Friday, 23 September 2011

Scameron Scores ‘Hypocrisy & Irony’ First

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UK PM, Posh Dave Scameron, the Rothshite crime syndicate’s current Downing Street gopher, took to the podium at the United Nations HQ in New York on Thursday and proselytised to any fucker and their dog interested enough to pay heed to his bloviating blather and sophistry that the world needs to be faster off the mark in expediting military action to clamp down on despotic regimes and suppressive totalitarian, fascist states abusing their democracy-starved peasant masses.

These will hopefully include Bahrain, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Yemen and Israel who have a bad habit for slaughtering critics and dissidents infected by the current pro-democracy pandemic of Arab Spring Flu and demanding socio-political reforms. Or, as in Israel’s case, butchering the hapless Palestinian population whose sovereign lands they stole in the Yawm an-Nakbah (Day of Catastrophe) – the 1948 Israeli blood and guts campaign to drive the Palestinians out of ‘Palestine’ and found their illegal outlaw Zionist crime state.

Both United States and British officials are scrambling to avert a diplomatic crisis which is aimed at making Israel look ‘really bad’ when the West Bank’s Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas - who has vowed on a stack of Korans to do his duty - stands before the UN Security Council today and petitions for recognition of the sadly diminished, once-proud sovereign state of Palestinian as an independent country – an action that has unified a multitude of people from different political affiliations to protest against Israel’s intransigence in returning land to the Palestinians.

Abbas wants their national borders returned to the pre-1967 boundaries – and this is the main bone of contention - a tripwire of rhetoric over logic and real-politik on how to achieve peace between Israel and the Palestinians when the UN Resolution will demand the eviction of all illegal Shylock settlers and demolish the racist Great Apartheid Walls the rogue Israeli regime has erected around the marginalised ghettos of the occupied West Bank and the Gaza Strip.

To demonstrate how moronic he really is when opening mouth before engaging brain, Scameron and his minders had obviously never yet thought through the ironic implications (and hopefully massive ramifications of ridicule) resulting from his little hypocritical pep talk to the assembly of the institutionalised corrupt doss house that the UN has long ago become.

Scameron, a man who still thinks wood grows on trees, used his inaugural speech to the United Nations to demand that the organisation becomes less of a talking shop and intervenes with an iron fist when peasants living under brutal regimes require its help (such as the Palestinians of the West Bank and Gaza Strip – both under the jackboot of the ZioNazi Israelis).

Alas, Cabbage Patch Dave unfortunately missed the point, that while under strict orders to use the British Security Council vote to veto the Palestinian bid for statehood recognition with extreme prejudice aforethought, he’s promoting UN-sanctioned NATO military actions against regimes – such as Israel – but mentioning only the Arab Muslim nations the Western neo-colonial bankster cabal are seeking to oust the leaderships of - in the name of reform and democracy - and bring about regime change so as to install their approved muppet-on-a-string tyrants – with Syria, Lebanon, Yemen, Somalia and Iran on the shit list once they finally get finished fucking around with Libya.

In a clear statement of intent following NATO's unsuccessful campaign against Libya, where the headcount ratio of civilian dead far exceeds that of Gaddafi’s troops, Scameron informed international leaders that the world must be prepared to act again.
“Operation Kill Every Fucker’ against Libya has been extended by 90 days from the September 27th deadline. By that time we should have killed every twat old enough to bleed, and the rebel’s National Transitional Council can hopefully be left to their own devices to get on with their ethnic cleansing and revenge campaigns and we can focus our attentions on the next worthy Arab Spring uprising that needs a no-fly zone initiating and their government kicking out.”

Scameron added that the North African and Middle East ‘Arab Spring’ uprisings had dramatically reshaped international relations in 2011 and represented a massive opportunity to spread death and destruction and secure vital arms sales contracts - but only if they seized the opportunity and got the boot in first.

Finally Scameron emphasised that action must be tailored from country to country. "What was right in Libya – letting NATO bomb the living shit out of anything that moved to kill that cunt Gaddafi - will not necessarily be the right thing to pull on our good mate Sheikh Fizzy al Kaseltzer in Bahrain – as that’s where the US Fifth Fleet’s docked."

However, as Tony Bliar did so disingenuously 12 years ago at the UN, Scameron effectively outlined the conditions he has been informed must be met before military action can take place effectively – such as rattling up a couple of dodgy dossiers, preferably with some first class propaganda photos of weapons of mass distraction – then have Mossad do another 7/7 and blow up a few more tube trains on the London underground system – and perhaps a double decker bus too for good measure - and once again blame it on some stupid Yorkshire-based Paki’ stooge like Mohammed al Ka-Boom and Al Qaeda’s Jolly Jihad bin Patsy Brigade.

Then to round off the pre-attack disinformation / shit-stirring campaign, snuff a couple of Ox-Rat’s whistleblowers with a blunt gardening knife and a few Co-Proxamol tablets – preferably up in Oxfordshire’s Grassy Knoll Woods - now notorious for the number of celebrity snitch and grasser assisted suicides it has hosted since 9/11.

