Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Libservatives Nix EUSSR Referendum

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The semi-indestructible UK Independence Party leader Nigel Barrage has accused Tory boss Posh Dave Scameron of a 'mass deception' of Conservative voters concerning immigration issues and his fugacious pre-election pledge to hold a referendum on Britain’s continued membership of the neo-fascist EUSSR.

Barrage launched a full-scale attack on Conservative credentials regarding the Brussels-based totalitarian kleptocracy, informing the UKIP annual conference at Smegmadale-on-Sea that there has been a total breakdown in trust in all the major parties, with New Labour voters disillusioned by Tony Bliar’s porkies and having Dr David Kelly murdered for telling the unacceptable truth, then okaying the 7/7 false flag terror attacks on the London Tube system – plus being made to suffer the gross incompetence of Gordon 'Incapability' Brown – a deadweight PM nobody voted for.

The Lib-Dums copped for their fair share of castigation concerning u-turns on their election campaign pledges regarding university tuition fee hikes and their opposition to the so-called ‘free schools’ – which party leader Mick Clogg last week embraced, claiming they were the best thing since sliced bread and glow-in-the-dark condoms.

The UKIP leader went for PM Scameron in particular, plunging his character assassination dagger in deeper with each verbal thrust as he declared for the public record “There must be a lot of pissed-off Tory voters who feel they’ve been shafted up the back passage by Scameron and Co, and are probably kicking their own arses now for being so stupid in ever believing anything the lying bastard spouted in his pre-election campaign speeches.”

“All these insincere promises about EUSSR membership referendums, immigration figures, and human rights and wrongs legislation – the whole shebang was more at scent than substance to simply grab the ballots of the Euro-sceptic voters and with no intention of ever living up to the election pledges – hence the entire Tory election strategy was one rooted in mass deception.”

Tory backbenchers are pissed-off with a large capital P concerning Posh Dave Scameron’s European policy - with a group of young firebrand MPs meeting this week to chew the duckfat viz Britain's worsening relations with the EUSSR – plus throw their support behind Eurosceptic Tory MP Billy Cash's bill demanding a national referendum on the UK’s continued membership of the 27-nation kleptocrat-infested community.

Grist fresh from the Rumour Mill suggests that rebellious Tory MPs are plotting to join forces with Labour Eurosceptics (and perhaps too their Lib-Dum and UKIP contemporaries) to force Scameron to take a harder line on surrendering Britain’s sovereignty to Brussels after he held talks in Downing Street last week with the EUSSR’s self-styled ‘President’ and Catweazle impersonator, Herman Van Rumpy-Pumpy (founder of the Flemish Halitosis Society) - and in an act of superb arrogance publicly dismissed calls for an ‘in-out’ referendum on Britain’s membership.

Scameron, notorious as a career bloviator, informed MPs during a House of Conmans speech that there was, in his personal unqualified opinion, ‘no case’ for such a vote, regardless of ignoring the stark, staring fact that 100% of the British electorate, who still have two brain cells achieving telemetry, want what was disingenuously pledged in the run-up to the general election in 2010. However, what’s a couple of broken promises to these Rothshite crime syndicate stooges – out to sacrifice our once sceptred isle, national identity and culture to the New World Order’s global interests – starting with the institutionally-corrupt EUSSR in Brussels and Strasbourg.

Thus, one is tempted to pose the riddle, if Britain’s ‘Got Talent’ they why the fuck are we burdened with a bunch of moronic clots in Parliament who are definitely not out to serve the best interests of the voting – and tax-paying – public?
Since May 2010, a mere 15 months, this Libservative Coalition, dominated by the Tories, have gutted our welfare state system and introduced a revised Malthusian concept of how to keep milking the cow without feeding it.

Scameron’s now notoriously hypocritical Big Society has manifested as a Debtocracy, and his ‘We’re all in this together’ mantra should read ‘You’re all up shitcreek together’.
Oh well, while one can’t cure stupid, we do have the option of voting it out of office come the next election.

Thought for the day: While this dipshit Scameron and his corrupt ilk do pay lip service to the common herd, we are actually regarded with utter contempt – especially so when we fail to agree with government policies.

The establishment frowns on individuality – people who think for themselves – automatically branding them a threat to the order of things – these radical reform-seekers, anarchists and domestic terrorist types who spread mistrust of government by asking awkward questions and making unacceptable allegations – regardless of the verisimilitude of such.

Hence with Home Secretary Theresa Maybe’s recent draconian edict, issued in the wake of National Riot Week, banning marches – though totally ignored with impunity by the ultra-fascist EDL – yet presenting a stellar example of the establishment’s determination to compromise our ability and chartered right to object, protest or demonstrate in any shape or form.

Hmmm, from little Anarchists, great Revolutions grow!

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