Thursday, 1 September 2011

Libyan Rebels Get Reality Check Call

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In an incredible display of moronic naivety, Libya's rag-arsed rebel leadership has rejected the concept of the United Nations deploying any kind of international military force to oversee and ensure the peaceful formation of a democratically-elected government; with the shit-for-brains chairman of the National Transitional Council, Bala’a il A’air ibn Zamel, informing Western press hacks that his country did not need outside help to maintain domestic security and law and order now the Gaddafi gang were no longer part of the political equation.

The NTC’s official spokesman and acting Minister for Graft & Corruption, Mohammed ibn Himar, issued a statement to the international media, aimed at NATO’s military leadership and the UN Security Council, declaring “Cheers for the help in ousting Colonel Gaddafi, but so long – and thanks for all the guns.”

Conversely, US General Billy Bob McGnasher, NATO’s military envoy to the devastated war-torn desert shithole, informed reporters “These rebel clowns need to wake up to the reality that our Atlantic Alliance, alike Afghanistan and Iraq, is here to stay. Obviously these NTC clots have never heard of the Project for a New American Century or US Manifest Destiny – or the Protocols of the Greedy Bastard Elders of Zion.”

“These guys are surplus to requirements now, so they need to rethink their position very carefully when we stir up a nice little civil war for them and get the place well and truly Balkanised - with an ethnic cleansing campaign underway to be shut of the ‘undesirables’ – and that will provide the perfect excuse for the UN to advocate ‘continued humanitarian intervention’ - and hence we’ll be here until Hell freezes over - if not longer.”

Doubtless, the National Transitional Council’s head honchos, alike the stooge puppet political administrations of Iraq and Afghanistan, will eventually come to realise a ways down the road that perhaps, respectively, Saddam Hussein and the Taliban weren’t such a bad deal after all – and admit the fact that maybe Gaddafi was a lot more magnanimous than their new ZioNazi-Imperialist masters who are in control of their natural resources and have a jackboot firmly on the neck of their now-IMF dominated ‘Debtocracy’ economy.

UN representative Aldous Cocksquirrel, on site in Tripoli, told the media “This asinine display of patriotic fervour by the NTC is hopefully just a bit of nationalistic posturing. Obviously they’re going to require Western expertise to get the place up and running again – and organise a police force to collect up all the arms - as every fucker and their dog is walking around with guns right now.”

“Then we have 90% of Tripoli's population without water and sanitation – which isn’t that big a deal as they rarely take a bath by the smell of them - and seem to be used to shitting and pissing wherever they drop their ‘sirwals’.

While it has now emerged that Gaddafi's wife, Gorgonzilla Sharmuta and three of his adult children, Mohammed, Muhammad and Mohamed, fled to the neighbouring Third World shithole of Algeria in the early hours of Monday morning - taking advantage of the Bank Holiday weekend’s heavy traffic to disguise their 10-truck motorcade loaded with lots of Cash Converter-friendly goodies, all ready to finance an exile of luxury – the whereabouts of the bonkers Colonel remain unknown for certain.
However Western intelligence analysts are using the Echelon global eavesdropping system to track his daily laptop postings on Twitter, Adult Friend Finder and his Facebook web page, in an effort to locate his hideaway.

Thought for the day: International Zionist stooge political leaders, including UK Prime Minister Posh Dave Scameron and US Secretary of Sleaze Hilarious Rodent Clinton, are meeting in Paris to divvy up Libya's assets – who’s getting what.
The scrounging representatives of 60 countries and parasite organizations will also be in attendance to feast like scavenging jackals on the corpse of a once-sovereign nation – along with UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Loony, who has decided to put in a cameo appearance at the hypocritically-titled "Friends of Libya" conference, to be hosted by the French midget troll, President Nicolas Sarkozy.

One point of conspicuous noteworthiness is the fact the only fuckers ‘not invited’ to the Paris-based ‘War Profiteers’ conference are representatives of the rebel’s National Transitional Council.

An alternative ‘who’s in charge?’ scenario tabled for discussion on conference’s agenda means the Libyan NTC rebels might have to whistle for democracy if the NATO / UN mafia decide to re-install the monarchy – specifically the scumbag progeny of King Idris, the despotic kleptocrat Gaddafi’s coup ousted on this day, September 1st, in 1969.
Yet another prat with an ego that far surpasses his intellect and an absurd sense of personal entitlement – bestowed with a name longer than the famous North Wales train station: Crown Prince Sayyid Muhammad al-Rida bin Sayyid Hasan al-Rida al-Mahdi al-Senoussi : the man who still claims hereditary grazing rights to every hotel lobby carpet across the expanse of North Africa, for his camels and goats.

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