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The David Emslie Case: Grampian’s Mafiosa Exposed

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Scotland’s scandal-ridden Grampian establishment Mafiosa, composed of officialdom’s local Masonic worthies, are rightly under the spotlight yet again due the inevitable ‘question time’ that has fortuitously presented the opportunity to grill Scotland’s – and too the entire UK’s – dodgy politicians seeking the public’s vote on May 6th - over ‘justice denied’ for Hollie Greig.
A justice now being sought and demanded by Hollies Army, currently comprising 26,000-plus pissed-off rolling stone peasants who want to see this corrupt edifice of vice and sin brought low and cast down into the eternal blazing fires of Hell.

The Grampian and Aberdeen scandals far surpass those of Clochemerle and are comprised of an assortment of crimes that would make the faces of the usual suspects at Nuremberg blush. The Ferryhill kiddie fiddling ring (Ref Hollie Greig et al), drug dealing, blackmail, kidnapping, murder (Robert Greig et al), miscarriages of justice, (Robert Green) justice denied, the subversion of justice (Robert Green - again) – and the indexing of broken laws could go on endlessly – even faster than the EUSSR in Brussels can make them up.

So, little wonder the scandalous antics of the Grampian plod squad have prompted critics to pose the question “What’s the difference between an organised crime syndicate and the Grampian Police Force? Why, absolutely none.”

But this is forever the case when people in glass houses start throwing anything – especially so shit. Moist excrement has a bad habit of sticking to whatever it hits – and the more shit that gets thrown, the more is uncovered.
Same with the occasional murder – one body isn’t too conspicuous – it’s all the other bodies that get piled on top to cover up the existence of the first.

Here we have the establishment Satanists hiding behind the veneer of the purported moral rectitude of Freemasonry. Government officers, police, social workers, doctors, nurses, teachers and the judiciary. Each area of what is supposed to comprise polite society. Virtually every profession and trade in the book and across the Four Estates in fact. The Butcher, the Baker, the Candlestick Maker – old Uncle Tom Cobley and all.

All of these have jointly conspired to subvert British law to achieve the continued concealment of the myriad nefarious crimes of the pyramid social control system.

Robert Green, an honest man who wishes to run as an MP for Aberdeen South in the forthcoming general election and expose the Grampian Mafia is barred from entering the confines of the Oil City due the stipulations and restrictions enforced by the terms of his bail conditions – arrested then bailed for a crime before he could commit it – of harbouring the very notion of publicly accusing Aberdeen Sheriff Graeham Buchanan of being a kiddie fiddling pederast and questioning his involvement in the murder of Hollie Greig’s Uncle Robert.

Hmmm, how’s that for subverting the law to suit your own nefarious purposes – and making sure Mr Green doesn’t get elected as the MP for Aberdeen South and toss the lot of them under the Crown Prosecution Service’s microscope – or have Scotland’s Lord Advocate Elish Angiolini – a paedo’ kiddie fiddling protector since her days as Aberdeen’s Proculator Fiscal – prosecute herself under the statutes of the Misuse of Public Office Act and for perverting the course of justice.

So, we now come to officialdom’s persecution of David Emslie, a 63 year old homeless gentleman and patriot suffering ill-health that has been the victim of abuse and negligence by the Grampian judicial and social services establishment for many years simply due him being a good citizen and reporting criminal behaviour - plus chasing the wholly inefficient and Rachmanesque Grampian Housing Authority to fix his leaky roof – a transgression that eventually ended up with a court-sanctioned eviction from his home.

Such is the price of conscience and being a thorn in the side of an inutile and corrupt establishment and their quangos – labelled a nuisance and cast out as a pariah.

Let’s not overlook nor forget that one of the foremost aims of the Iluminati’s New World Order is to achieve and maintain a ‘damaged and disfunctional society’ hence why yobs, scallies, hoodies, chavs are not regulated, why we still have massive youth unemployment, violent video games, movies, hard core porno, a total collapse of moral society, rampant homosexuality, armed robbery, gang culture killings, binge drinking / alcoholism, drug addiction, paedophilia, Satanism and ritual murder – with the wholesale disruption of British, nay global, society numero uno on their demonic agenda.

In a response to a report filed with the police by David Emslie, who observed a disqualified drunk driver without road tax being let off by police, the Plod Squad’s complaints department stated for the record “We are satisfied with the information available that the officers who attended the reported incident took the appropriate course of action.” So much for the application of law and order when the police themselves are working hand in hand with known criminals – for an excess of 18 months in that particular case.

However David Emslie is by no means the only one at odds with the corrupt system in the Grampian region. Over the last few years a legion of residents have lost all faith in the appointed officials tasked to protect them and uphold the law.

Of the thousand-plus residents polled, 55% had no faith in the police preventing scallies and career criminals breaking the law, with 43% declaring they had no faith in the Plod Squad’s ability – or resolve - to investigate to a successful conclusion any crime that had been committed.

Hence it’s not just the researched statistics that illustrate people’s distrust of the Grampian police and the Holyrood government; it’s their blatantly unethical and corrupt approach.

Whistleblowers working within the crooked Grampian Plod Squad have openly admitted to Ox-Rat, the international snitch and grassers charity, that career criminal informers are allowed to get away with a variety of ‘tolerable crimes’ – including murder - if they agree to dish up the goods on other crim’s and do a few distasteful ‘dirty deeds’ for the police themselves - such as permanently silencing a troublesome relative threatening to expose the sexual abuse of their disabled underage niece by an Aberdeen paedophile ring composed of the bent establishment’s Masonic worthies (RIP Hollie Greig’s Uncle Robert).

