Thursday, 3 January 2013

Granny Gulags: Final Solution to Elderly Care

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To meet the stark challenges that today confront the more stable, established economies of the EUSSR’s 27 state community with regard to the burgeoning ‘Malthusian catastrophe’ regarding the costs of elderly care, one group of bright sparks, devoid of social conscience, have come up with a spiffing idea of what to do with unwanted oldies - simply ship the wrinkly, whingeing twats off to parts foreign and far away: out of sight - thus out of mind.

Oh yes, and that’s not some Huxleyan Brave New World sicko sci-fi futuristic fantasy or surrealist Kafkaesque nightmare or totalitarian Orwellian prediction, but the numero uno – albeit radical - Final Solution to getting shut of surplus-to-requirement members of the common herd when they’re past their useful taxpaying shelf life dates and too feeble – or fucked in the head - to fend for themselves (Alzheimer’s, dementia, arthritis, osteoporosis etcetera, et al).
And guess who thought up this cost-effective Naziesque scam? Why none other than our favourite euthanasia proponents – and no strangers to man’s inhumanity to his fellow man: the fucking Krauts.

As Old Mother Merkel’s ‘house frau’ approach to government policy seems to be stuck in a mental rut to establish the Fourth Reich by taking on command responsibility to bail out the insolvent regimes of the EUSSR collective’s Debtocracy – Greece, Eire, Spain, Portugal and Italy – and in a bid to set a cost-saving example to the rest of the continental community, this misconceived scheme has resulted in legions of elderly and sick ‘untermenschen’ Germans being summarily declared persona non grata and shipped overseas for long-term care in Third World basket case retirement centres (who mentioned anything about Dignitas clinics or cemeteries or Turkish landfill sites?) due the escalating costs of geriatric care – nursing, medications and diapers – back in the Fatherland.

This tactless political strategy – a veritable ballot box time bomb scheduled to explode in a mega-shit storm at a future election - has seen thousands of retired Germans with self-help limitations subjected to this practice of inhumane deportation and re-housed in what critical human rights and wrongs watchdogs refer to a ‘Granny Gulags’ around such zero official social care oversight dumps as the Ukraine and Chechnya, and other welfare-deficient ex-Soviet states.

Further affecting Krautland’s chronic care crisis is the fact the industry suffers from a lack of workers and soaring costs since hordes of eastern European Pikeys and Gyppos can now cut a better deal in destinations such as the UK, where – thanks the Brussels’ insane legislation regarding migrant labour from the EUSSR community - they can sign on for all manner of welfare benefits while purportedly looking for a non-existent job and spend their days – weather permitting - poaching carp and ducks – and the Queen’s swans - on the local council’s ponds – when they’re not otherwise engaged practicing their sleight of hand skills by shoplifting around the Greedy Grocer supermarket branches.

Fellattia van der Gamm, the director of the Sozialverband Deutschland socio-political advisory group, informed one gutter press hack from the Agenda 21 Gazette that the fact growing numbers of pensioners were being sent to dodgy care homes abroad was setting off alarm signals – especially since fourteen of the German residents at a care home in Minsk had frozen to death in the past week when Belarus care workers forgot to round them up from the garden following their afternoon walkies exercise period and there was a half metre fall of snow, with temperatures plunging to a seasonal norm of minus -7 Celsius.

Ms Van der Gamm added “We have voiced particular worries about elderly care home residents with dementia, amid concern that the official line back at the Bundestag in Berlin is one of them being sent abroad on the basis that they’re so fucked up in the head they won’t know where the hell they are - or even care as long as they get bratwurst and sauerkraut for lunch – and what does it matter if care workers are speaking in a Balto-Slavic dialect or other foreign language as most of the residents are stone deaf anyway and can’t understand a sodding thing that’s being said to them.”

“We’re tear-arsing headlong towards a care crisis plateau at a geometric rate with the majority of German care homes on the edge of breaking point due to lack of cheap labour migrant workers – hence care standards for the 7,146,327 registered German pensioners have plummeted to an unacceptable low as a result.”

"Taking Munich’s Merry Methuselah Retirement Home as an example, the average resident gets about 5 minutes of individual care per day, including feeding and bathing – with 40 to 60 residents being looked after by a single Pakiland carer who can speak nothing apart from Urdu – hence pensioners who can still get around on crutches or a Zimmer frame are heading off out and committing some crime or the other so they get locked up in jail where the German penal system’s duty of care policy ensures they are looked after properly on a 24/7 basis.”

Thought for the day. As Merkel’s ‘biological’ father was so fond of declaring: “Heute Deutschland, morgen die Welt!" Hence fuck Old Mother Merkel’s Krautland and the EUSSR - and the New World Order.

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