Friday, 16 April 2010

Scotland: Just ‘How Corrupt’ is ‘Corrupt’

Last week journalist Robert Green advertised and circulated a request for persons of moral conscience in the Aberdeen South constituency area to endorse his bid for Parliamentary candidacy.

This simple action on his part resulted in the Scottish establishment shitting proverbial kittens and pulling out all stops to prevent this man becoming an MP and thus initiating an independent police investigation that would doubtless result in the exposure – and arrest and prosecution - of Aberdeen’s Ferryhill Masonic paedophile ring that encompasses members of the entire kilt-kitted society spectrum: police, justice, education and social services establishment – plus the butcher, the baker and the candlestick maker – and Uncle Tom Cobley and all.

For the edification of readers not conversant with the case, Rob Green was appealing for the signatures of ten residents of the Aberdeen South constituency wards of Queens Cross, Gilcomston, Langstane, Hazelhead, Peterculter, Murtle, Cults, Mannofield, Ashley, Holburn, Garthdee, Gairn, Duthie, Torry, Tullos Hill, Kincorth West, Kincorth East and Loirston to support his bid and thus endorse his electoral candidacy registration form so he could stand as a Parliamentary MP - with the aim of investigating and exposing the decade-old Hollie Greig sexual abuse scandal - and murder of Hollie’s Uncle Robert – and thus bringing those responsible for the massive kiddie fiddling establishment cover-up to justice.

However, as an official ‘British Justice System’ (sic) reward for his gallant and noble efforts Robert Green has been arrested – Gestapo fashion - for a second time yesterday, Thursday 15th April 2010, at his home in Warrington (England) due the trumped-up charge of breaking the terms of his bail – following the dummy Breach of the Peace charge from mid-February when Rob was collared in Aberdeen by members of the city’s bent police force in order to prevent him making an electoral campaign speech and thus protect the Aberdeen justice department’s alleged kiddie-fiddling Sheriff Buchanan – et al - from rightful and timely exposure.

Robert was arrested, held incommunicado over the weekend and appeared before the remote Stonehaven Sheriffs Court the following Monday morning – in camera - to prevent press / media coverage – and slapped with a Breach of the Peace interdict for even daring – as a do-gooder Sassenach - to consider exposing the Masonic establishment’s Ferryhill paedophile ring.

The aforesaid interdict also prevented Rob Green from claiming that Sheriff Buchanan was complicit or in any way involved - or benefitted from - the ‘assisted suicide’ carried out by members of the Aberdeen police’s Thug Squad of Hollie's uncle, Robert David Greig on the 17th November 1997, to prevent him from exposing the Satanic kiddie fiddler’s cabal.

Such are the depths of conspiratorial actions these establishment career criminals are prepared to go - to snatch an honest man from his home in Warrington – far South of the Border - as he seeks to expose the key issues of the case. Particularly so the continued refusal by Grampian police to fully investigate the overwhelming evidence of the paedophile rapes of disabled children from ‘special schools’ and the wall of silence perpetrated by the Scottish establishment to cover up the sins of their civil service compatriots – and thus continue to deny justice for a disabled girl who has been gang raped since childhood by these sick sexual predators.

Top government figures ranging from the porcine First Minister Alex 'Porky Pict' Salmond, to Aberdeen’s former Procurator Fiscal, Mrs Elish Angiolini, who has since become Scotland’s Lord Advocate, in charge of all criminal prosecutions – to Justice Minister Kenny McAskill – are complicit and guilty of either ignoring the public clamour for a full independent official investigation that does not involve the corrupt Grampian police force - or perverting the course of justice to protect the elitist Masonic members of Aberdeen’s Tartan Tadgers Pederast Society.

Aberdeen South candidates for the May 2010 General Election are current MP Labour Anne Begg, Conservative Amanda Harvie, Lib-Dem John Sleigh, SNP Mark McDonald, Scottish Green Rhonda Reekie, BNP Susan Ross – but nary a mention of Independent candidate Robert Green – whose name is most conspicuous by its conspired absence – and who will probably still be confined to a Stonehaven Sheriff Court dungeon – or an equally remote Highlands mental hospital padded cell – until May 6th has safely passed – to ensure the continued protection of the corrupt ilk of Sheriff Buchanan and his gang of Masonic kiddie fiddling criminals that appear to constitute the Police and Justice establishments of Aberdeen – if not the entire length and breadth of Scotland.

Since his first arrest Robert Green has refused to stay silent and given several radio interviews and attended various ‘Hollie Greig’ associated gatherings. Yet yesterday Rob was arrested and carted off into a foreign country - Scotland - against his will in a fashion so reminiscent of a Stalinista police state where objectors and dissenters simply go missing - or are committed to mental institutions due their delusional beliefs – or get Grassy Knolled – like Hollie Greig’s Uncle Robert who was about to upturn Aberdeen's can of festering worms back in 1997.

So, who will investigate these disgusting crimes and cover-ups and bring justice to the sexually abused victims? Who will enforce the statutes of the Children and Young Persons (Scotland) Act 1937 if the elected members of Holyrood refuse to sully their hands?

They should study well the advancing tread of ‘Hollie’s Army’ - now twenty-odd thousand strong and approaching like Great Burnam Wood - to take a long overdue reckoning and cause the walls of Edinburgh’s corrupt Holyrood edifice that purportedly presents the seat of honest government to be brought tumbling down around their heads.

Mind you, while Aberdeen’s and Edinburgh’s Holyrood ‘See you Jimmy' scumsters, and career criminals – and ‘perverts’ - who expend so much energy ‘perverting’ the course of Justice might well cry ‘Foul’ and ‘Innocent’ – “We’re all respectable people” - let us cast a sideways glance at the recent scandalous antics of our spiritual mentors in the Roman Catholic church – with ex-Nazi Youth thug Joey Ratflinger – aka Pope Benny - the all-new German built to last Mk XVI model - implicated in the cover up of sexual abuse offences by kiddie fiddling priests when he headed the Vatican-based Office of the Inquisition – then little should surprise us concerning this continued strategy of concealment by Aberdeen’s Masonic establishment cabal of pederast local worthies.

If these are the perverted actions of our religious and spiritual guides, what can we expect from lesser men charged with overseeing the everyday ‘temporal affairs’ of society.

Apart from a legal threat posted on my by Peter Watson of Levy & McRae to remove the original ‘Men in Skirts Paedo Ring Exposed' article in mid-February - to which I advised said scumbag lawyer to refer to the two syllable legal response of the landmark Arkell vs Pressdram libel case of 1971 – specifically “Fuck off!” - I have also been blessed with repeated direct menaces posted on the weblog site and to my personal e-mail address from a variety of Scottish establishment scumsters - particularly Ally (Alastair) Bannister - and his sidekick Monty Hunter - threatening all kinds of violent crap.

Hence, the gospel according to the misuse of official powers, these shitbags have gained access to the national police database – which normally requires a magistrate’s order - to find who the Skewed News Views blog belonged to and then commenced an asinine kid’s stuff campaign of harassment to force me to remove articles concerning the Aberdeen Ferryhill paedo’ ring and the drug addict turd-fudging leader of the Labour-controlled Glasgow City Council – wunderkind ubermensch Steven Purcell.

Hence, where misuse of official powers are concerned, these tartan-clad scumsters recognise no boundaries in pursuit of their policy of silencing critics and covering their own arses.

Thought for the day: How long will the corrupt officers of the dodgy Grampian police force continue to cover up the crimes of Sheriff Buchanan and his Ferryhill paedo’ buddies if they continue to shit on their own doorstep?

Especially so when the ranks of Hollie’s Army reach a critical mass state and a chain reaction of Biblical proportions erupts – and it’s every scumbag for themselves. Even more so when a General Election campaign is underway and someone has to, at long last, provide credible answers to very embarrassing questions.

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fish said...

Really well written and informative article (again!.)

I'm glad to say Robert Green has now been released on bail with further conditions added, mainly that he can no longer speak to radio stations that can be listened to in Scotland.

Robert though is safe and well and will fight on in the coming election. Word is such was the over whelming response from the public, that they actually had to shut down 2 Grampian Police phone lines, 1 from Warrington Police and also Elish Angiolini's Phone and email.

Rusty the Boddington's Badger said...

Cheers Fish - we all want this to happen - not only for Rob, but Hollie n her Mum, Anne - and the legions of un-named and forgotten victims of systematic abuse.
Power to Hollie's Army and all those, large n small, who throw in their two-pennyworth to pressure officialdom into a backs-to-the-wall situation of unconditional surrender - where they'll sell their own Hmmmm ???? - to save themselves and salvage what's left of their careers.