Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Higgs Boson – and God – Don’t Exist

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The latest news from a gaggle of beardies and anoraks manning CERN’s Geneva-based Large Hadron Collider – (the very same one responsible for causing a blight of hurricanes, earthquakes, tsunamis and wormholes around the globe since it was successfully fired up in 2009 without any more bits and pieces falling off at light speed) – states they have now proven beyond all reasonable doubt that the long-sought Higgs boson particle does not exist where it’s supposed to in the greater cosmic scheme of things.

Project leader Professor Kunter Fuctifino, who apparently boasts more degrees than a thermometer from the University of Heidelberg, informed press hacks that “Perhaps if the Higgs boson – our mysterious and elusive ‘God’ particle - doesn’t exist then neither does God” - adding “Whoops, no shit, that’s not going to go down very well in the Vatican - or with the Archbishop of Canterbury, now is it.”

Scientist types operating CERN’s LHC - the world's largest mega-energy particle accelerator – have been searching – so far in vain - for a sub-nuclear 'whatsit' hypothesized to exist via super-symmetry predictions and which was named the ‘Higgs boson’ after the scientist who never found it.
This ethereal cosmic micro-speck is a guesstimated entity that quantum physicists alike refer to as being ‘very, very small’ – so small in fact, that even if you were wearing the best pair of glasses that Specsavers have on offer, you still couldn’t see the damn thing if it was blue-tacked to a Petri dish on the lab’ table.

Prof’ Fuctifino elaborated on the mind-boggling non-discovery. “These are really exciting times in physics as we’ve now proved that Higgs boson can’t be found. In fact, to date, we’ve found nothing of any fucking use to man or beast, proving beyond all reasonable doubt that the entire LHC project’s been a total waste of taxpayers fucking money.”
“However, for anyone and their dog who’ve watched the FBI’s Pox Mouldy and Agent Scally on the X-Files, they’ll know that Higgs boson is out there – some fucking where or the other.”

Rumours that a jam jar of assorted Higgs bosons was recently auctioned off for £15 quid on the ubiquitous e-Bay, along with a sealed marmalade pot filled with anti-matter, remain unsubstantiated.

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