Friday, 11 January 2013

US Slam UK’s EUSSR Referendum

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Acting on orders from the socio-political bully boy Zionist AIPAC lobby that control the Great Satan’s economy via the shifty Shylock banksters Federal Reserve stranglehold, President Barky O’Barmy’s administration has been coerced into publicly expressing concerns that any form of ‘membership status’ referendum fielded by Broken Britain on its future relationship with the EUSSR community could result in a wised-up UK public telling the graft and corruption-ridden Brussels kleptocrats to ‘get stuffed’ and pull out of the fatally flawed union before they’re shafted even further - with the single currency euro forced down their throats along with the threat of totalitarian Federalisation – and a shitload more pikey 'economic migrants' jumping on the welfare state benefits bandwagon.

Seymour Scattstein, a senior official at the US State Department, informed a press hack from the Ripoffs Gazette that it was in America's interests to see a strong British voice within the EUSSR community to ensure all 27 member nations towed the Zionist line in combating the threats of Islamic terrorism and enforcing a political system of Western style Democratic freedoms across the Middle East and Africa – and anywhere else the Rothshite crime syndicate’s military-industrial cabal set their globalist sights on to forward the ‘Protocols’ / New World Order agenda and set their jackboot down on controlling the exploitation of Third World natural resources.

"This is one of the underlying problems with the Democracy / freedom of expression concept. A government invariably goes along with the election process illusion of choice and takes pot luck on staging a referendum - and the next thing you know the stupid sheeple do exactly the opposite of what the mass media and television have spent weeks programming them to do.”
“The same thing happened in Ireland when they held an ‘in or out’ vote on continued EUSSR membership and they turned round and voted ‘OUT’ – and so the government then had to keep holding referendums until the common herd got it right and voted ‘IN’.”

“Just look at the goddamn internet / cyberspace system - while it is the ultimate communications tool for driving global commerce – arms and drug deals and money laundering, it still lacks the control mechanisms necessary to subvert and block critical thinkers from disseminating the truth about what’s going on in the world. China’s got the right idea – criticise the government and you end up in the slammer.”

“That’s why we have these anti-Semite bastards launching websites and campaigns that keep dissing our ZioNazi friends in Israel and go off launching Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions campaigns against Bobo Nuttyahoo’s regime when they build a couple of houses for Mr Scumberg’s settler relatives in the occupied West Bank – or have the IDF steal some scally Palestinian kid’s kidneys or liver to keep poor old Rabbi Weaselbaum alive.”

Scattstein’s caustic comments - addressed directly to Whitehall’s Ministry of Zionist Compliance - come as Posh Dave Scameron prepares to make a major speech later in January on future European policy – rumoured to hold a promise that the Tories will offer British voters real change and real choice on the UK's position in Europe at the next election - scheduled for 2015 – to win their consent for continued EUSSR membership and an expanded role when Federalisation kicks in.

Conversely, from past experience, with Scameron being wholly deficient in the credibility department, what he says and what he does are totally different things - more at scent than substance and diametrically opposed to the truth. But Posh Dave’s only a mouthpiece there to expedite – at the cost of whatever dignity he once possessed - the commands of the mongrel bloodline nobility and Tory panjandrums who rule Britannia from their Masonic Brotherhood eyries – and these scumbags know only too well the vote in any referendum will be OUT – with an emphasis on ‘immediately if not sooner’. Hence it will be a rigged choice that whichever way we vote, both feet will still be planted in Brussels.

However, come the 2015 general election then simply fuck the Tories, Lib-Dums and New Labour off and vote UKIP – then there’s no need for a continued EUSSR membership vote as the ‘Indestructible’ Nigel Barrage will have us out faster than shit through a goose with a dose of ballistic diarrhoea.

Not wishing to miss out on a photo opportunity and say something to the press – regardless of how utterly moronic such might be, ultra-EUSSR fanatic Nick Clegg responded to the US State Department’s message with “I agree with the US’s opinion - if Britain is ever going to get ‘unbroken’ then we need to be a leader in forming European policy - and the EUSSR and single market are crucial for British jobs.”

Yeah, right Nick – that’s why there’s so many Brit’s out of work and cheap labour from Europe doing those jobs for crap minimum wages.

Thought for the day. Hmmm, Barky O’Barmy’s administration has been coerced into pressuring Scameron viz the impact of a UK referendum on its future relationship with the EUSSR. Something stinks in Denmark and it isn’t Hamlet’s socks.

As the Great Satan’s prime stooge the UK can get the other European stooges to follow suit with whatever the Zionist US wants to do next to forward their Project for a New American Century / Foreign Policy Initiative / Protocols of the Greedy Bastard Elders of Zion agenda – or whatever the fuck they deem to label their globalist domination wish list this week.

Mr Teleprompter Man’s up for inauguration again on the 20th – so that’s another four years of this ‘nigga in de woodpile’ Indonesian Muslim impersonating a Kenyan cuckoo with a forged Hawaiian birth certificate who’s rumoured to have a trace of radical Malcolm X ‘Black Power’ DNA running through his faggot, coke addicted genes.

Helen of Troy went down in history as ‘the face that launched a thousand ships’.
How about Barky – the impostor who launched a million drones and killed more civilians than cholera?

To wit, fuck the Great Satan and the EUSSR and Big Brother – and his sister – and the Rothshite crime syndicate’s New World Order.

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Whitehall’s Ministry of Zionist Compliance - Ha! that takes the biscuit but so very true - especially with their sycophantic Friends of Israel club