Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Jobsworth Social Workers Get Official Censure

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Common Purpose brainwashed social workers have been criticised as “arrogant and enthusiastic removers of children from their parents to simply meet their pre-set ‘snatch n grab’quotas” by the judge who has assumed charge of the family courts this week.

Lord Justice Irwin Chuckabutty informed a reporter from the Kidnappers Gazette that the determination of these Stalinist social workers to place children in a wholly unsatisfactory state care system that attracted psychopaths and kiddie fiddlers – far away from their true surviving relatives, was a total snafu scenario, highlighted with a good measure of the American fubar factor.

Lord Justice Chuckabutty further emphasied that in his opinion both the monolithic DSS and OFSTED dinosaurs required disbanding and re-organising into credible social service entities – employing personnel qualified to do the job efficiently and not the current power-mad jobsworth control freak morons devising their own ‘social engineering experiments’.
Far from protecting and serving families Lord Justice Chuckabutty castigated the two departments as representing the scourge of families throughout the UK.

In a separate ‘baby snatching’ case, on which Lord Justice Chuckabutty also sat, Lord Justice Waldo Jaffacake described the actions of fascist social workers in the coastal town of Smegmadale-on-Sea as “more like Stalin’s Russia or Mao’s China than the South-West of England – running a totalitarian regime bent on exercising their despotic powers to achieve a state of overall social control.”

The criticism of social workers from two of the UK’s most senior family court judges came as the number of children placed in Abu Ghraib Prison style care homes have reached a record high after the Baby Ghengis tragedy.

However social workers adamantly maintain they are not prepared to take any chances after the three-year-old toddler embarked on a drunken and drug-fuelled violent rampage, mortally wounding his mother, her lover and finally castrating the lodger – with his milk teeth - at their council flat in Scumdale Hamlets.

He was being monitored by social workers at the time of his frenzied attack and given a daily breathalyser test in a futile attempt to reduce his vodka consumption.
The remarks are likely to be seen as a warning to social workers not to take violent psychopathic children into high security care before all other avenues have been exhausted – such as extraordinary rendition therapy or a frontal lobotomy.

They may also be seen as a signal to the family courts to challenge more robustly legal orders to take children into care and let them go feral and run wild around their sink or swim council estates, snuffing out society’s homeless and unemployed rejects before being taken out by Community Enforcement Squad snipers.

Lord Justice Chuckabutty made his comments in a highly critical ruling against Smegmadale Council, where social workers had taken the predatory seven-year old Mayhem twins into solitary confinement after they had gutted the milkman and impaled a local PCSO in the same week.

The social workers had already begun proceedings to assign them to the 21st Cannon Fodder Regiment in Afghanistan’s Bellend Province despite their natural mother’s – Ms Candida Mayhem - best efforts to change her life and learn a style of martial arts so she could defend herself against the twins with a view to one day being able to control them.

The Mayhem twins, Vlad and Wolfie were taken into care at gunpoint in 2009 after their mother’s boyfriend had sought medial treatment at the local A & E for ‘bruised arms’ which he maintained to have sustained when he slipped and fell downstairs.

Hospital doctors called the police upon discovering both arms had been broken with the injuries not being compatible with a fall but more from blows inflicted by a hockey stick or baseball bat. The local SWAT Squad eventually cornered the twins in a back garden shed – with four officers receiving venomous bites in the struggle to subdued the junior hellions - all of whom required rabies shots.

Lord Justice Chuckabutty will be sworn in today as the president of the High Court’s Family Division regardless of Justice Secretary - Jumping Jack Straw – privately challenging his appointment as he wanted one of his own wunderkind neophytes to assume the position.

Lord Justice Chuckabutty, a lifelong Conservative supporter, has been an outspoken critic of the New Labour government’s policies, including the repeated ressurections of career scandalistas such as David Blindgit and Lord Peter Scandalson – and the fact the country has been unfortunately saddled with a Prime Minister nobody voted for – the hapless Gordon - thanks to war criminal Tony Bliar getting out while the going was good.

Allergy warning: This article was written in a known propaganda-infested area and may contain traces of slight exaggeration, modest porkies and mis-spoken references.

Thought for the day: If a baby bear shits in the woods and the social service Gestapo jobsworths smell it, will they stick it in a foster home until it gets potty trained?

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