Thus one is left to wonder what is more important to the general public’s safety than locking up a killer - especially so when there are over fifty unsolved murders in the area.

Other issues that concerned David and made him a questioning rebellious dissenter in the eyes of the Grampian Big Brother authorities were the bizarre actions of their politicians.
First Minister Alex Salmond claimed it was his duty to lobby for the protection of an illegal Chinese immigrant wanted on drugs charges relating to his cannabis farm.

Salmond wrote to the Home Secretary Alan Johnson last month asking him to give “favourable consideration” to Zheng Bin being allowed to stay in Scotland.
The Banff and Buchan MP spread the bullshit thick and fast, stating Zheng had many friends in the fishing town and had “integrated” well with the local community – by supplying them with narcotics and other prohibited drugs.

Obviously someone got a cosy little ££££££ six figure retirement ‘bung’ for that one. Nice one Alex – yet a pity you couldn’t apply the same scrupulous attentions – any attentions in fact - to David Emslie's well documented complaints or Hollie Greig’s sexual abuse case - or her uncle's murder.

For 25 years David had been fighting the Grampian Housing Association over illegal VAT and rent increases and managed – against all odds – to win several court cases against them between 1994 and 1997.

David elaborates “My flat had a water leak in the loft from December 1994 to March 1998 and Grampian Housing Association refused to fix the problem so when it rained I had to go up into my loft and empty buckets.”
“This went on for over three years until I managed to get a 24-page report resulting from an investigation by the Housing Association Ombudsman into my case. He found the GHA guilty of numerous counts of administrative errors in their failure to rectify the water leaks in my roof.”

David was awarded £850 quid in compensation by him, but the GHA simply refused to pay him the money.

Due winning these minor victories – seven in total - David was considered a pain in the proverbial neck by Grampian’s corrupt Masonic business elite, so both the GHA and Grampian Plod Squad joined forces to get rid of him.
Thus, as Orwell so aptly phrased it “In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.” and the establishment can’t be having revolutionaries like David standing up for the people and butting heads with their corrupt system.

David explains “I was winning court cases against the Police and the Grampian Housing Association. I was exposing how they all protect each other, how they deny you the access to the legal aid help and an honest independent media that will expose the corruption and criminality they are fostering and involved in.”

“In Scotland there are 261 Housing Associations funded by taxpayers’ money and most of them are incompetent and corrupt, and treat tenants with contempt. So anyone like me who acts as a social conscience whistle blower gets targeted.”

“The GHA preferred housing criminals, junkies and alcoholics, as they get housing benefit for them and they don’t bother to complain about the terrible conditions – with the GHA raking in £700,000 quid from the government per annum – according to the freedom of information request I got back from the Housing Benefit office.”

In a deliberate attempt to silence and remove him, the crooked GHA officials began filling his building with known criminals and in 2007 initiated steps to have him evicted with help by the police, who canvassed the area with leaflets asking people if they had any complaints about David. Ironically David had complained to the police many times previously concerning the criminal activities of these same neighbours but no action was ever taken.

“These criminals in my apartment building were all working off the books and under the DWP’s radar, claiming Housing Benefit and Jobsekers Allowance and committing crimes. They had cars with no road tax licences displayed and doubtful any insurance either so I contacted the Police and also Crime Stoppers but neither lot did sweet FA.”

Since 1991 David claims there have been 27 attempts on his life by legit criminals ignored by the police and those working above the law as police informants. Due this he installed a CCTV system in his building which recorded one terrifying image of a man late one night outside his door with a knife in his hand. “I had CCTV evidence, but the police would do nothing about the incident.”

Following a campaign of underhanded tactics the Grampian Housing Association officially (although illegally) evicted David in August of 2008. Despite being eligible for legal aid the corrupt system prevented him from obtaining it.

Of the one hundred lawyers approached, not one would take on his eviction case and he had to fight the system by himself. For the gallant and forbearing David this was nothing new as he’d won many times before, but now his illnesses were becoming more severe and this time around the dodgy GHA were determined to be rid of him for good.

While David was out shopping on the 6th August 2008 (Hiroshima Day) a dozen thugs hired by the GHA invaded his flat and proceeded to evict him on the strength of a most irregular “Decree With Immediate Extract” court order which meant that instead of following normal procedure, which gives tenants two weeks to appeal and arrange other accommodation, they can evict the person on the same day – rain or shine. Hmmm, thank God for our Big Nanny welfare state.

Thus while still out and oblivious to what was taking place, the GHA thugs, supervised and protected by a legion of Grampian’s Finest (the Plod Squad), boarded up David’s doors and windows so he no longer had a roof over his head – since which the poor guy has been homeless.

Amazing to have an actual police presence for a wholly commercial matter when a regular bully boy bailiff would be fit for purpose. But that’s Grampian’s Finest for you – there to oversee the eviction of poor David Emslie - much as they diligently pursue anyone opposing Donald Trump’s bid to have compulsory purchase orders issued against the rightful land and home owners of Menie in Aberdeen so the bouffanted Yank clot can build yet another elitist golf course.

Such a pity Grampian’s Finest are never where you want them when the Asbo scallies and crim’s are hot to trot – and disabled children from special schools are getting systematically gang raped by the Ferryhill Masonic Paedo’s Club.

In conclusion, David finally took his complaints to the Lord Chief Justice but the department responded, “Unfortunately the Lord Chief Justice cannot investigate complaints against the police.
In Scotland who can? Apparently nobody.

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