Friday, 23 April 2010

Voters on ‘Hung Parliament’ – “They Should Be”

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In the run-up to the country’s General Election, scheduled for May 6th, Parliament's House of Conmans will be dissolved on April 12th – in a large bucket of warm water, stirred in a vigorous manner with a big wooden spoon.

While the three main political parties are out and about, all hot to trot, running around like a flock of proverbial headless chickens, campaigning up and down the countryside, back-biting and sniping each other; the only one who seems to be catching the voting public’s undivided attentions is satire comedian and impressionist Rory Bremner and his ‘Battle Bus’ who would be voted into Downing Street no problem if he ever stood for office as the ‘Taking the Piss’ Party candidate.

After generations of lies and deceits from the Tories and Labour – and the Lib-Dums historical predecessor – the Whigs, it is finally beginning to dawn on the British voting public that all political parties are more at scent than substance – with no significant element or saving grace to endear them – apart from the odd posh accent.

Now Posh Dave, the hapless Broon and Nick Clogg also realise, as individuals, that they don’t have the answers or solutions to solve the myriad problems that have turned our sceptred isle, this once-green and pleasant land – into a de-industrialised bankrupt basket case and our prized dark Satanic mills sold off to the likes of Monty Mittal and Co (Bombay).

Thus these men whose unqualified arrogance gives them cause to promote themselves as ‘leaders’ and ‘nation builders’ now fear ‘who will the stupid public vote for?' Who will gain a majority? Will anyone even bother voting? Will they vote for ‘Bad’ – or ‘Worse’? Will we end up with a hung Parliament and desperately form dodgy alliances and coalitions?

Just wait for the lessons to come – presented by all those university students graduating from their hallowed halls of advanced learning into the big wide world of unemployment, overdraft interest payments and credit card debt – just in time to cast their votes before worrying about repaying their massive educational loans on Jobseekers Allowance of £60 a week.

Yet the Tories, Labour and the Lib-Dums are clutching at straws and extolling their party manifesto’s as the best thing since sliced bread while ignoring what the public want – and what the country actually needs to get its feet out of the economic quagmire and striding back to self-reliant prominence.

First on any political agenda of national resurrection should be to clear the career civil service vermin out of Shitehall and rid the seat of government of the hereditary ‘Curse of the 4 C’s’: Cronyism, Collusion, Corruption, and Complacency.

Next, hold a ‘one-off’ referendum on membership of the EUSSR so the British peasantry can give Brussels the big finger. All troops out of the US-Zionist-led illegal foreign wars and a halt to demonising Islam. Re-industrialise the country to meet the specifications and requirements of the 21st Century. Shitcan the CCTV and speed trap cameras. Put the uniformed plod squads back on the streets and dump the plastic PCSO and CEO power-mad morons.

Initiate a National Service conscription programme for the Asbo generation of social pariahs. Lose the ‘Conscience of Empire’ mindset and call a halt to all immigration – then deport any fucker and their dog who doesn’t wish to conform to the British culture and customs and way of life. Tell the IMF to shove any and all national debt up their jacksy – and we’ll see them in court – perhaps.

Take the Bank of England out of private scumbag Kikester hands and start printing our own interest-free currency again. Introduce legislation to ban political lobbying – especially so from foreign influence agents – such as the Zionist pro-Kikester vermin infesting government and the civil service and perverting British foreign policy to serve the criminal interests of the rogue apartheid Israeli state.

Disenfranchise multi-national corporations under the Monopolies and Trust Act. Shitcan the global warming scam and carbon credits cap n trade exchange, then admit that climate change cannot be prevented – just lived with. Then last, but by no means least, declare St George’s Day a national holiday for England.

And that little lot is just for starters.

So, what answers to the UK’s myriad problems have these illustrious party leaders come up with in their 100-page plus manifestos to stop the rot?

Gordon ‘Culpability’ Broon is clueless. Nick Clogg seems to spend more time pulling the Tories to bits like a terrier with a dead cat than scrying up solutions to our social ills. Meanwhile Posh Dave Cameron exercises his democratic right to talk and act like a fool and announces his ‘Big Society’ plans which sound reminiscent of one of Stalin’s or Mao’s – or Hitler’s bad ideas.

While continuing a instituted policy of reducing the proletariat to penury at all costs and create a distinct social order of Rich and Poor (Us and Them) the fact all of them are ignoring are the harsh lessons of 1789 and 1917, where no middle class existed to form a buffer zone between the landless peasantry and the Second Estate of silver spoon royal parasites and other associated blue blood nobility – whom on both occasions faced extinction level events and went the way of the dinosaurs in France and Russia.

Thus the current political theme and social engineering aim of relegating the middle class to the dusts of history – leaving the upper classes as the only remaining entity with any modicum of consumer purchasing power - simply makes the direction and aims of violent revolution easier to map as there’s no longer a ‘middle’ ground (sic).

Hence the poverty stricken unemployed peasant class can storm the ramparts and rip down the elitist bastions and go straight for the throats of their self-appointed social betters and the high-born parasites to achieve the desired and just populist ‘equity’.

One public opinion poll undertaken by the Daily Shitraker this week around London’s Skidrow Hamlets sink or swim council estate on the coming election elicited a most apt response from a 96-year old pensioner Mrs Hilda Scumm when asked her opinion on the chances of a ‘hung parliament’ to which she replied “They should be – the whole bloody lot of ‘em.”

Allergy warning: This article was written in a nut-infested area and may contain traces of lunacy and / or squirrel.

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John said...

I dont think your article is at all mad, it is expressing how a lot of people feel about our politicians.

I believe that Britain is in the middle of a constitutional crisis. We are half way devolved and half way integrated with Europe. We are half way through reforming the House of Lords and Parliament. The English are the victims of tyranny - the last government had absolute power even though less than a quarter of the adult population voted for it and the Scots, who have their own Parliament, set the agenda for England. The crucial issue for Britain is electoral reform and constitutional reform so a hung parliament is a very good idea.

Two political parties have rigged the voting system in the UK so that the other parties are marginalised. Both of these parties are rubbish, one being a club for "mummy's boys" and the other a gang of Marxist lunatics. They have set up the system so that you can choose between bad and worse so how do you vote?

It is the two old parties that have brought England to its present curious state but journalists seem oblivious to this fact.