Thursday, 24 January 2013

Nuttyahoo Slithers Back into Power

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Exit polls following Israel’s general election - with a preposterous 34 unaligned political parties fielding candidates for public office so they too can grab a share of the graft and corruption gravy train’s cornucopia - are indicating that the Likit Party leader Bobo Nuttyahoo and the Rothshite crime syndicate’s Edomite Mafia coalition led by disgraced former Genocide Minister Avigdor Lieberscumm (awaiting trial on charges of being a right nasty cunt) have lost eleven seats in the 120-member Knesset, leaving them with a total of thirty-one.

In a gob-smacking surprise, the secular centrist Yesh Atid Party came second with a Flatbrokes bookies and gyppo crystal ball predicted 19 seats – followed by the Rabid Rabbi’s Transplant Organ Party with 17 seats – a political Catch 22 snafu that will involve weeks of the customary kikester camel trading and wheeler-dealing to form a new cabinet that can agree on anything unless barrow-loads of filthy lucre start changing hands.

The clinically insane Nuttyahoo called for early elections last October after the mad dog coalition had failed to come up with a Final Solution to the Palestinian problem and how much land to steal in the occupied West Bank and Jerusalem for their continuing illegal settlements drive – all of it in one fell swoop and ‘disappear’ the rightful Muslim Arab inhabitants – or continue with the tip-toe encroachment method of evicting and bull-dozing one village at a time.

While the duplicitous Nuttyahoo has stated for the public record that he might be prepared to work with the new Yesh Atid (Play Fair) Party as a junior coalition member – the party leader, TV personality Yair Lapid, has demanded the reform of a loophole law under which slimy students posing as ultra-Orthodox Jewish seminarians can dodge compulsory military service to save their craven arses getting shot at by Hamas or Fatah terrorists.

Further, Lapid has sworn his party will only join a government coalition that is prepared to dispense with the international ‘apartheid brand’ stigma and is committed to reviving the peace process with the Palestinians – a factor which obviously buggers up any chance of them siding with the Muslim / Arab / goyim-hating Nuttyahoo and his Khazar-Ashkenazi secular Jews of convenience racist Likit Party.

To rub salt in the flesh wounds, the Yesh Atid Party are bent on scrapping the government’s Ministry for Expropriation of Palestinian Lands and the criminal policy of bulldozing West Bank homes and farms by declaring them ‘Closed Military Zones’ – plus implementing a halt to this barbaric policy of punitive collective punishments forged against the hapless populations of the occupied West Bank and besieged Gaza Strip every time they dare complain to the UN about their inhuman treatment – or ask for recognition as a nation.

So Nuttyahoo’s chances of forming a coalition majority might best lie with the ultra-nationalist Palestine Beitenu (Palestine is our Home) Party – and / or the ultra-nationalist Rosh Tahat (Lunatic Fringe) Party - which rejects the notion of an independent Palestinian state - as does the Half-Cock Ethnic Cleansing Party , and too the ultra-Orthodox O’chel Batachat Party – along with the centrist Burn the Goyim Party led by the spank-eyed former Foreign Minister and wanted war criminal Tipsy Livid.

So that’s the election done for Israel – the only country on Earth with a wall round it – run by crypto-Jews that promote the insidious cult of Zionism and political racketeering – with Jerusalem as their crime empire capital.
Doubtless the cheers and kudos will now resound across the Great Satan’s AIPAC-dominated political and media expanse – – and too the UK Tory Party's 'Friends of Israel Club' - celebrating another round of Israeli brinksmanship: "Jehovah bless Bobo. Heute Israel, morgen die Welt!"

Thought for the day. Fuck the Rothshite crime syndicate and their New World Order capital of Jerusalem. Plus fuck Israel and the Great Satan and the Protocols of the Greedy Bastard Elders of Zion – or the Project for a New American Century – or the Foreign Policy Initiative or whatever they choose to label this game plan devoted to their Brotherhood of the Snake cult and insidious god of greed: Mammon.

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