Monday, 21 January 2013

Tory Snob Flaunts Elitist Hubris

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High roller speculation is rife and a bevy of bets being placed with Flatbrokes, the ubiquitous High Street bookies, by Downing Street insiders and canny press hack Parliament watchers, that the Tory Party are hell bent on outdoing the not-fit-for-purpose New Labour gang for scandals and pantomime antics – and will be laughed from office in a wave of ridicule and generalised derision before they even get a chance to be voted out in a well-deserved display of disgusted public sentiment in the 2015 general election.

This latest piece of political ignominy to follow on the heels of Andrew ‘Thrasher’ Mitchell’s Plebgate brouhaha and multiple witness testimony galore - sworn on a pick n mix stack of Torahs, Bibles and Korans - of Tory cabinet ministers bumming little boys at North Wales orphanages and Mrs Kasir’s Rocks Lane ‘Elm Guest House’ gay brothel – involves none other than veteran Tory expenses cheat Christopher ‘Chopper’ Chope, the moronic MP for Christknows.

Chope, notorious around Westminster as a bourgeoisie scumbag and for opening gob before engaging his room temperature IQ, committed yet another stellar gaffe in the House of Conmans chamber last week when he eloquently saluted the half-empty Parliamentary restaurant for fielding a - quote: ‘three-to-one service – three liveried servants for each Tory √úbermensche VIP sitting down."

Hmmm, obviously not so much a Freudian slip but simply force of habit, especially so with his political background being rooted in shifting shagged out sofas from his declared second home to the main constituency residence in Christknows for re-upholstering and thus facilitate yet another expenses fiddle - perhaps the gaffe-prone Chope the Dope was unaware that the Master and Servant Act of 1823 had been repealed - about the same time as witch burning, tar and feathering - and trial by fire – and ‘servants’ in this enlightened age of political correctness – regardless of the reality divisions still existing between the peasant class and landed gentry - are simply referred to as ‘staff’.

Well, there goes another classical example of political pomposity. Our bog standard Tory-dominated Con-Dem ‘Scrapheap Challenge’ bodge-up of a coalition government led by a bunch of Old Etonian bully boys, Oxford Bullingdon Club vandals and generalised Hooray Henry Lords of Arrogance braying about how their privileged Monday Club elitists are, due the fact of their elevated social status, entitled to milk the system and wipe their boots on the backs of the common herd.

To the hapless public eye they’re an assemblage of over-privileged oicks that illustrate the embodiment of everything that's wrong with Broken Britain’s ‘Them n Us’ 99% / 1% fubar class system.

If history remembers Chope at all it will be as yet another prime example of Mother Nature’s failed experiment with intelligence-equipped bipeds. The type of scumbag who prompts a person to count their fingers if they’re coerced into shaking hands with him – a twat you can take anywhere twice – the second time to apologise for his 2009 attempt to field an Employment Opportunities Bill which called for the minimum wage to be abolished - and vindictively blocking legislation – on behalf of the Rothshite crime syndicate’s banksters - to protect Third World nations from being coerced into Debtocracy victim status through accepting dodgy vulture funds being touted by usurious international loan sharks.

But Chope would fit into any of the three main political parties as he belongs to that percentage of Britain’s sick society that uses far more than it needs to live at a higher standard than those they are stealing from – this accursed over-privileged elitist fraternity with their absurd sense of entitlement, who gain election to public office via manipulating the illusion of credibility and competence.

Thought for the day. Chopper Chope’s arrogance besides, it’s all part of the Conservative’s farce of democracy. Anyone recall Old Etonian MP for Sleazeforth Douggie Hogg’s ridiculous expenses claim for having his country pile’s moat cleaned out of dead peasants?

He was ‘retired with extreme prejudice’ by an irate Posh Dave Scameron back in 2009 – when the Tory leader spit the dummy and gave ‘Hoggy’ a Chinese burn – then dished out a couple of really hard ‘deadlegs’ to Sir Peter Sniggers, the Tory MP for East Rippoffs after he was fingered for blowing £1,645 quid of taxpayer’s money on a floating duck island at his Scamshire home’s garden to protect Quackers & Co from foxes.

After it was discovered that Sniggers had claimed in excess of £32,000 nicker over three years in gardening expenses he was immediately ‘defriended’ then given the option of drinking hemlock, biting his own head off - or retiring.
Even more damning, Sniggers had submitted a mega-bucks electrician's invoice for the installation of lights on his Christmas tree and claimed for 28 tons of manure for his garden when ready-bagged bullshit is available at the House of Conmans 24/7/365.

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