Friday, 16 July 2010

Israelis Invent ‘Remote Psychopath’ Video Game

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The all-new Israeli military innovation – the SSPS (Spot & Shoot Palestinian Scum) may look like a video game but the figures on the screen are real people – Palestinians in Gaza – who can be killed with the touch of a button on the joystick.

Female soldiers belonging to the 21st Psychopaths Brigade operate the video units from a communications centre miles away yet are responsible for aiming and firing remote-controlled heavy machine-guns mounted on watch-towers every few hundred metres along the electronic fence and Great Apartheid Wall that surrounds and besieges the disfranchised and bullied population of the Gaza Strip ghetto – which recently won the Concentration Camp Review's coveted 'Biggest Open Prison on the Planet' award.

The system is one of the latest “remote killing” devices developed by Israel’s Rafael armaments company, the former weapons research division of the Israeli army – but now a separate governmental department turning out clandestine dirty bombs and micro nukes for their forthcoming spate of false flag terrorist operations.

According to Ms Jenny Cidal, Rafael’s vice president, remote-controlled military hardware such as SSPS is the face of the future – and she expects that within a decade at least a third of the killing machines used by the Israeli army to control the land, air and sea around their illegal full-fledged apartheid state will be unmanned – hence totally devoid of any form of conscience - social or moral - much as the entire Knesset is today.

Rapid progress with the technology has raised alarm at the United Nations, prompting Ghengis Mctwat, its special rapporteur on extrajudicial executions, to issue a warning last month of the danger that a “PlayStation mentality to killing” had emerged in the Israeli rogue state.

According to analysts, however, Israel is unlikely to turn its back on hardware that it has been at the forefront of developing – using the occupied Palestinian territories, and especially Gaza, as a testing and proving ground for the effects of their advanced weaponry on humans – much as the Nazi did in their nasty concentration camps on hapless prisoners - and too the Japanese war criminals with the Kempeitai’s Unit 731 in Manchuria.

Well, the SSPS eh – definite proof of this vaunted Jewish higher intelligence and propensity for the arts - and higher culture - demonstrated yet again.
Another Israeli kikester first – murder by remote control, no less. WTF - who but Freddie Fagin and the Shylocks could come up with anything so inhumane?

According to an IDF recruitment advertisement in last week’s Intifada Gazette – “If you’re over 16 and interested in video game training and can use an X-Box or Play Station 2 - then you’re qualified to be an IDF assassin.”

Well what can we expect with Israeli Prime Minister Binman Nuttyahoo in charge of the outlaw state - a bloke who believes U.S. Middle East policy ought to be based on his interpretation of Old Testament prophecy.

Allergy warning: This article was written in a nut-infested area and may contain traces of lunacy or Palestinian body parts.

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