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Scameron: PM Speak With Forked Tongue

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Con-Dem coalition Prime Minister Posh Dave Scameron's promise of a ‘wham-bam’ in-or-out referendum on Britain's membership of the fatally-flawed EUSSR 27-state ‘Common Insolvency’ soviet model collective has sparked a furious shit fight not only in Brussels but also around the hallowed halls of Westminster.

Mick Clogg’s Librarian Dummercrats have struck out in their customary deranged fashion, stating such a move is not in their political interest as it will dry up the MEP / Brussels gravy train expenses cornucopia – while New Labour’s child prodigy leader Ed Millipede accused Scameron of running scared of the indestructible Nigel Barrage’s UK Independence Party (UKIP) and his own Tory Party backbenchers who are set to rebel big time and elect a new leader with some semblance of credibility who doesn’t keep harping on about Utopian Big Society’s and hugging hoodies.

During a soundbite-ridden speech in London, Posh Dave informed a crowd of slack-jawed Hooray Henrys and applauding sycophants that the Conservative manifesto for the 2015 general election will request a mandate to negotiate a new settlement for Britain’s continued membership of the EUSSR Debtocracy – to be put to voters in a referendum before the end of 2017 – by which time hopefully every fucker and their dog will have been drunk a dozen times, spaced out on hard drugs and become totally addle-brained with watching reality telly - and all developed selective memory syndrome or alcoholic amnesia – with a state of generalised apathy setting in so they won’t even remember anything about a referendum or care less what the fuck happens over Europe.

The bloviating Scameron is hawking a fairy tale that he’s the good guy and wants to scrap the Lisbon Treaty then reform the EUSSR for all the 27 member states - especially the penniless Greeks who don’t have two euros to rub together since they were ‘austerity-ised into total penury by the Rothshite crime syndicate’s IMF and the shifty shylocks at the European Bank of International Usury.

Conversely the Lib-Dum’s Deputy PM Mick ‘Turncoat’ Clogg informed press hacks that “Posh Dave speaks with forked tongue – this rash in/out referendum banter was only supposed to shut the common herd up whingeing – not be taken seriously – and is going to drive a stake into the heart of the Con-Dem coalition.”

“For God’s sake, Dave’s losing the plot if he’s actually trying to do the right thing for the working class voters, as if they really matter in the greater scheme of things. The way he’s been behaving recently it might be a sign of heading for some sort of psychotic episode – or a nervous breakdown. But that’s what happens with all this selective blue-blood inbreeding that the Tory nobility practice – you get squirly kids.”

Hmmm, regardless of what pointless propaganda Cloggy or Millipede might spout to the public assembly just to be contradictive of Scameron’s referendum pledge and make themselves look good for the media cameras, a pity they didn’t engage brains before opening their respective gobs and realise that these independent contrary commentaries will doom them at the next general election as the British public want a referendum with a one-off in/out vote and no pussyfooting around anymore as they’re proposing.

The view from the eyes of a disillusioned street smart and canny British proletariat has evolved into one that our stagnant society is mired in this cesspit of Tory or New Labour (bad as Old Labour – if not worse) or the Librarian Dummercrats (formerly Liberal Poofter Party / Social Dummercrats) political party rule – and currently a chaotic potpourri of a fucked-up Con-Dem coalition - with the only breath of ‘hope and change’ (no, not that Indonesian Muslim cuckoo twat Barky Obama) perhaps lying with Nigel Barrage and his ultra euro-sceptic UKIP gang – or even Nick Griffin and the National Hatred Party to provide a guaranteed exit from the EUSSR.

Otherwise it’s all down to a total socio-political insurrection – an uprising and revolution by the pissed-off masses – and these things, from past historical experience, are never expedited without the streets running with the sanguine gore of the establishment oppressors from the Second Estate – nobility and government – along with the blood of patriots.

In contrast, opinions from a pair of independent, albeit self-serving sources, are also of conflicting views – proving beyond any shadow of a doubt that human nature being what it is, no two fuckers can ever agree on anything.

London Mayor Bonkers Boris Nonsense, a popular career buffoon, informed press hacks that the British people had not been consulted on Europe since 1975 - when the repulsive kiddie fiddling Ted Heath tricked the public into accepting the Common Market as a panacea for all economic ills - and it’s high time they were – as “Dave can always hold a referendum like the Irish did – and if they vote ‘no’ then hold another until they get fed up and vote ‘yes’.”

However former EUSSR Trade Commissioner and disgraced New Labour cabinet minister, Lord Scandalson of Old Fudgers (aka Vermin in Ermine), speaking to media reporters following his regular Friday afternoon ‘therapy session’ at Granny Kasir’s Elm Guest House on Rocks-Off Lane, opined that “Scameron is a capricious hypocrite, roosting so arrogantly in 10 Downing Street and promising the common herd an in/out referendum vote – or ‘democratic mandate’ – call the sodding thing what you will - on continued EUSSR membership when his plan is to force the resignations of eurosceptic Tory ministers if they decide to campaign for Britain to leave the European community come canvassing time for the next election.”

“Brussels are going to give Scameron shit, so if he fails to win this newly-negotiated deal on the terms he’s stipulating then what, might we inquire, will be his back-up strategy to meet this defeatist scenario – go along and side with the 100-plus Tory MPs who want to vote for an exit and kiss Europe’s arse bye-bye?”

Thought for the day. How do we know when Scameron’s lying? His lips move.
Alas, for all his blather, there’s only one person in Posh Dave’s political life – and that’s Dave. Really, what a disingenuous woofler– a bit like Tony Bliar – ‘trust me – I’m a pretty up-front, straight-forward sort of guy’. Bullshit.

The only way Scameron and his Tory Club are going to get re-elected in 2015 is if they can turn water into wine and guarantee Britain will once again be blessed with Indian (barbeque) summers.
Regardless, fuck this tardy 2017 timescale – we want the referendum now – immediately if not sooner – so we’re out before Easter - 2013.

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