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UK Sheeple Demand GMO Food Labelling

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The gospel according to a survey undertaken by the Manky Mutants Gazette, eight out of ten of Broken Britain’s shoppers are now demanding that meat, eggs and dairy products from farm animals reared on a diet of foodstuffs derived from genetically-modified crops and containing dodgy hormones and antibiotics should be labelled with a Skull & Crossbones ‘and’ a hi-viz warning of ‘THIS SHIT IS NOT GOOD FOR YOU’.

The poll has elicited a condemning response of the controversial ‘Frankenfood’ farming practices which the Food Standards Agency have been forced to admit are a major embarrassment for the Libservative Coalition – and especially so the moronic new Defra Minister, Owen ‘Leatherman’ Paterson, (formerly shadow minister for firewood affairs) who has his sorry self embroiled in a major public relations ‘spin or win’ propaganda / brainwashing exercise designed to coerce families to support GM farming and food – and feed the crap to their kids.

The superbly arrogant Paterson recently dismissed consumer concerns out of hand – referring to such as ‘humbug’ and ‘complete nonsense’ - while in the next breath opening his gob before engaging brain and boasting that the majority of Broken Britain’s meat products come from animals fed on genetically modified grain imported from overseas.

So thanks for that little nugget Owen - now we know what to avoid on the Greedy Grocer supermarket shelves even without the fact being labelled as such.

Paterson further suggested that in his unqualified opinion the stupid common herd (sic – no pun intended) were perfectly happy to accept this and the UK should now open the door to a wider acceptance of Monsanto’s Frankenfood crops and Mutant Meals insta-tumour food products.

However, the new official research carried out by the Government’s own FSA regulatory body makes clear that the majority of ‘awakening’ media-mesmerised consumers were previously clueless that British farm animals are being reared on a diet of genetically modified crop feeds – until Paterson opened his big mouth and gave the game away.

Duly obeying the commands of their Rothshite crime syndicate bosses, Posh Dave Scameron’s Tory contingent of this ‘jukebox politicians’ Con-Dem coalition is the chief cheerleader in the EUSSR for the adoption of GM farming and food - alongside Paterson’s PR initiative to win the hearts and minds of sceptical shoppers – yet the FSA’s endorsement of the poll’s result puts pressure on the government to accept the view of the vast majority of consumers who don’t believe a word that lying politicians spout.

The Manky Mutants Gazette survey and the FSA’s endorsement besides, Paterson is determined to ignore such and remains hell bent on pressing the EUSSR’s corruption-ridden bureaucrats to relax their GM regulatory regime to licence biotech companies such as Monsanto, Diageo, Pioneer / Dupont, Cargill, Pepsico, Syngenta International, Dow Agrosciences, BASF, Bayer and Swiss Re to begin commercial growing across the full swathe of our once-sceptred isle’s green and pleasant lands.

Now a fully lobotomised GMO advocate, Paterson insist that opponents to his compliant schemes are all bonkers conspiracy theorists - anti-science and ignorant - arguing that once they’re educated (read ‘brainwashed’) concerning the techniques of genetically modifying plant and animal organisms, they’ll accept them.

Conversely the truth lies in the fact that the more consumers learn about the dodgy mongrel technology the more sceptical they become – and the more dead set they are against it – especially so following large scale trials conducted in the UK which demonstrated that industrial farming techniques associated with GM production were harmful not only in terms of wild plants, farmland birds and animals – but also fish and other aquatic life forms in bordering watercourses – and devastating to whole species of insects – especially so entire colonies of domestic and bumble bee species – our primary pollinators.

The British Soil Association has long campaigned for food products derived from animals fed a GMO foodstuff diet to carry a skull and crossbones label and recently undertook their own public poll on Frankenfoods – to which two-thirds of respondents considered it imperative that they knew what kind of shite they were being conned into feeding their hapless kids – while the remaining third stated that with being bombarded 24/7 by electro-smog pollution from cellphone radiation, fluoride in the drinking water and breathing in the crap from nano-particle chemtrails they couldn’t really give a fuck what they ate – as long as it was curried.

