Friday, 24 September 2010

Hypocrisy Statement of the Year Award

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Welcome to the Pantomime of the Absurd where, strangely enough, the 2010 Hypocrisy Statement of the Year Award isn't going to past favourites Israel or the US this time around but to the UK’s Librarian-Dummercrat Party leader - and Deputy Prime Minister of the Libservative Coalition: Mr Mick Clogg Esq - who is set to inform the UN General Assembly in the Big Bad Apple later today that "Britain stands as a beacon of democracy, freedom and law”.

Clogg will then move on to patronise and insult human intelligence even further by stating that “Democracy cannot be created by diktat and freedom cannot be commanded into existence”.
Quite true, but Britain’s crimes and misdemeanours – in cohorts with the US warmongers since 9/11 - have definitely proved, in Iraq for one example, that freedom ‘can’ be commanded ‘out’ of existence’ with the help of a few cluster bombs and a handful of jukebox politicians.

Hmmm, seriously, is this clot asleep on his feet – or deaf – or eyes wide shut – or up to his knees in political bullshit? Even that odious fascist pig David Blunkett , Labour’s blind-as-a-bat Home Secretary, could see the truth concerning the creeping domestic Big Brother surveillance and social control programmes being conjured and vaunted by the Tavistock Institute and Chatham House, that he was tasked to rubber stamp and implement – all ready for the ‘post-democracy’ era when every fucker and their dog was micro-chipped and have a PCSO or Community Enforcement snoop monitoring their every move on CCTV.

Perhaps Clogg should redress his statement and ensure that Britain stands as a beacon of democracy, freedom and law before her own repressed population before posturing and pontificating over such Utopian objectives to the moronic imbeciles comprising the ranks of the United Nations delegates.

Allergy warning: This article was written in a nut-infested area and may contain traces of lunacy and / or squirrel shit.

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