Friday, 9 September 2011

Bonkers Boris in ‘Controlled Demolition’ Mode

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September 11th marks ten years since the self-inflicted false flag terrorist attacks befell the United States – specifically the Big Apple’s WTC Twin Towers being hit respectively by, firstly, a missile fired from the top of the Woolworth Building at the WTC Tower 1 – then an exploding spherical hologram launched from a circling chopper that twatted WTC Tower 2. Plus we have the corruption-ridden ‘Penta-con’ slammed with either a Lockheed-Martin AGM-158 JASSM cruise missile – or a Boeing 757 made from Fairy Dust that did a vanishing trick and became an insta’ X-File upon impact – along with the enigmatic Flight 93 that disappeared up its own fuselage when it purportedly hit the deck at Wanksville.

Meanwhile, back on the West side of the Atlantic, the UK’s Libservative Coalition government, possessed with the moral integrity of a sewer rat and total contempt for the voting electorate they contrive to deceive - and further infested with Friends of Israel career Zionists so desperate to perpetuate and further reinforce the threadbare official ‘Al Qaeda did it!’ fable – has bestowed political approval upon, and its full support behind, a dodgy charity group – specifically the ‘9/11 London Project’.

This outfit have embarked on a devious mission of questionable motives to impose a Zionist Israel friendly version of 9/11 in Britain’s school curriculum as part of a bid to demolish conspiracy theories surrounding the actual events of that day and the true physics involved in causing the tower collapses – and serve to further conceal and sanitise the Israeli and US military and intelligence cabal’s treachery.

Since the fall of the USSR’s ‘Evil Empire’ and the end of the illusory Cold War that saw the die-hard Soviets turn all soppy and establish their own criminal brand versions of Capitalism and Democracy, the West needed a new enemy to demonise and keep the arms trade profits flowing while providing new fields of conquest – and what better than the cult of Islamophobia – kick started with Gulf War 1 against Saddam’s Iraq in 1990.

The sinister 9/11 London Project is currently posing as an educational charity - (God forbid – not another venal Common Purpose outfit) - tasked with a core mission to steer every fucker and their dog away from studying and scrutinising the blatant evidence that the Twin Towers were brought down by means and devices involving higher physics and molecular dissociation - by Zionist agents provocateur with the connivance of the US military, banking and political establishments to kick start the nasty kikester Neo-Con’s Project for a New American Century and trigger the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq – and pave the way for whatever was next on their Protocols of the Greedy Bastard Elders of Zion shit list. Haiti, Yemen, Somalia, Libya, Syria, Venezuela, Pakistan – and Iran.

The 9/11 London Project is rumoured to be fully financed by the Rothshite banking family crime syndicate and supported by a variety of the establishment’s career scumbags such as the Common Purpose-brainwashed Maqsood Ahmed, the Archbishop of Canterbury – ‘and’ Lord Ratfink, CEO of International Standard Asset Management, Treasurer of the Conservative Party and a leading member of the Friends of Israel Club.

The launch of the iniquitous project was timed to coincide with the 6th September unveiling of Rabbi Rosenscrote’s macabre 9/11 memorial in Twattersea Park – a monstrosity of steel salvaged from the WTC Twin Towers and sculpted into its current grotesque shape on that infamous morning by the fringe science electro-magnetic Hutchinson Effect.

Following the ceremony London Mayor Bonkers Boris Nonsense announced to anyone prepared to listen to his drivel, that he was resolved to carry out his own ‘controlled demolition’ of the burgeoning conspiracy theories which serve to remind people of what happens when the Rothshites, Tel Aviv and AIPAC are collectively permitted to dominate the global economy, control the US’s entire political arena - and let a bunch of Mossad’s high-fiving removals men and Israeli art students loose with a bunch of micro nukes and a DEW (directed energy weapon) system such as HAARP.

However, for once in his spoiled brat mortal existence, Bonkers Boris is correct – the collapse of the WTC Twin Towers 1 and 2 was not caused by a ‘controlled demolition’ but rather an ‘uncontrolled demolition’ that went a bit awry and also demolished all kinds of peripheral shit - if one examines the physical evidence available in entirety.

For students of the truth, logic and common sense, ignore the 9/11 London Project charity’s deliberate ‘deconstruction’ attempt of critical thinking via Alice in Wonderland junk science and go to Dr Judy Wood’s stellar website (URL pasted below) and take a look at the nice round vertical holes through the other WTC buildings and the road – and the semi-circular slice out of the front of the Bankers Trust building opposite.
Oh yes, micro-nukes up the central steel cores of WTC 1 and 2, synchronised to detonate in series when the directed energy weapon was triggered that caused the molecular dissociation of the very fabric of the concrete and metal sidings – and a top to bottom ‘faster than the speed of falling shit’ collapse.

Now here’s one to whet the whistles of sci’ fi’ fans and Trekkies out there - hundreds of vehicles frazzled in a nearby car park by an electro-magnetic pulse that preferred cast iron engine blocks and base metal door handles to actual sheet steel body panels – and failed to ignite fuel tanks or tyres or paper while melting glass – but so strong and wide-ranging that it scared the shit out of emergency service crews when it popped their respirator’s compressed air pony bottles.

Per Larry Silverslime’s WTC Building 7 – let’s not even go there – that was either ‘pulled’ by Wiley T. Coyote or Wallace and Gromet. As to the Pentagon - er sorry – David Copperfield and the Magic Circle besides – no fucking wings or fuselage debris equals no fucking plane.

Hello, world: Wake up! – it was an inside job – the kikesters did it - whatever colour you paint it or whichever Tora Bora cave squatters you try to blame it on. Sophisticated in the extreme – and that is the giveaway – the work of some unscrupulous fuckers with the resources of a nation state. And this Common Purpose ‘9/11 London Project’ faux charity scheme is simply another attempt by Israel’s ZioNazi Jews of convenience to re-write history to suit their own image – yet again.

As always, it comes down to the question of who stood to gain? Raytheon, BAE, SAAB Technologies, Lockheed Martin, Boeing, General Dynamics, and Northrop Grumman – and additionally, the world's largest banks and equity firms comprising the Rothshite crime syndicate including Gold in Sacks, JP Morgan, Deutsche Bank, Barclays Capital, the Blackstone Group, Citigroup, and Credit Suisse Bank to name but a sampling.

Thought for the day: Watch the events of Sunday, 11th September 2011 unfold – is there another false flag Islamic terror attack op’ lined up for the 10th anniversary of 9/11 to instigate World War Three and facilitate the invasion of Iran?

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