Saturday, 19 January 2013

Scameron Ducks EU Dissing Speech

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‘Austerity Dave’ Scameron has postponed a planned trip to the nasty Netherlands to deliver his long-awaited do-or-die wish list speech on the UK's continuing subservient relationship with the Brussels panjandrums running the EUSSR kleptocracy - so he can assume personal ‘command authority’ charge of responding to the purported ‘al Qaeda’ (read ‘rag-arsed bandits’) terrorist hostage crisis in the far sandy reaches of the Algerian desert - where no fucker or their dog actually on site at the Tigantourine / Ain Amenas’ gas plant complex seems to know what the hell’s going on – Algerian army, hostages - or the terrorists.

Broken Britain’s PM had been scheduled to address an audience of Dutch business leaders and set out his personal ‘blue skies’ vision for the UK's future role in Europe, including the prospect of fielding a fixed ‘win-win’ referendum to keep the common herd happy and voting Tory. The speech would have been monitored and scrupulously scrutinised by other European leaders, the business community - and supporters and critics within his own party – plus Angela Merkel’s sinister Deutsche Verteidigungs Dienst ‘Fourth Reich’ crime cabal – to detect any trace of craven deviation from his implanted NLP mind control GO2 / Rothshite game plan for continued EUSSR membership under their designated ‘top dog’ blueprint.

UKIP leader - and an MEP in his own right - the indestructible Euro-sceptic Nigel Barrage, posted on the Twatter social media website: "We’d waited since May 2010 for this speech but can bite our nails a bit longer to hear Posh Dave put the pressure on that Portuguese paedo’ tosser José Barroso (President of the European Commission) to get the deal we want and blackmail the scumbag into repatriating a wide-range of powers and sovereignty back to Britain – or else MI6 will spill the beans on what he and his black mass clique of pederasts did with little Maddy McCann and all the other prepubescent sex slaves kidnapped for serial rape and satanic sacrifice in their Belgian kiddie fiddling castle hideaway.”

Extracts from Scameron's speech, leaked by disgruntled Lib-Dum moles embedded in the flawed Con-Dem Coalition, reveal he planned to stress the EUSSR's structures were already following the Russian Soviet 1991 model and undergoing calamitous changes at a snowballing geometric rate - with the community’s economy manifesting as a dipshit Debtocracy due Brussels totalitarian jackboot control freak kleptocrats and their spendthrift ‘limousine culture’ driving all 27 member states – euro and non-euro – bollocks deep into hock with the pro-Zionist money junkie banksters - and a single step away from collective national insolvency.

So thanks to the fickle laws governing random occurrences of serendipity, and Mokhtar ‘Cyclops’ Bellendi – aka the al-Barabiche tribe’s very own Marlboro Man - the one-eyed Salafist head honcho of the Al-Mulatahemeen Great Unwashed Brigade – launching another asymmetrical warfare attack which has resulted in a hostage situation at Algeria’s Tigantourine gas plant complex at Ain Amenas, Posh Dave has escaped sticking his brazen neck on the block and risking his passport to socio-political acceptance around European diplomatic circles being revoked - plus getting his public school arse well and truly ostracised for revealing Brussels’ ‘warts and all’ deficiencies in his planned ultra-censorious speech.

Conversely the planned denunciation of the EUSSR’s covert soft shoe paradigm shift from Democracy – doing a curve ball bypass of Socialism – under which Brussels hierarchy would own the means of production – to this creeping materialisation of a neo-Nazi Fascist state, under which they might not own the means of production, but exercise dominant control over it – those revelations and the accompanying brouhaha such will raise, all now await another day for Scameron to expose.

In an attempt to stir as much shit as possible, the subversive Downing Street moles also leaked a hacked recording of a trans-Atlantic phone conversation between the US President Barky O’Barmy and Posh Dave in which the Kenyan cuckoo put pressure on the Tory PM over Broken Britain remaining a member of the EUSSR – and wanted to see the UK assume a dominant position in Brussels and across the entire European Union - to have the BDS campaign against Israel declared an act of anti-Semitism – and ensure the ZioNazi rogue state enjoys peace, prosperity and security in Europe and around the globe.

Hmmm, nice request from a war-mongering impostor who copped a Nobel Peace Prize for having a Presidential ‘hit list’, pushing the military-industrial cabal’s aggressive neo-colonial conflicts and sanctioning hunter-killer UAV drone attacks on any Third World hapless fucker that looks a bit like a Muslim terrorist.

Thought for the day. Herman van Rompuy – aka ‘Catweazle’ - a former Walloon scarecrow now risen to the office of President of the European Council – recently confided to press hacks while in his cups at the bar of Fudgers cross-dressing club on the Rue d’Aerschot in Brussels’ Gare du Nord arrondissement that his every waking action was directed by quote: “Hitler’s daughter – that bitch Merkel. She has the DVD and GO2 watching my every move – even while I’m sat here wearing a blonde wig, mascara and leather basque”.

“Frauline Titwank, the permanent secretary at my Rue de la Loi office, is a GO2 spy who reports my movement back to Berlin – hence the illusion of constitutional rule that civil servants advise, but ministers decide has been thrown to the four winds in a coup d’état by jobsworth bureaucrats and slays the founding principles of democracy now paper-shuffling mandarins are calling the shots. Not so much a case of ‘Yes Minister’ but one of ‘Fuck off, Minister’. The Huns did not lose the war – we did – and their Fourth Reich rules us all.”

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the inventive Barroso / van Rompuy / McCann comments are beyond what is accepted as truth - about time someone blew the top off Brussels and Westminster perverts.