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Lib-Dums: Criticism of Israel Verboten

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The misguided Zionist stooges who wield the power behind the throne with the Librarian Dummercrat Party and covertly direct the policies of their Friends of Israel Club have condemned David Ward, the Lib-Dum MP for Bradford, over his reported use of ‘unbecoming language’ in a personal opinion statement concerning Israel's vile, barbaric treatment of Palestinians - posted on his website ahead of Holohoax Memorial Day on the 27th January.

Ward stated for the public record that he was committed to honouring the legions of non-Aryans who died during the Holohoax – Slavs, Sinti Gyppos, Blacks, Pikeys, Soviet POW’s, Esperantists, cottagers and fudgers, cross-dressers, the disabled and retarded, self-thinking dissidents – along with Communists, Pancake Tuesday Adventists, Roman Catholics, Jehovah’s Witnesses – plus a host of social deviants and other undesirables – including Freemasons, Jesuits, kiddie fiddling pederasts, prostitutes, vagrants, alcoholics, drug addicts, pacifists and draft resisters - and last but not least, the perennial Jewish victims – whose elitist ranks were responsible for funding the nasty National Socialist Party and Hitler’s rise to political power.

However, and here the problem arises, the canny Ward - obviously a man possessed of a moral conscience - had the brazen hubris to point the fickle finger of fate at the Khazar-Ashkenazi Jews of convenience governing the apartheid rogue state Israel – specifically the likes of the PM and Likit Party leader Bobo Nuttyahoo and his ultra-Zionist racist Knesset assembly – all devoid of a single Semitic gene in their DNA – of inflicting similar Naziesque atrocities upon their disenfranchised and marginalised Palestinian captives struggling to survive in the ever-diminishing occupied West Bank on a daily basis – and too the Gaza Strip – with the entire population besieged behind a 30-plus foot high Great Apartheid Wall inside the biggest concentration camp in the known Universe - that surpasses anything Himmler’s SS ever designed - and makes Auschwitz-Birkenau look like a Club Med holiday camp.

The MP’s offending website describes Auschwitz-Birkenau as a Nazi concentration and extermination camp which is the site of the largest mass murder in the history mass murders and probably outdoes even Pol Pot’s best efforts to decimate the population of Cambodia.

The website further indicates that Ward supports the noble efforts to combat prejudice and racism in today’s world by the Holohoax Educational Trust and the Cabaz Schmegegge Holohoax Museum of Israel.

However Ward then added "Having visited Auschwitz twice - once with my family for a barbeque and once with the Rockefeller Eugenics & Genocide Club - I am saddened that the Israeli Jews, who so claim to have suffered unbelievable levels of persecution during the Holohoax, could within a few years of liberation from the death camps, cause the Yawm an-Nakbah (Day of the Catastrophe) and steal the lands of historical Palestine from under the very feet of its rightful owners – and inflict a litany of inhuman atrocities on the hapless Palestinians on a daily basis in the West Bank and Gaza Strip."

“Now the illegal, fascist state of Israel has reduced Palestine to a country robbed of peace and its people bereft of aspirations. Hapless and oppressed, subjugated, usurped, disadvantaged, disenfranchised – and discriminated against.”
“The marginalised Semite Arab Muslim populations of the West Bank and besieged Gaza Strip suffer relentless persecution and human rights abuses under the jackboot of the barbaric Israeli occupiers of their once sovereign state of Palestine – and that is a crime equal in proportion to those that saw the Nazi hierarchy and their underling thugs tried and sentenced at the Nuremberg Tribunals.”

The Lib Dum’s Friends of Israel Club spokesman, Shylock Scumberg, informed one press hack from the Pound of Flesh Gazette that "This is a matter we take extremely seriously and deeply regret and condemn the statement issued by David Ward - and too his cavalier use of the truth which is totally unacceptable in this age of political correctness – and especially so right on the occasion of Holohoax Memorial Day."

Hmmm, perhaps it’s just me, but I’d have thought Holohoax Memorial Day would be the perfect time to expose and highlight this hypocrisy fostered by Israel and international Zionism – and propagated by the kikester lobbies such as AIPAC and the Lib-Dum’s Friends of Israel Club.

This point is especially relevant when one considers that the Israeli Knesset have passed an actual law making it a criminal offence for the hapless Palestinians to commemorate their 1948 Yawm an-Nakbah Memorial Day on the 15th May each year – the start of their Holocaust, their Shoah – the Day of the Catastrophe when the land of Palestine was stolen from them by militant Israeli settlers and the Irgun, Stern Gang and Haganah terrorist groups – a crime that continues unabated to this very day in the occupied West Bank.

