Sunday, 27 January 2013

Elitist Trolls Push Population Cull

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The latest and greatest over-population study undertaken by the raving bonkers global genocide proponents Paul and Anne Ehrlich is now calling to implement drastic efforts to supply all sexually active human beings – Third World shag-a-holics and otherwise - with free access to modern contraception and backup abortions in yet another futile effort to reduce fertility worldwide and hence stem the runaway births of useless eaters.

Hmmm, that idea’s going to go down like a duck full of lead shot in Roman Catholic nations and with a variety of fundamentalist religions including Islam and the Pancake Tuesday Adventists.

In their latest report entitled ‘How to Save the World for the 1% Rich & Shameless’, madcap eugenicist Ehrlich and his hormone-deficient menopausal maniac of a wife repeat their disproven and now threadbare mantra that global population growth is certain to be the catalyst that causes the collapse of our greed-driven Crapitalist civilization (sic) - and only a concerted effort to abide by the instructions carved into the Rockefeller’s Georgia Guidestones and culling the human herd from an ungainly 99% down to a mere 5% micro-chipped slave labour level might avert this latest predicted catastrophe.

The official website of Dobby Windsor, the Prince of Wales, commends this latest flawed population study, which for some skewed reason ended up being published in the January edition of the Proceedings of the Royal Society.
On his website blog Prince Chazzer writes: “We do, in fact, have all the tools and assets to expedite this course of action and do the job – wire coat hangers and knitting needles – just like Granny used on servant sluts who got themselves up the duff.”

And there Dobby / Chazzer – aka the Royal Plant Whisperer – is not the first of his mongrel lineage to promote or pursue this genocidal philosophy as father Prince Stavros of Edinburgh once publicly declared, in a fit of his customary arrogance, that he classed the common herd as a scourge upon the Earth – a veritable plague – and wished to be reincarnated as a deadly virus to wipe out all the world’s ‘useless eaters’.

Now here’s the crunch – it all depends on who classes whom as a useless eater. Some spiritually-connected animist hunter-gatherer in the mountain forests of New Guinea – or the Amazonian highlands – or the materialistic-focused blue-blooded parasites who, generation upon generation, claim a tithe of the public purse as their own by divine right to rule.

And this conundrum we can document with ease back into time immemorial – and at a glance from the congenitally insane huck-a-back hunchie mutant maniacs of the Plantagenets to our present day Saxe-Coburg-Gotha-Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Gl├╝cksburg McWindsor loopy lizard mongrel bloodline.

Really, has anyone ever wondered if these elitist twats pushing the Agenda 21 eugenic and human cull / euthanasia programmes ever glance in a mirror as they all look like they’ve been swimming at the shallow end of the gene pool for a couple of generations too long. For here we have a cabal of slack-jawed mutants stricken with the IQ of a small potted plant and congenital insanity due being interbred to a state of genetic dysfunction and with an overload of mongrel genes in their DNA.

Anyone remember the likes of Hitler and Himmler – not exactly your Aryan ├ťbermensch stereotypes – pushing this scheme – nowadays it’s Rockerfeller and Kissinger and old Virus Man, Prince Stavros of Edinburgh – along with a veritable horde of like-minded holier-than-thou scumbags - all a bunch of frogs who dream of becoming toads – and it would take more than a kiss off a Princess to sort out their fucked-up inbred genes.

To wit, both Dobby – another royal capon - and Ehrlich – a self-promoting pseudo-academic whose every futuristic prediction has turned out to be more at scent than substance - resemble something from a Grimms fairy tale nightmare – slack-jawed, bat-eared and pointed beaks – with that give-away glow of righteous insanity beaming from their eyes.

Once again it all comes down to saving the Earth. However our planet doesn’t need saving, Mother Nature / the Gaia Principle is doing fine, and the Schumann resonance continues at a constant, steady and healthy hum.
The problem lies with progressive humans in positions of power who worship before the altar of their dark god Mammon and need to control every waking and sleeping instance of our lives - while they bleed us dry of blood, sweat and tears – and not necessarily in that precise order.

Just like the Hitlerian Nazis – first the physically and mentally disabled, then the sick then the aged, then the critical thinkers and dissenters.
Okay, nice one boys – population cull it is – and we’ll start with the proponents of your mass euthanasia / genocide scheme – so which of the blue-blooded mutants is gonna volunteer first?

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