Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Eradicate Drug Addiction? Nut the Junkies!

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In a controversial move to eliminate the legions of drug addicts and alcoholics currently infesting the hallowed cloisters of UK society, and prevent them from reproducing, they are being offered up to £200 cash to be sterilised so they can no longer father – or mother - drug / alcohol dependent shit-for-brains kids.

A dodgy and highly suspect American charity, funded by the Rockefeller Foundation is now offering the service to addicts in the UK and has set up a helpline for those desperate enough to sell their soul – knackers actually – for a one-off fix of £200 quid - and as much methadone - or methylated spirits - as they can hack - as long as they get ‘snipped’’.

The maleficent Utopianists pushing the Project Selective Breeding (PSB) bandwagon claim to have stopped 3,500 drink and drug addicts from breeding any more Asbo-ready mini-yobs and scallies by paying them to be sterilised – thus – in their God-like aristocratic opinion – cutting out the next generation of alcoholics and junkies.

Head of the PSB, Chlamydia Mingerot informed a reporter from the Euthenasia Gazette “We’re starting off with the drug addicts and alcoholics, then down the road we’ll be touting a similar deal to families that don’t quite meet the New World Order’s genetic blueprint – really sort out the wheat from the chaff and start getting shut of society’s mongrels.”
“Hey, believe me, Charles Darwin - and Hitler - would have approved of this Great Work we’re undertaking.”

Conversely, Lemsip Optrex, spokesman for the Society for the Protection of Unborn Neanderthal Kids (SPUNK) opined to a correspondent from the Big Brother Review "It is inhuman to seek to eliminate human problems by eliminating humans themselves. Such campaigns should remain in places like Auschwitz and Gaza. This is what Nuremberg was all about – preventing any repetitions of the Nazi social engineering programmes - I think.”

However, Ms Mingerot and her Rockefeller- Rothshite backed PSB group belong to that segment of society - the elitist fraternity – whose absurd belief of their own genetic perfection and intellects allows them to stifle all aspects of moral conscience in the forging of their ‘Brave New World’ while totally ignoring the cause of the problem – the establishment-governed Capitalist economic system and the rampant drugs trade.

Here again we are blatantly confronted with yet another pathetic attempt to kick start the culling of the human herd – since the bio-engineered plagues such as Sneezy Pig flu and the Big Bird Avian virus didn’t exactly wipe out entire populations – mainly due the fact canny folk, who are fast evolving the habit of smelling a rat a mile off, refused the toxic pre-infected vaccines - and was only partially successful in the Ukraine where the Porcinella-Gruntitis flu was spiked up with the Dengue haemorrhagic fever virus by the genocidal criminals at Baxter Healthcare to achieve a Black Death type mortality rating.

This cabal of mutant inbreds, these self-proclaiming blue blood Brahmins – the members of the world’s parasitic Second Estate who would scheme, conspire and intirgue to eradicate those they consider – in their unqualified arrogance – to be of an inferior bloodline - specifically anyone this self-proclaimed nobility and elitist cabal Illuminati consider unworthy of space on Earth and an equal cut of Nature’s bounty.

In conclusion, this PSB programme is reminiscent of the shameful Rockefeller Foundation-funded campaign across the Indian sub continent in the 1960’s and 70’s that lured the lusty and virile Aryan peasants to come and get sterilised: for a transistor radio, no less.

So, while this morally-offensive ‘Final Solution’ scheme is allowed to proceed, what is next on the scheduled ‘Cull Agenda’? The Human Genome Project revisited?
No doubt a eugenics selection programme devised from the mega-file DNA national – and global - genetic typing databases of every fucker and their dog to sort the racial wheat from the chaff and earmark those divined as the human herd’s useless eaters – plus all issue of their progeny - for extermination.

Then the agenda will target the civil dissenters, the non-conformists and the anarchists, and any rebel who dares question ‘official policy'.

Hmmm, the blacks, browns and yellows – plus the red-necked trailer park and tenement-dwelling white trash – targeted for extinction by the slack-jawed Satanist freaks and other moronic trolls that comprise the insidious ranks of the WASP and Ashkenazi elite and pursue the insane goals of their Protocols of Zion.

Thought for the day: Would the same despotic approach stop bears from shitting in the woods – or prompt that Pope bloke in the big hat to clamp down on kiddie fiddling priests?

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