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SA’s Red Ants Ready for ‘Claim Jumping’

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Julius Kweri Malema, the 29-year old moronic youth leader of South Africa’s ruling political party, is hot to trot and going flat out alike a lizard drinking in stirring up jingoist hatred directed at white farmers.

The career hypocrite Malema is fomenting a campaign of violent land-grabbing based on the self-defeating ‘forcible land reform’ (read criminal land theft) programme initiated by Robert Rhubarbie and his Parasite Party in 2000 across Zimbabwe which resulted in the economic collapse of the Third World basket case nation due the fact the crop simply didn’t grow themselves – no matter how hard the irrigation-ignorant usurping Shona ‘war veterans’ stared at them or prayed for rain.

Rhubarbie inherited a veritable Eden created and farmed by a century of white innovation and gumption, and promptly converted it in a few short years into a barren Hell due his misguided Marxist ‘Utopia’ racist policies and personal unqualified arrogance.

Malema, who has now formed the breakaway ‘National Kick Out de Honkeys Party’ aligned with career bigamist President Jacob Pielkop Zuma’s ‘ANC Kleptocracy Party’ is planning to initiate his Zimbabwean style criminal land invasions enterprise following the FIFA 2010 World Cup, amid reports Zimbabwe’s Zanu PF and War Veterans Association will provide crucial support for the programme.

One Malema camp whistleblower working for the international Ox-Rat snitch and grassers charity, who spoke to the Lebensraum Gazette on conditions of complete anonymity (Clatus Jaffacake) revealed that when President Zuma visited Zimbabwe to participate in the coalition talks between Rhubarbie’s Zanu PF and Morgan Tallgiraffe’s Movement for Demagogic Change, he discussed in fine military detail the plan to expedite the South African indigenisation programme and land grabs - and how to conceal the violet blood-lettings from the international press.

This week a high-level blacks-only cabal from the South African security forces, intelligence and media - with close links to Malema’s National Kick Out de Honkeys Party and the ruling ANC - are travelling to Zimbabwe where they will undergo three months of training at the Zimbabwe National Army’s Staff College.
Senior Zimbabwe National army officers who led the violent, sanguine land invasions and slaughtered white farmers will train their South African counterparts and impart a wealth of murderous knowledge based on their own barbaric experiences.

Gargoyle Fuckwitt, the South African Minister of Rural Development and Land Reform accused white Afrikaner farmers of scuttling the land reform programme by frustrating the ANC government’s ‘willing buyer / unwilling seller’ policy through demanding a fair price for their farmlands – and in certain cases even refusing to sell.

Minister Fuckwitt went on to explain the intricacies of President Jacob Pielkop Zuma’s land grab programme. ”So, once de World Cup soccer tournament thingie is over an’ all de foreign honkey journalists am done gone home den we shall let young Malema an’ his gangs of firebrand Red Ant thugs loose on de honkey farmers an’ chase dem all back to wherever de fuck dey came from.”

“Den all de natural resources like what dey grow on de arable farms and all de gold and diamonds what dey get from de mines will be in de hands of de ANC an’ Black Power’ – den we will all be rich an’ have big numbered bank accounts in Switzerland – and we can den go dere shopping an’ buy chocolate an’ cuckoo clocks like what Mrs Disgrace Rhubarbie am doing.”

Foreign observers interpret the young Malema as obviously having something at fault within his mental capacity when he esteems the 19th Century despot Kabaka Mutesa of Buganda as his ‘hero’ and who worships at the altar of his political idols - Idi Amin, Jacob Zuma and Robert Rhubarbie.

However, while the corrupt and poorly-educated demagogue might only be endowed with the intellect of a banana-guzzling ape, he is an Illuminati-Zionist ordained stooge – chosen due the fact he’s a paranoid jingoist possessed by the Messianic calibre of xenophobic racist delusions necessary to kick-start a Rwanda-style massacre across South Africa.

Recently described by the Moron’s Review as a reckless populist, and a demagogue, bent on sparking a rascist conflict with the potential to destabilise the whole of the southern portion of the continent – Malema is further criticised by political opponents – both white and black - for his lavish lifestyle.
Additionally he was recently labelled by the Freedom Party’s ‘Afrikaner Volksfront’ Boer leaders Constand Viljoen and Pieter Mulder as a ‘Kaffir Draadtrekker’ (black wanker) and an all-round ‘Pielkop Poes’ (a dickhead cunt) who will probably be the cause of a black / white civil war that will lay waste to the country.

Originally hailing from a grass and mud hut in the ‘O’Dinga Shittygogo’ area of Limpopo Province, Julius Kweri Malema, through his corrupt and criminal enterprises, now resides in the elitist enclave of Sandton, a wealthy suburb of Johannesburg.

Malema's school career was undistinguished and he failed two high school grades due cheating - as well as several subjects in his final secondary school examination – in which he was rated by his teachers as ESN – educationally sub-normal.

His highest mark attained at school was reported as a "C" for second language –‘Swearing’ - with his lowest marks published as a "Z" (sub 75%) in banana peeling and a "Z minus" (sub 90%) in differentiating between Truth and Lies.

Under the old Afrikaans apartheid political system Malema strived to become Public Enemy No 1, but due his moronic approach to political activism only succeeded in reaching the unenviable rank of Public Nuisance No 7.

Upon the election of Admiral Nelson Mandela as South Africa’s president in 1994 and the subsequent collapse of the old apartheid system, Malema joined the black African Free Ride Party’s Kweri Youth League, quickly achieving prominence due his big mouth and ability to shout opponents down with questionable rhetoric – or have them beaten to a pulp by his entourage of Red Ant thugs.

Malema’s insistence of having his assembled followers sing the apartheid era song that includes the words "Shoot the Boer" is viewed by foreign jurists as an incitement to violence and regarded as the probable cause of the recent murder of the white supremacist farmer Eugene Terre'Blanche.

Earlier this month Kweri Malema was again unwittingly was caught in the limelight’s glare which illuminated his overall pigshit-thick ignorance to the Nth degree while making yet another of his demagogic speeches – this one regarding the Rhubarbie Land Grab Plan - at Luthuli House, the headquarters of his new ‘National Kick Out de Honkeys Party’.
It was during this press conference he snapped and went into a frenzied spitting rage at BBC journalist Jonah Fisher who accused Kweri Malema of gross hypocrisy and dared to employ that most devastating of political weapons - the unblemished Truth.

Kweri Malema went on to accuse Fisher (Rhubarbie style) of coming from a country (the UK) which undermined the credibility and integrity of African leaders - when they are more than capable of doing so themselves at every available opportunity.

Malema then threatened to have Fisher forcibly removed from the press conference by his security thugs and exploded into total dummy spitting mode after the journalist compared his land reform ‘claim jumping’ plans as a Mickey Mouse scenario and a ‘joke’ – with Malema accusing him of "white tendency" and calling him a "bastard", "bloody agent" and "small boy" – all in the same bated breath - before ordering his eviction when the entire Western press assembly broke out in laughter at his inept ragings.

Mayhap Jukius Kweri Malema and his handlers might well now reflect on the obvious fact that his barbaric and unsophisticated feral behaviour are responsible for Westerners and whites having their low opinion of African black kleptocrats impersonating politicians as uneducated savages once again doubly reinforced.

Allergy warning: This article was written in a known propaganda-infested area and may contain traces of slight exaggeration, modest porkies and mis-spoken references.

Thought for the day: If a white bear shits on the veldt will a black bear shout “Dat’s mine, ya honkey fleabag!” and promptly lay claim to the steaming pile of crap?

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