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Met Plods Cop Racial Harassment Charge

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The fickle hand of Fate once again points a dirty digit at what the common herd now regard as a graft and corruption-ridden Metropolitan Plod Squad – adding racism to the litany of scandalous charges currently levelled against the not-fit-for-purpose Freemason-infested corps of ‘Untouchable’ blue uniformed scallies.

Stuart Lawrence, younger brother of Stephen, the permanently suntanned college student murdered by a London gang of white racist thugs back in April 1993 while placidly waiting at an Eltham bus stop in the south-east of the city, claims he’s the victim of a sustained campaign of harassment by Scotland Yard’s ’finest’ (sic) – with vindictive bluebottles stopping him up to 25 times a week simply due the colour of his skin (black).

Ms Sue Fleecem QC, of Upshot, Bagrot & Shitpot (Solicitors) informed a gutter press hack from the Xenophobes Gazette that acting on instructions from her client, Stuart Lawrence, they were lodging a racial discrimination and harassment complaint against the Metropolitan Police Service after the 35-year-old teacher had been repeatedly pulled over in his car or stopped and searched while in pedestrian mode for no apparent reason and without justification – and subsequently never charged with, nor found guilty of, any crime or misdemeanour.

Apparently Mr Lawrence finally lost his cool when patience was abraded beyond the pale during a recent incident outside the Peckham home he shares with his fiancée and infant son when two uniformed plods stopped him as he was driving away in the family VW Scirocco.
When Lawrence inquired of Neanderthal moron #1 why he’d been pulled over, the knuckle-dragging troglodyte plod replied “Yer look sorta suspicious an’ makes us think wot’s a darkie doin’ wiv a nice German car like this – where did he nick it from?”

Mr Lawrence, whose plans to sue the London Plod Squad were revealed by the Sectarian Review last Saturday, informed the media: 'I’m being targeted not only because of the colour of my skin but due the fact the Met was branded as being a bunch of taxpayer-funded institutional racists by the Macpherson judicial inquiry into Stephen’s murder back in 1999 – so these pricks are bearing a grudge and have it in for the Lawrence tribe – and all darkies in general.”

Two members of the gang that murdered elder brother Stephen - David Norris and Gary Dobson - were, following a series of justice denied / miscarriages of justice scenarios all down to Plod Squad incompetence and corruption spread over a period of 18 years - finally jailed for life last January for their heinous crime as Det. Sgt. John Davidson was no longer around to suppress evidence and otherwise obstruct the investigation on orders from top dog drug smuggler Cliff Norris – father of the homicidal David.

Ms Fleecem QC opined to media hacks “'Stuart has suffered immeasurably over the last 20 years - first with the murder of his brother in 1993, then the repeated failures of the incompetent plods viz their investigation into the murder - and being unfairly stopped and questioned simply due him being black.”

“The final straw came just before the Christmas holiday when Stuart and some mates were going off for a weekend ‘City Break’ - camping on the Isle of Dogs – and he was arrested while stood at his local bus stop and had to appear before Slumborough Hamlets Magistrate’s Court the following Monday morning on the ridiculous trumped-up charge of ‘loitering with a tent’.”

“Hence here again we see a perfect instance of stop and search acting as a litmus test for how the Met’s Plod Squad officers with a racist bent treat those from London’s minority ethnic communities.”
“Stuart's experience is a perfect illustration that rather than passing this litmus test, the Met’s officers have remained consistently bad – hence their deserved reputation around the London ghettoes as ‘nigger haters’ – in addition to the Muslim and Paki bashers label.”

However, due the extraordinary sensitivity of the case with yet another member of the Lawrence family, there is speculation that the Independent Police Coverups Commission will be asked to supervise an inquiry into Stuart Lawrence’s allegations once they’ve completed their latest conspiratorial whitewash and exoneration job on the Hillsborough scandal.

In a joint statement issued via the office of London Mayor Bonkers Boris Nonsense and on behalf of the Met’s Commissioner Bernard Hulk-Hogan – Scotland Yard has declined to comment on the accusations apart from briefly mentioning they were aware slavery had been abolished – and of the existence of the 1976 Race Relations Act and the superseding Equality Act of 2010.

Considering the string of criminal activity scandals the Met’s – and too our ‘National’ – graft and corruption-ridden Plod Squad have been (and most probably still are) involved with – from flogging information to gutter press hacks to nepotism to covering up crimes / perverting the course of justice; to beating news vendors to death then found not guilty of manslaughter; to conspiring to entrap and stitch up particularly obnoxious Ministerial members of Posh Dave Scameron’s Tory Cabinet – then a common herd coloured bloke – even a school teacher type in a suit – presents an easy target for the officious renta-bully scumbags the force has a habit of attracting due the uniform, Batman utility belt and shiny buttons.

Question of the day: How do you know the Plods were lying? Their lips moved.

Thought for the day. Hmmm, ethnic minorities eh. How odd that when I go into a major city centre anywhere around Broken Britain the ‘ethnic minority’ are all whiteys.

Conversely, the gospel according to the rumour mill, recruits do not have to declare their socio-political affiliations (BNP / EDL / skinhead) when applying to join the Plod Squad – nor undergo a medical to ascertain if they’re colour blind - or sane.

Juxtaposed to this we have the defensive argument from Plod Squad Central, who insist they maintain a non-discriminatory culture due their record of targeting anyone who looks a bit ‘dodgy’ – including white people (honkys) and the disabled - as per the case of a blind Lancashire pensioner, Colin Farmer, who was tasered, floored and cuffed in his hometown of Chorley last October for carrying a white stick - which the uniformed moron posing as a police officer mistook for a samurai sword.

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