Saturday, 10 April 2010

Mock-Up Mosques used for Target Practice

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Sheikh Fizzy Al Kaseltzer, the official spokesman for the Shaheed Kess Emakk Muslim group has demanded an apology from the British Army after they received documented reports and photographs from a whistleblower working for the Ox-Rat snitch n grassers charity, that replica mosques and turbaned beardies were being used on a North Yorkshire firing range for target practice.

Mr Mohammed bin Jaffacake, chairman of the Bradford Council for Mosques (BMC) said the wood and cardboard minaret and mosque structures at Twatterick Army Base should be taken down immediately as they constitute an insult to Islam and all devout Muslims.

Conversely Sir Morton Bogbrush, chief mandarin at the Ministry of Defence informed one reporter from the Warmongers Gazette that the British Army had "no intention" of causing offence – but that was the type of building – and the kind of person – they were firing at in their various conflicts around the Middle East region of the Great Zionist Empire - and in Afghanistan.

“Look, if these turban and raghead wallahs were all Christians and Afghanistan was full of churches - and snipers hid in the bell towers - then we’d be carrying out live fire exercises against mock-ups of churches.”
“However as they’re all Muslims then we’re faced with armed insurrections and terrorist attacks directed from the madrasahs and mosques – by flea-infested beardie types.”

However, Mr bin Jaffacake of the BMC said he was particularly angry as the local mosque had been assisting the army in its recruitment drive efforts to enlist more Muslims to join the ranks of its 21st Cannon Fodder Regiment and the 18th Light Body Bag Brigade serving in the Bellend Province region of Afghanistan.

“You know, it is really disturbing that the army are using cardboard cut-out models of a Muslim woman they call ‘Feral Famita’ dressed in a camouflaged burkah and Semtex suicide vest - and armed with an AK47 assault rifle.”
“Then they have a one-eyed and hook-handed male terrorist target that looks very like our dear Mullah Abu Hamster. This is very sacrilegious and we intend to complain to the Archbishop of Canterbury.”

Bin Jaffacake accused the Army of reinforcing negative perceptions of Muslims – simply because they were so gullible in going along and playing the part of the Patsies on 9/11 – and in a score of false flag operations since.

Can you tell the difference between a Sunni and a Shite? How about Sonny and Cher? Do you ever have your eggs Sunni side up? Have you ever played that great parlour groping game “Who’s the Bird in the Burkah”?

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