Friday, 25 January 2013

Britons Urged to Leave Benghazi

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The UK Foreign Office has advised British nationals to get their arses out of Libya immediately if not sooner - specifically the chaotic Benghazi trouble spot - in response to specific threats to white infidels by gangs of well-armed Muslim terrorists who hate Western democratic freedoms (and each other by the look of the heaps of fly-infested Arab corpses dotting the entire sectarian warzone landscape).

The FO has been counselling against travel to Benghazi and other fucked up provinces of Libya since last September when Barky Obama’s kidnap / hostage negotiations re-election PR stunt went tits up in a spectacular Busby Berkeley fashion and the Muslim Brotherhood's Rent-a-Riot mujihadeen mob dragged US ambassador Chris Stevens out of the consulate there, then subjected the hapless diplomat to a typical Arab style gang rape bonding session before lynching him and chopping the body into bite sized lumps for the street dogs.

(State Department lies and propaganda besides, Stevens ‘did not’ die of smoke inhalation due being trapped inside the burning consulate building)

Hmmm, so much for the Great Satan and their Coalition of the Warmongers ousting then sanctioning the extra-judicial murder of Colonel Gaddafi and overthrowing his disciplinarian Libyan Arab Jamahiriya regime that fostered Pan-Africanism and had kept law and order since 1969 following the expulsion of the graft and corruption-ridden Zionist sock puppet stooge King Idris.

Thus, with reflections on the Arab Spring uprisings and the recent neo-colonial invasion of Mali and false flag terrorist attack in Algeria last week – perhaps, given 20/20 hindsight, it was a dumb-assed mistake for the West to have armed every fucker and their dog on Libyan soil (correction/sic – 'sand') – and now it might be necessary to resort to a spot more gunship / drone diplomacy – if the UN are up to signing off on yet another disastrous round of US / NATO-led ‘humanitarian intervention’.

Thought for the day. Yes, yet another latter day imperialist blood n guts fubar that won’t be receiving many international accolades – although Barky Obama got a Nobel Peace Prize regardless of his Presidential hit list and authorising a programme of extra-judicial MQ-9 Reaper UAV hunter-killer drone attacks that snuff any fucker old enough to scream and bleed.

To wit, fuck the Great Satan and NATO and the New World Order.

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fastbyte69 said...

Spot-on true, Rusty - every last word - now that rug-muncher Clinton is in Congress making excuses for their security snafu. The lot's down to her, arrogant slut.