Thursday, 16 September 2010

Libservatives to Target Conspiracy Websites

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The Common Purpose front organisation Demos, spitting fury alike an enraged tomcat that had its hapless arse tossed into a green wheelie bin overnight by some androgynous spinster with an attitude problem, are aggrieved that Government involvement in major terror attacks is being exposed to a wider audience than ever before via the Internet.

Demos - posing as an independent UK think tank that’s so far in bed with the security services and Downing Street’s hierarchy that it fidelity is called into question - has suggested that state authorities apply domestic terrorism laws to infiltrate conspiracy websites in an effort to neutralise mistrust in the government.

The insidious social engineering ‘charity’ (sic) Common Purpose, manipulating the strings of their puppet front group Demos, claims the state needs to get it’s proverbial arse in shit-kicking mode and fight back against people who have the brazen audacity to dare question the motives of our corrupt, lying establishment and its nefarious activities when they commit - or sanction - false flag terrorist operations to convince the public of the need for ‘anti-terrorist’ legislation and getting their hapless butts injected with one of Verizon’s RFID ‘mood control’ micro-chips.

A recent Demos report, The Power of Moronic Dialectics and the Control of Mass Opinion, argues that secrecy surrounding the investigation of events such as the New York 9/11 WTC false flag attacks and equally dodgy 7/7 bombings in London merely adds to the burden of proof’s deadweight that they were, amongst so many others, all inside jobs – a detail further belaboured by the fact that in every instance CCTV cameras in the immediate vicinity all malfunctioned – or public dissemination of the footage might prove detrimental to national security (although more likely detrimental to the veracity of officialdom’s story).

Hence the fact the overwhelming amount of evidence indicates that both the 7/7 London Underground tube train bombings (explosives under carriages – not in them) and the WTC 9/11 ‘Hi-Fiving Mossad kikesters’ attacks – plus the assisted suicide of weapons inspector Dr David Kelly in the Grassy Knoll Woods - were all psychopathic – and too, treasonable - insider jobs of one form or another.

Further, Demos maintains, the fact that legions of canny peasants are now aware of this via the increasing influence of the Internet, is hampering the MI5/MI6 security services and Government’s treacherous efforts to commit further acts of terror against its own public infrastructure and population. Thus the Libservative coalition needs to get its shit together and change its strategy – by passing legislation to demonise said conspiracy theory websites and implement an outright ban on the misconceived privilege of free speech.

In their treasonable report, resplendent with sophistry, the dodgy Demos group recommends the Libservatives fight back by infiltrating internet sites to not only dispute but totally debunk these theories – regardless of the hardcore evidence supporting them.

One of the tools Demos employs to counter conspiracy theories are the tried and tested Kafkaesque and Stalinist methods of labelling anyone who challenges the Government’s official story as mentally ill or an anarchist extremist or a terrorist recruiter – or that old Israeli favourite of denouncing all and sundry as anti-Semites and Holohoax deniers.

What the Common Purpose-controlled Demos drones are essentially calling for is classic agent provocateur style infiltration such as the FBI’s very naughty COINTELPRO operations from the mid-1950’s to the 1970’s, aimed at neutralizing political dissidents through dirty deeds done dirt cheap – all of which were illegal in a self-proclaimed ‘Democratic’ society – especially so when they escalated their dirty deeds to expedite the murders of JFK and brother Bobbie, and Martin Luther King.

Plus, rogue FBI agents (assisted by the ATF Bureau) demolishing their very own Oklahoma City HQ and blaming it on Tim McVeigh and a bullshit Ryder truck fertiliser bomb composed of ammonium nitrate and nitro-methane – neither of which had the required ‘brisance’ to delaminate the Alfred E Neuman Building in an air burst – hence proving the real damage was caused by quantum velocity explosive devices (micro-nukes) strategically positioned ‘inside’ the building. Specifically the massive destruction was primarily the result of four ‘nuclear demolition’ charges placed at critical structural points at the third floor level – with a further two failing to detonate and that were ‘spirited’ away, post-Ka-Boom!, by dark and sinister forces.

After the dust settled, while Geiger counters were silent, the mica-window equipped Muller Tube detectors went off the scale due the presence of alpha radiation - and further identified the presence of tritium isotopes confirming the detonation of nuclear devices – six units clandestinely obtained from the US Army Corp of Engineers stock of 0:018 kiloton micro-nukes whose detonation produced low yield radiation yet a massive EMP burst and blast to crush to nano-particles the building’s concrete materials. Just the same as the NY World Trade Centre Towers 1 and 2 turning into talcum powder fountains due molecular dissociation – with the cataclysmic spherical 360 degree EMP wave setting fire to vehicles blocks away – but not even singeing sheets of paper.

Hmmm, reviewing their catalogue of major fubar’s and snafu’s concerning top secret false flag op’s, little wonder the New World Order’s shadow governments want the Internet censoring and conspiracy websites gagged. Such a pity they react true to form and have a bunch of incompetents such as Common Purpose and Demos do their dirty PR work for them.
While Orwell’s ‘1984’ provides insights to what a Dystopian State might manifest as, the book in itself was never meant to be used as an instruction manual by some psychotic social engineering quango – Totalitarianism for Dummies – and dream up global population cull projects like Agenda 21.

Warning: Common Purpose is a Rothshite crime family syndicate backed social engineering group - posing as a charity – and is not to be confused with the long-established charitable organisation tending to the needs of distressed pelagic mammals – specifically Common Porpoise.

Allergy warning: This article was written in a known propaganda-infested area and may contain traces of slight exaggeration, modest porkies and misaligned references.

Thought for the day: Fuck the Illuminati and the Templar Freemasons and their New World Order.

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Common Purpose...Piece of SHIT.
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