Saturday, 3 April 2010

TSA Renta-Thug Gets Away with Assault

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A Metropolitan Territorial Support Group (TSG) officer, on secondment from the Renta-Thug sadists-for-hire agency, accused of striking a woman with a telescopic steel baton - the very type prohibited for public purchase or use - at a G20 demonstration last year has been cleared of Aggravated Assault.

Residing Judge Dame Edwina Bogbrush decided the part-time plod was only trying to do his job against adverse odds involving unruly gangs of anarchist protesting scallies from Mob-Hire whose only purpose in life was to bring down the UK’s democratically-elected government and cause a bloody revolution.

Sgt Delroy Smellie, a mixed race mutant barbarian who has been with the TSG riot thugs since being kicked out of the army, denied attacking Ms Candida Mingerot, 36, of Nihilist Hamlets, at the G20 protest in London in April 2009, informing the City of Westminster Magistrates' Court he simply acted in self-defence - mistaking the fruit juice carton in her hand for a Viking battle axe.

However the Independent Police Coverups Commission (IPCC) told a reporter from the Whitewash Gazette that Sgt Smellie could still face police disciplinary action for his lack of control and might well get a slap on the wrist and his biscuit ration stopped for a week.

District Judge Bogbrush concluded no ‘real’ evidence had been provided to show use of the steel baton was not measured or correct – informing the jury-less court "It was for the prosecution to prove this defendant was not acting in lawful self-defence when he repeatedly beat Ms Mingerot to a bloody pulp.”
"The prosecution failed in this respect and Sgt Smellie has raised the issue of lawful self-defence and as such is entitled to be acquitted – especially as he belongs to the same Masonic lodge as my husband."

Judge Bogbrush declared that Smellie had "mere nano-seconds" to act when Ms Mingerot walked in front of him offering a drink from her juice carton at a vigil to mark the unlawful killing of innocent passer-by Ian Tomlinson at the G20 demonstration the previous day – yet another victim of a telescopic steel baton attack from behind by another of the Met’s uniformed aggressive craven hoodlums – a case that to date still has justice denied.

The judge watched video footage of the incident and looked at numerous photographs before coming to a decision on the case, which was heard without a jury - who would have obviously returned a totally conflicting verdict on examining the unedited and sanitised video evidence of a glaring display of state-sponsored violence against a defenceless female member of the general public.

The Crown Prosecution Service had claimed Smellie lost composure because of Ms Mingerot's threatening behaviour in offering him a drink – and argued he was justified in pushing her back and punching her with his fist but claimed he went too far by striking her with his extendable metal baton then kicking her in the face several times.

A doctor from the Met’s Plod Squad gave evidence on Smellie’s behalf, informing the court that the Renta-Thug officer had been suffering from pre-menstrual tension at the time, which was further aggravated by a mix up with the scheduled dosages for his transgender hormone injections and anger management medication.

The court heard that Sgt Smellie, a former tomcat strangler for Skidrow Hamlets Council, has been on the latter course of Moron-Mend medication since his schooldays when he suffered psychological trauma and repetitive indignities concerning his surname which earned him the derogatory sobriquet of ‘Stinky’.
Apparently Smellie’s ‘short fuse’ anger threshold was further aggravated after being fired from his previous job as a Welfare Officer at Iraq’s Abu Ghraib Prison - due dereliction of duty.

However the human rights group Twat-Watch have called the verdict a sham of justice as the extended video footage of the attack incident clearly shows bully boy Smellie putting the boot in after Ms Mingerot was decked –then giving a double thumbs-up to his fellow barbarians and is heard on the soundtrack shouting at his victim “I knows yer effin’ type – yer like that Yorkshire twat Guy Fawkes an’ just hate our democratic freedoms.”

Allergy warning: This article was written in a known propaganda-infested area and may contain traces of slight exaggeration, modest porkies and mis-spoken references.

Thought for the day: If a sadistic plod loses control and beats an aggie female protester with a steel truncheon just to prove one-upmanship - and several witnesses record the incident with cellphones and webcams – why is Justice denied?

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Anonymous said...

It is apparent that he is a thug as described, but he was only charged with common assault, that does not warrant a jury. The prosecution could not produce a witness, and as such the defence could probably have asked for a dismissal for want of prosecution.

The problem lies with the Crown Prosecution Service in indicting him with a much lesser charge than the crime warranted.

Rusty the Boddington's Badger said...

Yep, common assault - I only exaggerate the charge as a vehicle to highlight parody.
The video evidence alone demonstrates Smellie's brazen hubris and attitude towards the British peasantry and most definitely warranted a more serious charge levied against him that would involve a jury trial - and a conviction and custodial sentence - plus dishonourable dismissal from the Plod Squad - without pension - to demonstrate that these people are supposed to be public servants and held accountable for their actions - and not just there to serve the elitist establishment and protect their property.
Dare I mention the Ian Tomlinson case still crying out for justice? Don't hold your breath on that one either.