Thursday, 10 January 2013

Recession Drives Human Guinea Pig Scam

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The number of people taking part in harum-scarum medical trials to test dodgy drugs for the profit-motivated Big Pharma corporations operating in Broken Britain has trebled to 600,000 since the UK economy went tits up and this triple-dip recession (read ‘depression’) stranglehold started to choke the life’s blood out of the common herd back in 2008’s taxpayer-funded ‘Five B’s Year’ (Big Bad Bastard Bank Bailouts).

While Big Pharma’s spin doctors might well claim the rise is a direct result of patients taking a growing interest in medical developments, with National Ill-Health Service Trusts such as the Harold Shipman Centre for Clinical Excellence now carrying out research, the actual truth lies in the fact that cash-strapped members of the common herd, feeling the ‘diminishing returns’ effect of having this pathetic joke of a Libservative Coalition government in office, are volunteering simply to cash in on the lucrative remuneration for being a guinea pig.

Volunteers are approached by research nurses waving a chequebook and a handful of Mammon & Snobfords mega-bucks vouchers to see if they would like to take part in a study – and perhaps try out the euthanasia-friendly Liverpool Care Pathway (aka the Scouse Murder System) the NHS are currently trying to sell to the voting public as a good idea to free up hospital beds and get shut of useless eating pensioners.

Dr Wormhole Jaffacake, who previously worked for several years as a Mumbai mortuary assistant before joining Mengele-Smut-Klone as a clinical research physician, spoke to a press hack from the Haemorrhoid Bander’s Gazette regarding their evolving medical testing programme.
“As of yet the UK’s got nothing on the US of A – and especially not the Third World, where jobless people are queuing in their droves to sign up as guinea pigs with the likes of Frankendrugs Corp and Mutant Medical – quaffing back E. coli infected drinks, snorting pesticides and getting injected with insta-tumour viruses – all in the name of pharmaceutical progress – and a few bob cash-in-hand – which beats flogging off your corneas or a kidney to the shifty Shylock’s organ transplant black marketeers for thirty pieces of silver – and a digital radio.”

“Of course we do get our share of hypochondriacs who simply want to join the programme for free and be infected with some exotic disease – like Green Monkey Fever or Lassa virus or Bilharzia – but they usually get assigned to the clinical psychology testing department to try out the latest mood drugs and spend a few days in a padded cell.”

“So far, since we started conducting tests, we’ve made significant breakthroughs with volunteers - including the development of a vaccine to protect children against tennis elbow, treating cases of galloping flatulence caused by too many mushy pea dinners - and a possible vaccine to combat this super ‘Galloping Minge Rot’ STD virus that’s doing the rounds of the UK’s disco mosh pits and rub n tug massage parlours – which thrives in spermicidal foams and can chew its way through a ribbed condom.”

“In addition we’re currently running an extensive research programme to find a cure for Porcinella H1N1 virus – commonly known as ‘Sneezy Pig Flu’ – at our Hogsworth Hill quarantine centre, strains of which have been responding favourably to our patented one-shot Grunt-Gone vaccine – along with other related pandemic issues such as Acute Gruntitis and Triple S Virus (Snotty Snout Symptom) – but which unfortunately doesn’t seem effective with the symptoms of CTR (Chronic Trotter Rot).”

Thought for the day. So, if you’re 18 to 80 and don’t really give a flying fuck about having all kinds of experimental toxic shite injected into your arm – or ass – then text ‘Make Me A Guinea Pig’ to 0845123 654 and you can earn up to £3,000 quid per month tax free for your participation – and if we do make a total bollocks of your DNA, well you’re up for a free funeral.

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