Monday, 19 April 2010

Was NLE 10 Next False Flag Attack?

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Ghengis McScrunt, Editor-in-Chief of the International Herald Shitraker, has received a ‘firm request’ from the Federal Emergency Military Authority (FEMA) to remove a “For Official Use Only” document regarding the National Level Exercise 2010 (NLE 10), which was scheduled for this coming May, from the publication’s online news website.

The exercise was to be based on the Israeli Mossad’s National Planning Scenario 10, arranged in entirety by the ever-helpful Kikesters from the US-based AIPAC political lobbying organization, which was intended to ‘simulate’ a nuclear detonation in a U.S. city.

However, with the International Herald Shitraker letting the proverbial ‘cat out of the bag’, the attending embarrassing scandal and political pressures have led to the exercise being “scaled back” from the intended detonation of a one megaton nuclear device to a few pounds of cherry bombs - according to the Washington Post, the Christian Science Monitor and a variety of other Zionist-owned publications - such as Marvel and DC Comics and the Kikesters Weekly.

At the behest of Senator Seymour Weaselstein (D-Haifa), the exercise’s scheduled Las Vegas ‘Big Bang’ event has reportedly been ‘indefinitely postponed’ and the FEMA website now shows no mention of NLE 10 – hence the reason the International Herald Shitraker’s webpage is causing acute embarrassments to all concerned – from red faces in Washington’s White House Oval Office to Tel Aviv’s Nutty Knesset.

Conversely International Herald Shitraker Editor McScrunt told the assembled journalist hacks at a press conference in the Badger Baiters Arms pub that “This is what they all fear – an independent news source not owned by Rupert Mudrock and Baron Rothshite’s Masonic Zionist lobby – that occasionally touches on the most verboten subject of all – the Truth.”

The Kenyan cuckoo currently squatting in the Oval Office has recently been following the orders of his Brzezinski -Soros controllers to the letter and pontificating to anyone stupid enough to listen on the threat of a domestic nuclear attack – by Iranian-backed Muslim terrorists.

President O’Barmy’s remarks at the Nuclear Security Summit earlier this week stated that the threat of Jolly Jihad terrorists using nuclear weapons against one of the US’s major metropolitan cities is one of the “greatest threats” his administration faced – with no mention being made of any other brand of global terrorist types – especially so the Israeli Mossad False Flag variety.

O’Barmy further maintained that nuclear materials could be sold or stolen and fashioned into a nuclear weapon by anyone with an NVQ 1 in Meccano or Lego Land Construction – with these hypothetical materials existing in dozens of nations – even the ones that don’t have – or rather deny having - any nuclear capability – such as Burkino Faso, Luxembourg, Iran or Israel.

The Kenyan Pres’ further claimed that just the smallest amount of plutonium - about the size of a duck egg and contained in a can of Heinz Baked Beans – the type of micro-nuke concealed in a Kuta Beach drain by Mossad that caused the Sari Club bombing - could kill and injure hundreds of thousands of innocent people if detonated at a major sports tournament final – or in a social security queue.

The NLE 10 plot concerned itself with exactly this scenario: the detonation of a nuclear device inside a U.S. city – the Sodom and Gomorrah of the modern world and cultural epicentre of the Mamon-worshipping Great Satan - Las Vegas.

Hmmm, well that’s one way to get shut of the Mafia-controlled casinos and other immoral institutions comprising the daily commerce of the glitzy shithole.

However, this was intended to be the target of the ‘hypothetical’ attack and, if the exercise utilized the same circumstances as Mossad’s National Planning Scenario 10, it would have involved “hundreds of thousands” of casualties, more than 300,000 refugees and ultimately an excess of 5 million displaced persons – all ready to take up residence in one of FEMA’s thousands of ‘internment camps’ spread across this once great nation – plus generating huge profits for the undertakers - and a use at long last for the zillions of plastic coffins stacked neatly up in the middle of Georgia.

So, with the International Herald Shitraker proving to be such a killjoy the next nuke attack is obviously going to come as a big surprise mushroom cloud Ka-Boom to every fucker and their dog.

Thus to conclude, the Big Crapple copped for Mossad’s various false flag op’s on 9/11 which brought down the WYC towers and made Larry Silverslime lotsa shekels, knocked a small hole in the Pentagon, and an even sillier hole in Pennsylvania – and dumped the real commercial aircraft into the North Atlantic – all courtesy of a coupla USAF sidewinders - and a few hi-fiving Mossad morons.

Madrid’s Atocha Station caught their false flag job on 11/03/2004, after far distant Bali copped an Israeli-built micro-nuke in October 2002, which fried a bunch of dingbat tourists and provided an excuse to drag the Aussies into the Iraq and Afghan illegal wars. London copped for a false flagger in the 7/7/2005 London Underground attack – not to forget the Tavistock Square sardine canned double decker bus.

So, who the fuck is next on the NWO’s shit list to get false flagged and kick start another “Help, save us from the Muslim madmen!” / “Let’s all demonise Islam” hate campaign underway?

How about nuking Germany – and give Hitler’s daughter – the dumpy Frau Merkel troll – something to crib about? Perhaps the Gorfs (backward Frogs) – they’re well overdue for a major Jolly Jihad rabid Islamist false flag terror attack – courtesy of Israel’s mad dog Mossad amateurs – right in the middle of Paris hopefully – so the poison dwarf President Knicknack Teacozy shits his knickers.

Brussels would be a favourite but has no doubt been marked as exempt from such attacks – as the EUSSR's New Jerusalem - unless the Islamic Jihadists actually get their proverbial shit together one of these fine days and carry out an attack themselves. Doubtful, regardless how much they’re provoked and blamed for Israel’s criminal actions.

Regardless, we have another impending false flag attack – and definitely nuclear in origin – right on the horizon and all set and ready to go – so the Illuminati’s NWO barbarians can kick start WW3 by bombing the living shit out of Iran while the summer months provide some good weather for dropping nuclear-tipped bunker busters and a supporting the land invasion.

Allergy warning: This article was written in a known propaganda-infested area and may contain traces of slight exaggeration, modest porkies and mis-spoken references.

Thought for the day: If Mossad shits in the woods will an Iranian bear get blamed for it?

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