Sunday, 20 January 2013

US Paedos Push for Social Acceptance

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A group of pervy deviant psychiatrists and mental health professionals (sic) who from all accounts are suitable cases for treatment on their own accounts due a disgusting proclivity of promoting taboo sex with minors - are pushing an agenda to change the way our diseased society views individuals who harbour a ‘sexual attraction’ to children – colloquially referred to as ‘kiddie fiddlers’ – and have the government officially endorse child molesting as socially-acceptable.

Okay, only in America some might say, but Europe too is cursed with similar socio-political groups of venal bastards pushing the very same agenda – and one covert cabal of aristocratic blue-blood ranking perverts that rule the EU roost in Brussels dispatch their crime syndicate talent scouts across the continent to seek out pretty little blonde-haired, blue-eyed sprogs ripe for kidnapping, sexually abusing and sacrificing to their infernal Satanic master in the cellars of their dark castles deep in the Belgian Ardennes forest.

In the UK the government cabinet office is infested with ministerial level bumboys and raving paedophiles – all above the reach of the law - and north of the border in Nonceland, pederasty is still a crime on the legal books but seems to be as popular a pastime with the establishment elitists as salmon fishing, sporran groping, grouse shooting and haggis pummelling - and one exempt from serious police investigation – as long as you’re a member of the Scottish Rite Masonic Brotherhood – or a Knight of the Thistle or a Chief Constable or Sheriff or top dog at the Scottish Legal Aid Board – or President of the Chatham House Council of the Royal Institute of International Affairs.

So, let’s call a spade ‘a spade’ and spell out the fact that this group of bonkers mental health quacks – going under the organisational title of B4U-Act - is lobbying for changes to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders - the American Psychiatric Association’s Bible – which all comes down to the sanctioning of child molestation – and somewhere down the road removing the social (and criminal) stigma from zoophilia too, so pervs can hump sheep and Bambi’s sister and whatever. Nice.

Doubtless some numb-nutted liberal do-gooder moron will be in total agreement and think this factor should apply to ‘gone postal’ murder sprees, arsonists, war criminals, dog wankers and whatever - as society’s to blame – and throw the Mayor, the Police Chief, the offender’s schoolteacher, parents, whatever, in the slammer and exonerate the actual offender.

The group claims its self-serving immoral mission is to help paedo’s before they get caught raping little boys and girls and hence have a less critical terminology applied to the ‘disorder’. Well, there’s a breakthrough anyway – they’ve admitted it’s a ‘disorder’ – but WTF is with this ‘less critical’ terminology?

Ah, clarification is at hand: "Stigmatizing and stereotyping minor-attracted persons (raving pederasts) inflames the fears of minor-attracted persons and mental health professionals alike -without contributing to an understanding of minor-attracted persons or the underlying issues of child sexual abuse" - reads the B4U-Act organization's website.

Oh, so wrong – we have a complete ‘understanding’ of paedos from the wording of the adverts in the Kiddie Fiddlers Gazette’s classified pages – “Catamite wanted – anal virgin preferred – good home, lots of junk food n pocket money for KY n condoms”.

They’re an abomination and the vulnerable young of our society should be protected from them – ideally by removing all pederasts from the societal arena. Euthanized would be a fair term for the solution - via the Liverpool Care Pathway – or a quick snap of the neck. Gone, and good riddance too. Go play with little angels in Heaven – or mini imps and demons in Hell.
Alas the loopy liberal elements of our muddled, politically correct society – while pushing for the decriminalisation of the abominable offence of pederasty still condemn acts of extra-judicial lynching visited on the scumbag who groped, raped and sodomised your infant daughter or son.

B4U-Act held a symposium in Baltimore earlier in January at which the speakers in attendance concluded that minor-attracted (politically correct name for ‘kiddie fiddler’ / ‘child molester’) persons are largely misunderstood and should not be criminalized. Que – so under this warped school of thought they’re free to molest at will and it’s no longer a criminal offence?

They further argued that moral degenerates who are sexually attracted to children should be granted input on legislative and medical decisions regarding how paedophilia is defined in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, which they claim presents a guide to promote mental health vs social control (for social control read ‘prison / incarceration’ – or nullification via the route of capital punishment).

Critics of the conference informed one gutter press hack from the Catamites Gazette that the entire schlemiel was a thinly veiled scam to make children of any age (the younger the better) sexually accessible to adults – with a strategic end game goal of removing the social shame out of the lust for children – and hence decriminalising acts of pederasty.

Dr. Fellattia Mingerot, a visiting professor at the Liberty School of Law, told the media "Any adult who engages in sexual activity with a child is performing a criminal and immoral act which is wholly abhorrent inside any form of regulated society – urban, rural or tribal.”
“Their tip-toe campaign for the sanitisation and acceptance of kiddie fiddling is comparable to our sick society's more recent legal tolerance of homosexuality – first get rug munching and fudging legalised – then child pornography – and then child molesting.”

Thought for the day. What a shambles global society is – the Yanks want to legalise child molesting yet in the good ole US of A cannabis consumption and medical marijuana are verboten – and UAV drone warfare has Presidential approval – with innocent civilian ‘child’ victims on Barky Obama’s war criminal ‘hit list’ classified as potential terrorist material.
Meanwhile this Indonesian Muslim cuckoo posing as a Kenyan impostor with a Hawaiian birth certificate gets inaugurated today for another four year term of Hope n Change (for the worse) while he sneaks off to Chicago gay bath houses with the Rabbi Rahm and rides around in a White House limo snorting Columbian snow and getting blown by Larry Sinclair.

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fastbyte69 said...

Good exposure piece on the Scots paedos that rule Aberdeen and Edinburgh - and the Brussels gang that snatched Maddy McCann -mentioned in all but name.

Anonymous said...

Yep, Mr Teleprompter Man gets sworn in again today. What a two-bit corrupt schmuck.

wiggins said...

"Body, Love and Playing Doctor' is from Germany's Ministry Of Family Affairs (2009). It encourages pederasty with minors from 1-3yrs and more advanced from 4-6yrs.
Fathers are encouraged to spend more time stimulating the vagina and the clitoris.......WTF