Monday, 14 January 2013

Benghazi-Gate Comes Apart at Seams

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Well, Benghazi-Gate is a sore thumb snafu – the ultimate covert intelligence (sic) service fubar since the CIA tried to blame Lockerbie on the Libyans – and 9/11 on al Qaeda - and between the White House and the media’s taking heads no fucker or their dog can seem to agree whether the attack on the US Consulate was the result of a flash-mob going ballistic over the amateurish Arabic-dubbed anti-Islamic ‘Mohammad Shags a Donkey’ video being posted on YouTube some weeks previously – which had only logged a pissy 300 hits by September 11th - or a coordinated terrorist attack by Muslim maniac rebels from Libya’s Jolly Jihad Brigade – a bunch of tossers who had incidentally all been armed to the teeth by ‘yours truly’ the good ole US of A – and NATO – to assist in the overthrow of the Gaddafi regime in 2011.

Okay, now for the real story, which throws the spotlight on a shitpile of questions and stark glaring facts that Team Obama do not want asked or revealed at any cost – hence the true reason the 26-year old radical internet activist Aaron ‘Reddit’ Swartz, 26 ended up on Obama’s ‘hit list’ and copped for assisted suicide victim status last Thursday night – to pre-empt his agenda of breaking the story online . Thus keeping a lid on the can of worms deceit that the Benghazi incident was simply a spontaneous ‘mosh pit’ protest over a trashy, albeit provocative, YouTube video that turned into a deadly riot which resulted in the consulate getting torched and Ambassador Stevens being gang buggered, lynched, then dragged through the streets and finally chopped into doggy bite sized pieces.

Whistle-blowing career civil service moles embedded deep inside the US State Department, pissed off with the way their Constitution and Bill of Rights have been shit on since the Neo-Con’s 9/11 false flag attacks scenario (Patriot Act / Homeland Security / TSA / Posse Comitatus / Second Amendment) have leaked damning information that in the run-up to the November election, in a desperate bid to get their credibility-deficient Hope n Change candidate re-elected, Team Obama, working with rogue elements of the US intelligence community and the Israeli Mossad – (yep the same one’s who did the WTC Twin Towers and shot a Volkswagen Golf-sized hole in the side of the Pentagon) – with the full knowledge and enthusiastic support of the Kenyan-Indo’ cuckoo ‘nigga in da woodpile’ (Oval Office) - had cobbled together a plot to play on the clich├ęd and threadbare War on Terrorism narrative yet again.

Okay, now we need to take a brief pause and step back into recent North African / Mid-East history and reflect on the Western-funded / instigated Arab Spring uprisings – specifically Egypt and the Great Satan relinquishing support for the ‘shelf life expired’ Mubarak regime – then covertly backing the arch-evil Muslim Brotherhood who would eventually become partners in crime in the insurrections in Libya and Syria – and yet to come, Lebanon - to oust Hezbollah’s power base – and on to Iran. Oh yes, the Great Game – lots of dominoes to topple.

So the Muslim Brotherhood became the willing propaganda tool of the US Imperialists to boost the re-election odds for Barky Obama – by staging a ‘treasonous’ pre-planned raid on the Benghazi Consulate, disguised as a bogus protest mob rioting over the offending ‘Innocence of Muslims’ YouTube video – then kidnap the hapless Ambassador Stevens and hold him hostage to force the ‘negotiated’ release of the Brotherhood’s esteemed spiritual mentor, the vision-impaired Sheikh Omar Abdel-Rahman – currently incarcerated in a North Carolina slammer until Hell freezes over.

Win or lose, it was all designed to turn out okay – that during the final days of Obama’s Oval Office watch a Muslim crazies terror attack resulted in the kidnapping of US consulate personnel in Libya – specifically Ambassador Christopher Stevens – a crisis resolved by the statesman-like diplomacy and canny negotiating skills of none other than President Barky Obama, and an ‘October Surprise’ hostage exchange in the run-up to the election with Ambassador Stevens swapped for the not-fit-for-purpose Blind Sheikh. An act of political legerdemain hailed and applauded by all – which was to ensure Barky’s re-election and the Romney beast copping the short end of the Diebold ballot count.

That is, if it had all gone to plan - create the required problem then provide the perfect solution But really, what the fuck could go wrong as the consulate security had been surreptitiously relaxed – apart from two private contractor ex-Navy Seals going ballistic and killing every raghead in the mob old enough to bleed and scream – which prompted the mob’s leaders to believe they’d been betrayed – so shelved the kidnap plan and just went into mayhem mode – torturing then butchering Ambassador Stevens.

Ah well, ‘the best laid plans of mice and men’ - as the old adage states. Then it all goes tits up – well, what the fuck did they expect using a gaggle of gung-ho, trigger-happy Muslim mujihadeen firebrands with the military discipline of a rutting hog – and the involvement of the bungling intelligence / security services – renowned for loose ends and blatant ‘whodunit’ give-away clues.

Thought for the day. Days prior to the botched Benghazi attack, during his nominating convention, Barky bragged before the cameras that ‘al-Qaeda was on the path to defeat.’
Now the spin doctors are working overtime to convince the American people that deception is sometimes necessary in the name of national security – and to conceal official incompetence – and criminal complicity (read ‘treason’).

In light of Aaron Swartz murder last Thursday night, critics of Team Obama's 'hit list' should be aware that such action automatically adds their name to it.

Regardless, fuck the Great Satan and their ZioNazi New World Order.

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Quinn said...

Nice one - just like 9/11 - sore thumb fingerprints all over it.

Anonymous said...

Good piece of work - but you're gonna end up on Obama's 'kill list'
along with all the others who expose the scumbag for what he really is.

fastbyte69 said...

Quinn's spot on - let's not forget the same thing's all over Madrid, 7/7, the patsy underpant bomber, the failed Times Square bombers, Sandy Hook, Aurora and fuck knows how many more false flag crimes.

Gilly said...

Yeah, Aaron another Grassy Knoll victim

Fletch said...

Libya's gone the same way as Iraq - Balkanised in to a chaotic sectarian nightmare. Just the same as the Clinton gang did in Yugoslavia - Balkanised it into a bunch of shitty little states - and what they intend to do in Syria if they get a chance.

Anonymous said...

nigga in da woodpile - that sums Obama up perfectly

Angus said...

Great piece of expose work Rusty