Just prior to Scameron’s appearance to address the UN, the smarmy twat met his US Rothshite stooge counterpart, Barky O’Barmy, the Kenyan cuckoo currently sitting behind the Oval Office desk, for a brief tête-à-tête. After their protracted three minute meeting O’Barmy hailed the incestuous relationship between the United States and Britain - and the wife-swapping bonhomie enjoyed by the two leaders – then invited Posh Dave to join him for a boys only fudging session at his favourite Faggot’s Row bath house in Chicago - with his one-time handler and super-corrupt kikester, Mayor Rahm Emanuel, the next time he’s in the US attending to Baron Rothshite’s business.

Thought for the day: One thing you can always rely on with Cabbage Patch Dave Scameron – alike Tony Bliar before him – he never fails to disappoint us.

Further, in an attempt to take the definition of ‘nasty bastards’ to a new level of meaning, pro-Zionist political stooges in the US Senate and Congress, acting on orders from AIPAC and the Bobo Nuttyahoo-controlled Knesset in Jerusalem, have vindictively demanded the closing of the PLO’s mission in Washington, and the cutting off of all U.S. aid to the Palestinian Authority leadership as punishment for their audacity to seek membership status at the United Nations when their country was annexed, Nazi-fashion, by force of arms back in 1948 - and is now called Israel.

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Kosta said...

It seems that only you poms were suckled on the essence of heady clout of quip when humiliating the prey is required.
Speaking of False Flags. I dare not gamble my dignity by requesting or even suggesting a topic for you to address, but I merely wonder how you would run with the official view of Mohamed Atta as a tactician of such skill that with 19 lads barely out of their teens and $47.50 (19 boxcuters x $2.50) he achieved success in a battle which would make San Tzu blush with envy. Have you perhaps previously offered such a news report?

Rusty of said...

oh yes, the 9/11 false flag attacks and the hi-fiving Israel furniture movers have been severely dealt with in satires past.

No Sun Tzu strategy involved there - more like a Wiley T. Coyote or Wallace & Gromet job.

Most recent dig was "Bonkers Boris in ‘Controlled Demolition’ Mode" posted on the 09/09/2011 - just in time to pre-empt the 10th anniversary broughaha.

Tony. said...

Hi Kosta, Rusty is a legend on many subjects, check his archives out, hours of quality reading!

Another thing about 9/11, anyone else remember the hijackers passport that was found a couple of blocks away from the WTC crash site slightly singed?

What the fuck is that all about? It avoided the impact, the explosions and fire, and the collapse to be conveniently "found" by someone. Seriously, they are taking us all for a load of totally thick cunts.

Rusty of said...

If you guys are into the 9/11 sore thumb "The Yanks n Israelis did it!" false flag attacks then click onto Judy Wood's website - great stack of info and photo evidence there.
'The Journal of 9/11 Research & 9/11 Issues'

Kosta said...

yea Tony.. Unless I'm mistaken, that passport in question belonged to Mohamad Atta, allegedly landed 2 or 3 blocks away ay a cop's feet.....
Folded and creased slight burn at one corner.. or something like that.

Rusty; I've read so much about 911 since the earliest days that I'm a bit over it. Often now, all I have to offer on the topic to coincidence theorists is mockery... like $47.50 worth of bock cutters beat $Billions, or calling those that accept the official version 'racists' for implying that Americans are so dumb that $47.50 beat them in spite of their Billion$.

Thanks for the tip, I'll have a look, but it's a closed case for me.

Tony said...

That's right Kosta it was Atta's! You couldn't make this shit up lol.

Thanks for the link Rusty will take a look at that as it's a new one on me!

As for 9/11 there are many things wrong about that day and I don't think we will ever find out the real truth of what actually happened but one thing we have to ask ourselves is "who benefits?"

The amount of crazy shit that has happened since 2001 is astonishing and a lot of it would not have been possible if it wasn't for the phony "war on terror", a never-ending "war" that can never be won in the conventional sense.

There are also TSA goons at US airports feeling up children at airports all in the name of keeping us safe from the big bad boogie man, it's fucking insane.

Tony said...

Wow, just been having a read through the FAQ section of that site Rusty, very interesting!

There is surely a lot of advanced technology that has been developed for years that the average Joe doesn't know about, the jury is still out for me on this but it may explain a lot of the anomalies on that day.

Oh I too would like to throw this Youtube video into the mix:

9/11: A Conspiracy Theory:

Rusty of said...

If all the official lies, to date uttered, concerning the events of the 9/11 false flag terrorist attacks were put end to end, they’d stretch out across the Universe, do a loop around Alpha Centauri, then come back to Earth twice – with enough left over to make a legion of nooses to hang every fucker and their dog who was involved in the planning and execution – and the continuing cover-up - of the attacks.
To misquote the French ‘Age of Enlightenment’ philosopher Diderot: “The truth about the 9/11 attacks will never be known until the last remaining Zionist is strangled with the entrails of the last of the Rothshite crime cabal’s military-industrial scumbags.”

Tony said...

Absolutely mate, couldn't have put it better myself!