of Gaza during the 2008-2009 Christmas Peace on Earth & Goodwill to all Men festive season.

Livid, whose prognathous jaw and generally fucked-up dentistry have equipped her to eat an apple through a tennis racket, was the one responsible for sanctioning the use of cluster bombs to be dropped on Gaza along with white phosphorus and depleted uranium munitions – claiming “Hey, it was Christmas so we lit up the sky with a few phosphorus shells.”

Now the arch hypocrite has stated in response to the Libservative ‘Friends of Israel’ toady bloc’s efforts to change the international arrest warrant laws – displaying customary kikester chutzpah “The West must differentiate between real war criminals and those who fight terrorism.”

Yeah, right - Israel the victim yet again. Whereas in all truth the rogue and outlaw state of Israel has with brazen hubris aforethought, long ago put itself above all forms of law – including God’s.

Meanwhile, the UK’s super-stooge Justice Secretary, Ken Clarke, told a reporter from the Hypocrites Gazette "This government’s commitment to our international obligations and to ensuring that there is no impunity for those accused of crimes of universal jurisdiction is unwavering – apart from when it involves the Israeli friends of Baron Rothshite.”

"It is important, however, that universal jurisdiction cases should be proceeded with in this country only on the basis of solid evidence that is likely to lead to a successful prosecution, otherwise there is a risk of upsetting our good Kenyan friend Mr O’Barmy in the White House and Mr Binman Nuttyahoo in Tel Aviv.”

"The Government has therefore concluded, after careful consideration and several nasty phone calls from Baron Rothshite, that it would be appropriate to require the consent of the pro-Zionist Director of Public Prosecutions Seymour Weaselstein before an arrest warrant can be issued to a private prosecutor in respect of an offence of universal jurisdiction."

The lard-arsed clot closed with the condemning statement "Britain is unable to play a leading role in the diplomatic world if foreign politicians cannot visit this country without fear of arrest – even if they are guilty of war crimes – or whatever - elsewhere. Obviously this will not include ex-Nazis or Iranians or members of Hamas - or Roman Polanski.”

The Israeli Ambassador to London, Ron Tosser, welcomed the proposal, saying it would prevent the manipulation of the British judicial system for political purposes. "We are convinced that this initiative will help Britain play a key role in the Mid-East peace process by keeping Israel armed with the latest weapons and maintaining our overkill military hegemony.”

Conversely the deputy PM Mick Clogg jumped into the press release fray with a statement not unlike his embarrassing House of Conmans faux pas this week when he admitted for the Hansard record that the Iraq invasion was illegal – declaring that the intended amendment to the international arrest warrant law wasn’t just meant to protect Israeli war criminals from arrest and prosecution in the UK but specifically the Pope.

Apparently the Forces of Darkness, acting on instructions of the Anti-Christ himself – Richard Dorkins, and his fellow atheist and demon-in-waiting Christopher Scratchings, have set their infernal legal beagles to task to secure an international arrest warrant for the apprehension and prosecution of ex-Hitler ‘Judeng’ member Joey Ratflinger – aka Pope Benny Mk XVI, when he arrives on a state visit in September, on charges of perverting the course of justice in protecting the Vatican’s hordes of ordained career sodomites and pederasts from prosecution.

Well, isn’t that just fucking great. International public opinion and moral conscience label the Israeli kikesters as war criminals for their inhuman acts of terrorism visited on the Palestinians and Freedom Flotillas yet the British government – stocked to the gills with ‘Friends of Israel’ club stooges and toadies, want the law changed so they can’t be prosecuted for their crimes when they travel to Britain. Now we have Pope Benny and his crew of kiddie fiddling priests being exempted from justice for their crimes too.

What a crock of hypocritical shite. While Peter Scandalson and the Broon Labour government were set to do precisely the same thing to please the Rothshite crime family consortium, now Posh Dave and his Libservative coalition are not only about to grant the Israelis absolution for their war crime sins but also the Pope – God’s crooked Vicar on Earth.

Hmmm, something stinks in Denmark – and it isn’t Hamlet’s socks.

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