Sheldon Scattstein, director of the Holohoax Educational Trust, informed the media "I am offended that Mr Ward has taken it upon himself to draw comparisons and parallels to the myth of Jewish suffering during the Holohoax to that of the Palestinians in the occupied West Bank and Gaza Strip – and even suggest the Knesset / IDF ethnic cleansing policy is no more than a slow cook genocide to achieve the Final Solution to Israel’s Palestinian problem.”

Amazing – nobody but the Jews can be ‘victims’. The paranoid, certifiably-psychotic kikesters (those Khazar-Ashkenazi Jews of convenience) running the apartheid state of Israel have monopolised the entire lexicon’s terminology of anything that describes the condition: martyrs, socio-political pawns, underdogs – the fucking lot.
Well, what the fuck does anyone expect from a people who coerced their stooge Roman proxy Pilate to arrest Jesus Christ – God’s one begotten son – and have him nailed on two big lumps of wood?

Let us not lose sight of the fact that this rogue nation state was funded with Rothshite bankster syndicate money to establish a safe haven capital for their global crime empire and ignore the niceties of international law with impunity while every other fucker and their dog running an abusive regime gets the UN jackboot up their arse damn quick (apart from Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Qatar – and the backward Emirates).

To conclude, and in support of David Ward’s website postings, the U.N. Human Rights Commission has been stating since the tragedy of the Israeli-provoked Al Aqsa Intifada in October 2000 that they were gravely concerned over the multiple atrocities inflicted upon the Palestinian people, which it denominated ‘war crimes, flagrant violations of international humanitarian law and crimes against humanity’.

Thought for the day. Unlike whispered dark lies, the truth never fears exposure to the light of day.

The conflicting Auschwitz - Birkenau ‘Holohoax’ plaques:
The original plaque stating that a grossly inflated figure of ‘four million people’ were killed at Auschwitz was removed in 1990 and replaced with a plaque displaying the more accurate figure of ‘one and a half million’ following the release and publication of Auschwitz-Birkenau camp documents captured by the Soviets that revealed the true (and embarrassing) numbers.

So, we are prompted to inquire, WTF happened to the other two and a half million dead Jews? How the fuck did they get misplaced – or was it always just another brazen display of kikester exaggerations - like the stand-alone Sacred Six Million Jews fantasy - to enhance Israel’s world class ‘persecuted victim’ status and generate ‘get away with murder’ sympathy?

Hence on reflection of the grossly exaggerated Auschwitz fatality figures one is left to speculate if the head counts of the other so-called Nazi death camps have been subjected to the same fictionalised and hyper-inflated statistics treatment.


Plus a couple of pieces of interesting reading.

‘The Holocaust Industry: Reflections on the Exploitation of Jewish Suffering’ by self-hating Jew Norm Finkelstein.

‘The Invention of the Jewish People’ by Shlomo Sand.

Regardless of their perpetual cultural obsession with things kosher, usury anti-Semitism, the Holohoax - and snipping foreskins – all marks of Jewish essentialism - the tactics of these Israel-based warmongering Khazar-Ashkenazi Yids of convenience - and their US- based AIPAC / Poxman ADL / B'nai Brith lobbyist groups - plumb the depths of dishonour and indecency, due their litany of character assassination, selective misquotation, the wilful distortion of the record, the fabrication of falsehoods, and an utter disregard for the statutes of international law – and ‘the truth’.

Hence fuck the Rothshite crime syndicate and their New World Order capital of Jerusalem. Plus fuck Israel and the Great Satan and the Protocols of the Greedy Bastard Elders of Zion – or the Project for a New American Century – or the Foreign Policy Initiative or whatever they choose to label this game plan devoted to their Brotherhood of the Snake cult and insidious god of greed: Mammon.

Allergy warning: This article was written in a politically-incorrect hostile environment infested with Māḡēn Dāwīḏ ZioNazi psychopaths and may contain elements of sickening Israeli schadenfreude, along with anti-Semitic paranoia, Holohoax ‘victims’ propaganda, unqualified arrogance, racist apartheid innuendo, lashings of Yidster hudaibiya, kvelling, hasbara and chutzpah - and quantifiable amounts of utter lunacy – along with nano-particle traces exaggeration, modest porkies, misaligned references and a chemtrail residue of bush telegraph innuendo - plus a total disregard for the statutes of international law, human rights and the niceties of a polite and civilised society.

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Nice one - sums the scumbags right up. Israel - hypocrisy central.

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Brilliant piece - esp. the monopoly of victimism and suffering reference

Quinn said...

fuckin hypocrites should be up before a Nuremberg Tribunal for what they do to the Palestinians every day

Fletch said...

Israel's day is coming - and the next time it's gonna be a real thermo-nuclear Holocaust

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They have had it their own way for far too long: