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Kikester’s False Flag Dirty Nukes Now in Situ

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Rampant rumours of an upcoming nuclear ‘dirty bomb’ Islamic terror attack to be blamed on Iran (who else) are moving around the First and Third World intelligence services ‘backchannel chatter’ grapevines like insider trading hotpicks gossip between New York’s dodgy stockbroker cabals.

The purposely unencoded electronic chatter being eavesdropped is between Russia and China concerning the targeting of their mutual ally Iran as being responsible for an imminent Zionist-schemed false flag ‘attaché case nuke’ attack has been monitored by both Western and Asian intelligence services – with all evidence pointing straight back, like the fickle finger of Fate, to the ever-duplicitous rogue state of Israel and its kikester chickenhawk leaders.

The scandalous gospel according to third-hand hearsay, is no Fifth Column subversive canard and claims the plot has been well thought through this time as they’ve planned an attack that goes ‘Bang!’ with a big mushroom cloud for evidence, thus no ambiguity or confusion results such as with bio-weapons that might just be the flu, or chemical attacks that could have come from another major Bhopal “Whoops!” incident - courtesy of Union Carbide.

The Knesset kikesters supposedly running Fortress Israel – a term so very reminiscent of Hitler’s Fortress Europe - have now come up with the required new threat to the region. A threat of such magnitude that it would justify whatever action they would choose to take regardless of the precepts of the Ninth Commandment – and several others the Istimna operatives of Mossad seem to have no problem or conscience about ignoring.

Of course the Zionist kikesters are too blatantly arrogant and moronic to take a step back and mull the question: since we’ve been demonising Iran with iniquitous lies and black propaganda for having a nuclear weapons programme are they now likely to be so gaga as to simply go and set one off in a major Western city just to provide an excuse for Israeli mad dogs and the Pentagon’s psychopaths to attack them?

So, who tops the list of primary suspects for false flag jobs? Why, the old sneaky beaky Israelis and their US-based AIPAC network of back-stabbers - who have a veritable arsenal of tote bag sized nuclear weapons, some primarily “dirty bombs,” supplied secretly by previous US administrations, and too of their own manufacture at Dimona.

These devices run from the one-hundred of a kiloton to the fifty kiloton range, highly radioactive, extremely small and can be engineered to leave the signature of a primitive terrorist style device.

Nor will it be the first time Mossad’s Maktal agents have planted a micro-nuke and then blamed it on an IED bomb composed of ‘fertiliser and LPG cylinders’ in the back of a van - when in reality the device was the size of a can of baked beans (Heinz premium brand) secreted inside a drain on Jalan Legian, right opposite the Aussie-patronised Sari Club in Bali– and detonated via a cellphone signal.

Same in 2005 when their Maktal Squad blasted the car of Lebanese PM Rafik Hariri and his companions to dust with a micro-nuke buried in the road in Beirut – that left a fifteen foot deep crater - fifty feet across - which was blamed on a 300 kilos HE car bomb as a fictitious distraction from the real micro-nuke culprit – as car or truck bombs DO NOT leave craters.

One major ‘sore thumb’ revelation of this high tech’ attack was that the static emitter frequency jammers of Mr Hariri's convoy, purpose built to prevent the activation of bombs at a distance, "totally failed". The VHP ECM IED jammers are a battle proven, modular wireless communication bomb jammer, designed for vehicle or fixed installation – and were part of a system that could only be neutralized by the manufacturer, which coincidentally was none other than a Swiss company founded by ex-Mossad ‘Orla Guerin’ agents.

However this time the manky Mossad maniacs are aiming at something a bit spicier than the Beirut Hariri nuke – something more on the lines of Hiroshima but twice the blast potential - around the 40 kiloton range, and with plenty of Strontium 90 and Iodine 131 fallout to keep on maiming and killing and killing and killing - even after all that nasty black smoke and dust have settled – just to keep reminding everyone how evil the Muslims of Islam really are.

Israel has never been in more trouble than it is today, not from any imaginary Arab armies or sabre-rattling from Iran, a country with only minor defensive weaponry and a second-rate military power. Israel’s shitting kittens due the fact the chickens are coming home to roost.

The West and every other sod and their dog barmy enough to pay lip service and listen to the Zionist media radio or TV - or read the propaganda sheets that pass as newspapers have been conditioned to ignore the apartheid walls, the land grabs, ethnic cleansing and Holocaust type war crimes in the West Bank and Gaza.

Not to overlook all the years of lies and infotainment from AIPAC’s Onanists, plus the ADL, the JDL and B'nai B'rith etc, along with movies and TV series depicting the Muslims as homicidal maniacs who seek the Islamization of the Christian world because they ‘hate our democratic freedoms’ - plus the destruction of Israel.- have served their purpose.

However things started to go seriously tits up for Israel when top military leaders and anyone with an ounce of mechanical or explosives experience saw straight through the entire WTC 9/11 airplanes and fires scam - and the ‘Pentagon Hole’ / ‘where’s the effin’ plane’ deception.”

The rumour now goes that the attache case nukes are in place in Europe and the US with the usual suspects being some kind of Mohammed al Patsy Islamic terrorist group that has either been recruited, invented or is being thawed out.
News stories are pre-scripted and the emergency services and film crews will be all ready to go – as with 9/11 when they arrived on site the night before the attacks.

Witnesses have been rehearsed and stand ready to declare “No shit – that was a Muslim terrorist nuke if ever I saw one!”
“It must have been those guys we saw round there yesterday – a bunch of Arab / Middle Eastern types talking with some gooks who looked – and sounded - like North Koreans.”

Next thing, just at the perimeter of the nuclear crater, some official jobsworth will discover the slightly-scorched Iranian passport of one Mohammed al Patsy, a known Jolly Jihadist radical who just happened to study nuclear physics in Pyongyang – and Moscow and Beijing – with testimony and evidence supported by reams of CCTV footage fresh out of a Hollywood cutting room.

Mind you, knowing how Mossad’s dirty tricks ‘Sloppy Squads’ have been mis-performing this past few years (9/11 hi-fivers and Dubai hotel snuff jobs on forged Brit’ passports) a backpack nuke will probably (hopefully) go off by accident in Tel Aviv – then they can blame Hamas and the Gaza Gangsters – and Iran.

Allergy warning: This article was written in a known propaganda-infested area and may contain traces of slight exaggeration, modest porkies and mis-spoken references.

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