Saturday, 3 April 2010

Monsanto’s GM Frankencrops Kill Cattle

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According to a top secret Monsanto report just leaked by insider whistleblowers to Ox-Rat – the international snitch and grass-up charity, the company has been long aware that it’s dodgy GM Frankenstein crops were causing severe health problems in all varieties and breeds of cattle fed on the shit – including terminal liver and kidney failures within a mere three months of eating their genetically-modified mutant maize.

So, should mothers be very afraid? You betcha, as this is the very same GM corn crap that goes into Monsanto’s Insta-Mutant breakfast cereals and microwave- friendly Moron Meals – and straight into your kiddie’s DNA to cause irreparable genetic damage.

Scores of honest and independent research studies have confirmed that Monsanto’s genetically manipulated mutant food crops are toxic and not fit for human consumption and should therefore not even be classified as food – as even lab’ rats that previously thrived on a singular diet of festering sewer shit promptly sickened and croaked when fed on Monsanto’s Mutant Corn.

No legitimate study has ever proven them to be safe or nutritious – apart from a government rubber stamp on sheaves of tampered data passed by a venally-corrupt FDA who couldn’t give a flying fuck if we all end up looking like Blinkie the fish – as long as they get to collect their regular Monsanto ‘honorariums’.

Boastacious and unqualified claims that GM mutant foods will end world hunger are based more on scent than substance and propagated by parties of self-interest motivated by profit at any price – and converting the Earth's farmed food supplies to their own patented varieties and thus gain control of everything that grows from the soil at patented level.

However we are all aware the end product of Monsanto’s game plan is the same as the Illuminati’s – to engineer a massive population cull – which will occur through illnesses and dietary deficiencies brought on by mutating Frankencrops that are also cell level saturated with the deadly Bt protein.

The domestication of cereals and edible vegetables and fruits from their natural wild state has occurred over a time span exceeding ten millenniums, dating back to civilisations in the Fertile Crescent, and Monsanto & Co cannot simply come along, genetically re-splice plant DNA and say “Voila – “this is now bug-resistant and doubly nutritious” - as that’s not the way Mother Nature works.

Okay, take a step back – and a deep breath. If this crap is insect-resistant and can grow with minimal water and anywhere on Earth - plus be the nemesis of Third World hunger then why the phuck are people still starving all over Africa and rattling their bones as they wander around looking for a handful of tasty sand or vulture shit to eat?

GM crops are foreign substances that have never been a part of a the natural food chain – or a normal diet - and the specific effects observed in test rats included a build up of foreign hormones in the blood, elevated blood sugars and increased triglyceride levels - indicating their liver and kidneys were malfunctioning.

Believe me, if their mutant Frankencrops kill hardy rats then something is very amiss – and the same crap will decimate lard-arsed humans in short order fashion.

Would you eat anything that resembled Blinkie? Do any of your kids or pets look like Blinkie? Would you eat anything with GM stamped on the label just because some moron like Bono endorsed it? Would you like to be genetically-modified?

Allergy warning: This article was written in a known propaganda-infested area and may contain traces of slight exaggeration, modest porkies and mis-spoken references.

Thought for the day: If a bear shits in field full of Monsanto’s GM Mutant-Friendly Frankencorn will it improve the taste of their Moron Meals?

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