Thursday, 22 July 2010

Bailiffs Guilty of Peace Camp Violence

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Perhaps Karma came into play yesterday morning to emphasise the reason why Irony should always be bestowed with a capital I, when a bailiff from London’s Renta-Thug security agency was recorded on three independent video cameras ‘and’ CCTV footage engaged in an act of gratuitous violence by kicking Wilf Bogbrush, a 96-year old demonstrator, while evicting him from the Parliament Square ‘anti-war peace camp’ opposite the Houses of Conmans.

Renta-Thug’s troglodyte bailiffs forcibly evicted the ‘peace camp’ protesters from Parliament Square on Tuesday after London Mayor Bonkers Boris Nonsense obtained a High Court order for their removal – with video footage of the barbarous event showing one protester – er – ‘protesting’ – as he was being dragged along the ground by what little grey hair he had left, by bailiffs - one of whom, Ghengis McMoron, then appears to kick him in the ribs and stamp on his knees in an attempt to elicit cooperation in expediting the eviction order.

Renta-Thug has stated they will review the CCTV footage and investigate the incident. However, company director Fellattia Titwank, speaking to one reporter from the Barbarians Gazette, claimed that after watching the footage in slow motion she was of the opinion the bailiff in question, Mr McMoron, had simply been trying to free his foot from the protester’s mouth after having it bitten.

The demonstrators had been camped in Parliament Square since May, renaming it ‘Democracy Village’, and were protesting about several contentious issues, including the illegal invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq – and the sale of the iconic Harrods to a bunch of dodgy Muslim terrorist types.

After viewing the footage of Mr Bogbrush getting dragged out of his cardboard box den by the hair and then subjected to a good kicking simply for violence’s sake, Ms. Chlamydia Mingerot, the official press secretary for the Greater London Authority, told a reporter from the Daily Shitraker that “The action to clear Parliament Square Gardens on Tuesday morning was carried out by approved High Court bullies from Renta-Thug in accordance with the judgment to repossess the site.”

“The Metropolitan Police were on standby during the eviction but made no arrests. The Met’s Plod Squad officers were there to support the Renta-Thug bailiffs, plus be on standby to prevent any breach of the peace."

Rumours are rife that Met officers did observe the six foot-odd cum 250 lbs Ghengis McMoron kicking Mr Bogbrush but declined to intervene due fears of receiving similar treatment themselves as the bailiff bore a striking resemblance to the recently-snuffed Tyneside murderer and cult criminal celebrity scally Raoul Scrote – aka the ‘People’s Psycho’.

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