Sunday, 11 April 2010

Kikesters Gag Media on Whistleblower

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Campaigning organisations have called for the lifting of a fascist media ban on the case of a former soldier of the IDF’s 21st Orla Guerin Brigade.
Ms Candida Gamm, 23, is reported to be under investigation for various security offences, including leaking classified military information – otherwise known as ‘moral whistleblowing’ – to Amnesty International, the Red Cross and the snitch and grassers charity Ox-Rat.

Ms Gamm is alleged to have obtained documents concerning the waves of extra-judicial killings of healthy young Palestinian civilians simply targeted as ‘suspected militants’ – and the ensuing theft of their goyim transplantable internal organs - for sale on the international black market and e-Bay by greedy kikesters.

Gamm has reportedly been under house arrest since December, and as a result of a dodgy court-ordered gag - it has become known only as "the security case that nobody’s allowed to talk about – not even in Chinese whispers.”

According to the Association for Civil Rights in Israel (no – don’t laugh - they’ve really got one – even though it’s as much use as tits on a Rabbi) the Israeli public are being denied their basic right to information on trials and events taking place in their midst that are directly relevant to the current Holocaust being inflicted on the Palestinian populations of the West Bank and particularly the enclave of Gaza – besieged behind the Great Apartheid Wall of Israel.

"Whatever the rationale for the order its only purpose is to violate Israelis' right to information, hinder freedom of the press and stymie public debate on the scandalous aspects of the case" ACRI's Chief Legal Counsel, Mr Uzi ben Woozy told a reporter from the Nekeshers Gazette.

Reports that have already been published beyond the reach of Israel’s paranoid censorship reveal that while she was a soldier clocking up her National Service kill quota of ten Palestinians per day, Candida Gamm is alleged to have obtained classified military documents and photographs related to the selective murders and organ theft operation and leaked them to the UK-based Scandalmongers Gazette and various human rights and wrongs organisations.

However the IDF’s legal department spokeswoman Jenny Cidal told the Paris-based media freedom organisation Reporters Without Borders "Defence of national security is a legitimate objective for Israel and Ms Gamm has committed treason by allowing her immature conscience to get the better of her and go on a whistle-blowing jaunt to nasty goyim media sources.”

“The IDF’s 25th Halanat Hamet Brigade troops really don’t go around indiscriminately killing Palestinians just to steal their internal organs – that is very ‘trief’ – forbidden.”

Israel’s career certifiable psychopath Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberslime spent a frenzied and rabid five minutes barking and spitting at the Reporters Without Borders group, calling them all anti-Semites and Holohoax denying goyim scum - then went on to compare the Turkish Prime Minister Recipe Tieclip Erdogan to Presidents Hugo Chavez of Venezuela and Libya's leader Muammar Gaddafi - displaying his customary lack of common sense and diplomatic protocol – and focusing on total irrelevancies.

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