Thursday, 2 September 2010

ANC Resort to Media-Gagging Fascism

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The ‘truth’ can be a terrible double-edged weapon – much to the consternation of South Africa’s journalists, whose use of such has led to repercussions that are proving hazardous not only to health but also life and liberty.

The clamp down on the national press is being implemented following complaints by ministers of the ruling African National Congress over media revelations detailing their delinquent behaviour illustrated by exuberant boozing and whoring life styles in five-star hotels and restaurants around the country and overseas junkets – all at the hapless taxpayer’s expense.

One of the chief high-living abusers - and in contrary fashion - complainants is Blade Nzimande, the Communist Party leader with the IQ of a rutting pig who the inept President Zuma has appointed Minister for Higher Education – regardless of the fact the gollified moron can’t read or write and only count up to the total of his fingers and toes (16).

An avalanche of other reports across the swathe of the gutter press red top tabloids has detailed and laid bare the rampant graft and corruption at ministerial level, committed via the allocation of state contracts to favoured bidders who then pay mega-bucks backhanders into foreign numbered bank accounts.

President Zuma, for his part, is still resentful about frequent press allegations of corruption directed against himself – including embarrassing revelations concerning his cross-dressing fetish, together with further aggravating reports about his multitudinous wives, mistresses and harem of high school aged concubines. Zuma has filed lawsuits against many journalists and, particularly, cartoonists for their subtle satires labelling him a ‘prehensile troglodyte’ and a ‘paedo’ kiddie fiddler’ due his primitive sexual taste for teenage girls that barely have hair they can sit on.

As a result, and to offset international human rights charges of murdering reporters and press editors, the government plans on implementing legislation to create a “Protection of Personal Information Bill,” which would only allow reporting about politician’s personal lives with their consent. Heavy penalties would thus prevent any more reporting of Mr. Nizimande’s scurrilous sodomising of half-caste ladyboys, or ANC Youth Movement leader Julius Malema’s rampant homosexual rapes - or the legions of illegitimate children born to President Zuma’s 15-year old mistresses.

This is to be reinforced with a new Kafkaesque / Stalinist “Information Bill” proposal, which will impose penalties of up to 25 years in jail for reporting about any subject matter the government declares to be a matter of national security – such as the bribes paid to ministers or Jumpin’ Julius Malema and his Red Ant Army of hooligans from the Renta-Thug agency implementing their policy of forced land reform through a campaign of chaotic and uncoordinated land grabs that more often as not result in the slaughter of the white farmers being usurped and dispossessed from their rightful homes.

To top this off with a most spectacular flourish of despotic tyranny, the villainous Zuma government plans a special Media Tribunal to adjudicate complaints against the press and which will have the power to issue ‘shoot on sight’ judgements against erring reporters who are foolish and na├»ve enough to believe that the ‘truth’ is the best defence – and then close down offending newspapers as subversive journals guilty of disseminating information considered to be contrary to the national interest – and hence promoting domestic terrorism.

While these drastic laws suppressing the nation’s free press are excessive and serve only to conceal ministerial malfeasance, there is little confidence the Constitutional Court will stand up to Zuma and his bully boy criminal government, for the ANC has long appointed its own stooges and patsies to the Supreme Court bench – all of whom are now tainted by accepting Mammon’s lucre.

Allergy warning: This article was written in a nut-infested area and may contain traces of lunacy and / or squirrel shit.

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