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BBC Biased – Not Fit for Purpose

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The scandal-ridden Biased Broadcasting Corporation, now deservedly maligned for its pick n mix cultures of professional incompetence and corruption – plus knowingly fostering an ‘on premises’ covert cabal of celebrity kiddie fiddlers for decades, is once again copping a barrage of flack, this time around for kowtowing to the Zionist hard line that Israel is above criticism - and thus breaching the conditions of impartiality written into the bent broadcaster’s royal charter.

In excess of 5,000 members and supporters of the UK’s Palestine Solidarity Campaign have written to the BBC’s Director of News, Helen Boaden, taking her to task over the glaring biased fact that while the Beeb focused extensive coverage on the hunger strikes of imprisoned Ukrainian politician, Fellattia Gammershenko and Chinese dissident, Flip Flop Fong (who went on to win Beijing’s 2012 Slimmer of the Year award) – when it came to Palestinian Prisoners Day and 1,200 of the hapless legions of Palestinians held in Israel’s crowded jails began an open-ended hunger strike - a figure which rapidly burgeoned to an estimated 3,500 – there was nary a mention of their privations or suffering under the rogue ZioNazi regime’s jackboot lest such upset the Rothshite’s global crime syndicate or Board of Deputies of British Jews (or Heaven forbid – the Tory Party’s Friends of Israel Club) and resulted in the customary backlash hail of anti-Semitic accusations.

The Prisoner’s Day protest – shunned and ignored by the Zionist-owned / dominated international media – and conspicuously the supposedly neutral BBC - was staged to draw attention to the plight of Palestinians imprisoned by the outlaw Israeli state under administrative detention - a despotic system which ignores all due process and interns civilians without charge, trial or sentencing for an indefinite period of time – and illustrated for the world to see with their imprisonment of the entire population of the Gaza Strip – now surrounded by the racist Israeli regime’s 30-odd foot high Great Apartheid Wall and besieged – at gunpoint / on penalty of death – inside the biggest concentration camp on the planet.

The protest focused on political prisoners Samer Issawi and Ayman Sharawna, both held without trial – and the former being on hunger strike for 170-plus days and is now so thin and skeletal he’s started rattling whenever he moves.
Issawi and Sharawna are protesting against their arbitrary imprisonment and the brutal conditions under which they, and other prisoners, are held – yet their protest – viewed by Amnesia International and human rights and wrongs abuse groups as a peaceful weapon of resistance against Israel’s occupation of their land – has been branded by PM Bobo Nuttyahoo’s ZioNazi regime as acts of terrorism to instigate a Third Intifada.

However, in response to the Palestine Solidarity Campaign’s letters of protest, true to form, the Beeb’s ginger mingin Helen ‘Botox’ Boaden – now labelled as not only a Savile apologist but also a pro-Zionist arse-kisser – has stated for the public record that this extraordinary mass revolt by the Palestinian prisoners was shunned by the largest state-funded global broadcaster in the known Universe due the fact the hunger strikers failed to meet the stringent criteria required by the BBC in order to be granted coverage on its taxpayer-funded airwaves.

To wit: "Hunger strikes, whether solitary or en masse, only get reported when the prisoners are on the critical point of death or in a grave state of medical crisis – and such might present a radical political challenge to the imprisoning authority”.

Further to this ridiculous official BBC viewpoint, the gospel according to the biased Boaden’s arbitrary sliding scale of hunger strikes claims the Palestinians’ mass action ranked as a managed demonstration, staged to incite anti-Semitic sentiments – with resulted in protests outside the occupied West Bank’s Ofer Prison – aka Incarceration Facility 385 - which were met with the customary barrages of tear gas, rubber bullets and skunk water cannon soakings by the Israeli’s bully boy IDF thugs.

Thought for the day. So, the BBC embraces the ZioNazi Israel regime inflicting these inhumane criteria on Palestinian political prisoners. Conversely, if hunger strikes by 3,500 political prisoners were staged in Russia or Iran or China – or anywhere else on the West’s shit list, then the Beeb would be all over them – calling out for international condemnation and UN sanctions. But Israel – well, criticism of the Rothshite’s pet project is verboten.

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