The BSA’s spokeswoman Bev Titwank, personally an ardent anti-GMO activist who once fire-bombed Kuntingdon Life Sciences’ lab, informed a press hack from the Chimera Review “For fuck’s sake, what is wrong with our government – are they so far into the pockets of the GMO agri-giants that they can no longer accept the will of the people they’re elected by – and paid to represent the best interests of?”

“Even a Third World corruption-ridden bureaucracy basket case shithole like India can see the inherent dangers to both animal and human DNA by allowing this crap into the food chain at any level and have demanded all foodstuffs be labelled – a factor now mandated by law across the entire sub-continent since Monsanto’s GM soy has been inextricably linked to sterility, infant mortality and birth defects – and causing insta-tumours the size of duck eggs.”

“Yet here we are in Merrie Olde England pissing around with this clot Paterson instead of just fucking him off and getting someone who’s up to the job and knows what they’re doing – with the political will to tell the likes of Monsanto to go fuck a pig and inform the people what they are really feeding – or poisoning - their families with."
"What we at the BSA want to see is a ban on the planting of GM crops as this ‘fata morgana’ is going to cross pollinate with crops that Mother Nature has been 12,000 years evolving – and once it gets into your DNA the next generation is going to be fucked – brain dead and sterile.”

“I jest not, this crap will fuck up animal and human DNA faster than a radioactive plutonium enema – and the likes of the ‘for profit’ big agri corporations and the Greedy Grocer supermarkets don’t give a shit what’s in the food as long as some hapless fucker and their dog – or cat – buys the crap and the cash register goes ‘Ding!’ So if old numb nuts Paterson wants to eat the crap then let him do like his mad cow predecessor Selwyn Gummer – and all well and good – cos we ain’t.”

“This is all part of the elitist Illuminati’s Agenda 21 mass human cull programme – a slow cook genocide via poisoning us – slipping Catch 22 time bombs into our genetic systems via their dodgy GMO foodstuffs – then one simple DNA trigger device – something in a flu shot or chemtrail or the water – or airborne virus – and the insta-tumours kick in and we all start dropping like flies – and it’s bye-bye to five billion useless eaters.”

“It’s everywhere you look - nanotech foods – the manipulation of matter at atomic structure and molecular levels - reconstructing the nature of what we eat. Tka e butchers at GroPep Biotechnology’s IGF-1 Somatomedin C – the growth hormone in milk that kick starts breast, prostate and colon cancer – or that other shite from Biolex – their EPICYTE contraceptive corn that shrivels a mammals ovaries and testicles like prunes – and that includes us – the supposedly smart-arsed top end of the human food chain.”

“Then we have sugar and artificial sweeteners which should be labelled as being more addictive than crack cocaine – along with the neurotoxin aspartame that’s in every sweetie you eat or sup – and soft drinks loaded with the crap. And while we’re at it, let’s not overlook the fluoride that’s polluting drinking water and toothpaste and mouthwashes – an industrial waste product from the phosphate fertilizer industry.”

“Last but not least we have our National Ill-Health Service that’s never even heard of the Doctrine of Signatures – and that diet is the answer to all mankind’s ills – and prevention is better than cure. But we don’t have a health service – it’s a sickness treatment service – as Big Pharma can’t make a profit from cure – only treating the symptoms and illness.”

* jukebox politicians – slip a few coins in and they’ll play any tune you like.

* Carbon Credit Offset / Cap & Trade Exchange (aka Global Warming / Pollution Reduction Scam) declaration: No trees, fish, cormorants, bumble bees or small furry mammals - otters or voles - were harmed in posting this message. However, Owen Paterson’s credibility has been totally fucked over.

Thought for the day. Just in case there's any confusion, the British people aren't ASKING for GMO content in foods, or produce from animals raised on GM feeds, to be labelled: THEY'RE DEMANDING IT!

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