Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Lard-Arsed Kids Next For Child Care Grabs

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UK parents who fail to enforce passive control and guidance to ensure their obese children eat and exercise correctly (five a day plus a good wank) – according to the dictates of Big Brother’s polite society dystopian dogma and what the EUSSR’s so-called pediatric health experts ordain - could be guilty of child neglect and find themselves investigated by the British Satanic hierarchy’s social engineering Gestapo – and their kids hit with a compulsary care order.

So, who investigates and reports on such heinous crimes as having chubby sprogs? Why, none other that the UK’s Social Services (SS) childcare Mafia – comprised of pathetic pariah scum from the government’s Renta-Bully and Morons-R-Us agencies and quangos, who abuse the power of their bureaucratic position to play out their addiction of imposing their perverse will on others.

Truly a cabal of psychotic jobsworths, armed singly with an NVQ 1 qualification in Family Dissolution from the Common Purpose social engineering organisation (not to be confused with the distressed marine mammal charity - Common Porpoise).

The gospel according to child health experts claims that parental failure over diet and exercise subsequently becomes a child protection issue. Oh yes, you heard it right – more kids snatched from loving parents under the dubious statutes of the enforced secrecy scam by ’in camera’ courts - to become kiddie fiddling grist for the Vatican and Freemason-sponsored St Sodoms Church of Latter Day Pederasts orphanages.

These are spread across the entire UK like fly shit on a map, protected by establishment elitist paedo’s who block the media with slander and libel writs and court-issued restraining orders from mentioning ‘anything’ about their disgusting perversions – as so well evidenced by the ‘special schools’, foster care homes and orphanages that comprise Grampian’s Aberdeen (crime capital of bonny Scotland) Pederast’s Paradise. (Ref. Hollie Greig sexual abuse case)

While children are being ‘legally’ stolen on a colossal scale by State-run courts all over the world - for sale and barter – and blood sacrifice - between the elitist kiddie fiddling Satanists comprising the New World Order’s hierarchy - the UCL Institute of Child Health in London today published online in the British Medical Journal an article on what they accept is a potentially contentious issue – in which they dare to suggest, in their infinitely unqualified arrogance, that it may be appropriate to consider the child protection register if the kids are either too fat – or too thin – with congenital family traits being wholly ignored.

Sister Fellattia Titwank of the Vatican-sponsored Blessed Marian Sacred Catamite Orphanage group in Belgium informed one reporter from Der Sphincter Stretchers Gazette "We suggest that childhood obesity becomes a child protection concern when parents allow their kids to eat half of the crap that adorns supermarket shelves and isn’t really fit for human consumption in the first instance. Chippies, crisps, processed tinned foods, microwave-ready meals, fizzy soft drinks – all full of toxic additives like aspartame and MSG and artificial colourings – or GM by-products.”
“It’s hardly any wonder these kids are hyper and attention-deficient and on Prozac - with spotty complexions like a set of dominoes. What they require is a strict regime of diet and exercise which they will never find imposed in their own homes – hence the absolute necessity that they come under State care orders and a Catholic asectic lifestyle.”

So, will your kids pass muster of a multi-disciplinary assessment for obesity, along with slack school attendance, exposure to violence or involvement in it, neglect, poor hygiene, mental health problems, emotional or behavioural difficulties?
Not to worry, just wait ‘til they catch the perverted eyes of one of the government’s Social Services childcare officers and they’ll end up in a foster home under the aegis and wardenship of some kiddie fiddling perv’ who’s actually top dog at the local Masonic lodge - and a Sherrif or Magistrate to boot.

Allergy warning: This article was written in a known propaganda-infested area and may contain traces of slight exaggeration, modest porkies and misaligned references.

Oh, and by the way, fuck the Freemasons and Big Brother – and his sister and their New World Order.

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wiggins said...

That is why the assholes are closing cheap and wholesome food shops like Weigh & Save (on the pretext of hygene), to get us to buy the crap in the supermarkets which they are supposedly warning us about.
It will soon be against the law to grow your own stuff.
They can't poison us quickly enough if we do that.