Saturday, 10 September 2011

Indian Politico’s Corruption Exposed

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The latest batch of confidential government cables posted on Julian Blancmange’s WickedLeaks whistle-blowing website site appear to be giving the ZioNazi Israelis and US warmongers an ill-deserved break for once and instead focus on the crimes and misdemeanours of India’s abusive politicos – specifically Ms Mayawati Kumari, a self-glorification addict obsessed with becoming Prime Minister.

Mayawati, the chief minister of India's Uttar Pradesh state, and leader of the ruling Kleptocracy Party, is moronically regarded as a Messianic icon by millions of shit-for-brains Dalits, or low caste "Untouchables" as those at the very bottom of the Third World dump’s society ladder are known by their Hindu Brahmin social betters – who wouldn’t stoop to ‘touching’ them with a bargepole.

Mayawati, who gained public prominence as the lead singer with Donna and the Dalits, rules like some medieval autocrat over India's most populous state, which is coincidentally, thanks to her penchant for graft and corruption (and blatant embezzlement) - plus simply dipping her sticky paws into the public purse - now also the poorest on the poverty-stricken sub-continent.

The WikedLeaks cables reveal Mayawati as the type of person that thinks wood grows on trees and whose felonious practices serve to give criminals a bad name – especially so when she dispatches an empty private jet on a round trip flight to manky Mumbai to pick up a pair of her favourite sandals – surpassing even the rapacious excesses of such legendary celebrity scumbags and spendthrift wastrels as the Republic of the Philistines ex-First Lady, Imelda Romualdez Marcos.

The gospel according to the WickedLeaks cables further reveal insights of Mayawati’s excesses – the controversy for building statues of herself to encourage a personality cult – juxtaposed with her pathological, paranoid obsession regarding security and fears of assassination – exhibited by her ranks of food tasters to guard against some fucker or their dog poisoning her sacred cow vindaloo curry.
Like all dictators before her, Mayawati maintains a vice-like grip on all levels of power and even the simplest decisions – what colour triple tinted toilet tissue to buy - must run through her.

In 2003, the Central Bureau of Investigation raided Mayawati's palatial residence in relation to the ‘Taj Mahal Corridor’ corruption case which led to discovery of assets disproportionate to her known and declared income. In a display typical of her unqualified arrogance, Mayawati responded to these charges with accusations of character assassination by her political opponents and had the audacity to declare the CBI investigation against her as illegal.

So, how did the oleaginous Mayawati get out of that dilemma? Simple, in her own words: “Hey, why hire a fucking lawyer when you can buy a judge” - unfortunately too true a factor of condemnation where India’s politicians and judiciary are concerned. None of them do what it says on the packet – they’re all jukebox crooks – slip a few coins in and they’ll play any tune you like.

In her tenure as Chief Minister, Mayawati has used state funds to erect a disproportionate number of statues of herself – the Dalit saviour – around a score of memorial parks in Uttar Pradesh - and in February 2010 formed a special police force to guard and protect her concrete sculptures from vandalism on a 24/7 basis.

Ms Mayawati or her office are yet to publicly respond to the WickedLeaks cables – with one state government insider confiding to the Scandalmongers Gazette “Don’t hold your breath”.

Within the Oxford English Dictionary’s indexed lexicon of 250,000-plus words there is none that accurately describes Mayawati or her condition - however it has been unanimously agreed by a conclave of her peers that the term ‘greedy thieving cunt’ comes pretty close.

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