Monday, 28 January 2013

Egypt Solves Soccer Hooliganism

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Following the overthrown of Egypt’s despotic Mubarak ‘crime syndicate’ regime and their kleptocratic system of dictatorial misrule administration during the Zionist funded Arab Spring uprisings of 2011, the first democratically-elected president of this perpetual Third World basket case shithole, Mohammed Morsi, wishing for the ‘Land of the Pharaohs’ to be henceforth viewed internationally as a progressive Muslim society - moderate on the Islamic Sharia Law factor but no pussycats either – especially where venal acts of goat bonking zoophilia and other forms of anti-social behaviour are concerned - has directed the Interior Ministry to clamp down on soccer hooliganism by handing out capital punishment sentences to 21 offenders found guilty of fighting with rival fans in February last year.

Specifically, to expedite the autocratic President Morsi’s directives, Judge Liwat Ras al Shitbag of the Egyptian High Court has sentenced to death 21 defendants over clashes involving rival football fans in which 74 people were killed in 2012 following a Premier League match at the Port Said stadium when a catastrophic episode of riotous mayhem broke out between supporters of the al-Masry ‘Neekni Sahrawi’ team and Cairo’s notorious al-Ahly ‘Saracen Scallies’ soccer clubs – with the verdict for the remaining 52 ‘soccer yobster’ defendants scheduled to be announced in March.

The prosecution fielded both eye-witness testimony and CCTV footage which revealed the violence commenced mere minutes after the Port Said staged match kicked off – with deranged ‘Ultra’ fans of the local al-Masry side throwing Molotov cocktails into the midst of a crowd of visiting al-Ahly club supporters – which prompted an outbreak of return fire from the beleaguered fan’s assault rifles – at which point the match referee Khara ibn Zamel waved a bunch of red tickets around then blew his whistle for the game to be abandoned - before being taken out by a sniper in the al-Masry stands.

Following Friday’s surprise verdict, perhaps ironically, to add insult to injury, the High Court ruling sparked violent clashes outside the Port Said Prison, where the convicted soccer hooligans are being held, between capital punishment abolitionists and hard line pro-death penalty advocates - which resulted in a further 17 people killed - including 2 police officers being shot dead by demonstrators - and more than 450 wounded.

Thought for the day. Well, that’s the soft side of Sharia Law – the death penalty verdict could have been worse – more painful anyway (a spot of pre-beheading torture or death by stoning).

Hence will Broken Britain, so determined to replace the stigma of Asbo rulings with a more ‘fitting’ penalty be persuaded to follow the Egyptian model and dish out the death sentence for instances of soccer hooliganism – along with acts of anti-social behaviour, vandalism and generalised delinquency?

Hmmm, the threat of capital punishment for crimes of paedophilia might perhaps persuade Tory cabinet ministers and BBC DJs to keep their pricks in their pants and deter them from participating in this institutionalised British establishment culture of sexually molesting children - and if adopted across the entire EUSSR community, make the likes of Brussels high panjandrums think twice about kidnapping little girls in Portugal for their Satanic sex abuse and child sacrifice rituals.

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