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US Congressman Condemns Gaza Flotilla

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During a press conference called by the pro-kikester organization ‘Israel Project’, Rep. Seymour Scumberger, the ultra-Zionist Jewish Democrat Congressman of California, informed reporters from the shylock-owned media that he intends to seek the prosecution of any and all U.S. citizens who were aboard or involved with the Freedom Flotilla carrying humanitarian aid to the besieged Palestinian population of the criminally-beleaguered enclave that embosoms the Gaza Strip – now the largest open prison on Earth – surrounded by the Nazi-style ‘Great Apartheid Wall’.

For those readers currently scratching their heads and saying “Que?” this is the self-same aid flotilla that was mercilessly attacked and passenger activists arbitrarily murdered by the trigger-happy brutalists comprising the Israeli assault force – which is obviously forever a danger with any and all ‘peaceful demonstrations’ where Jehovah’s psychotic ‘chosen people’ are concerned - (Ref. the March 2003 edition of the Sub-Humans Gazette story on ‘Rachel Corrie vs the IDF Caterpillar D8 bulldozer’).

Rep. Scumberger - a career AIPAC muppet and apologist for the People of the Covenant - whose primary cultural activity throughout recorded history has been extracting interest from counterfeit money - quoted extracts of the statutes of the AIPAC-inspired ‘Anti-Terrorism and Effective Death Penalty Act 1996’ and the ‘Terrorist Hoax Improvements Act 2007’ which state it is absolutely illegal for any American citizen to give food, money, school supplies, paper clips, concrete or jelly beans to Hamas or any of its officials.

Displaying the customary unqualified arrogance that has long been the benchmark of the Jewish Ubermensch mentality, Scumberger continued his anti-Palestinian diatribe, conflating Hamas and Gaza’s civilian population without distinction. “I shall be demanding the Attorney General prosecute any American involved in what was clearly an effort to give items of value to a terrorist organization – specifically building materials to Hamas – which included bricks – the same type Palestinian children use to throw at the poor IDF troops who are only armed with Uzis.”

Scumberger further stated he plans on demanding the Department of Homeland Security ensure that all non-U.S. citizens involved with or aboard the Gaza Freedom Flotilla are barred from entering the U.S. of AIPAC.

Hamas, considered a foreign terrorist organization by the shylock-controlled U.S. State Department, won the Palestinian parliamentary elections in 2006 and has held de facto rule over the Gaza Strip since it took the area by force in 2007 in anticipation of an impending Israeli / US backed coup d’etat by the rival toadyish Fatah faction now posing as the government of the occupied West Bank.

Regardless of the dozens killed and wounded – and thrown overboard as shark bait by the IDF barbarians attacking the Freedom Flotilla - Rep Scumberger dispensed lavish measures of brazen hubris in criticizing the US Barky O’Barmy administration for not directly blaming Hamas – applying the faulty logic that the militant movement has brought the blockade on itself.
The illegal blockade and the land siege (by Israel and their craven Egyptian puppets) – plus the 30-foot high Great Apartheid Wall - have, by international consensus (obviously excluding Israel and their pro-Zionist American White House backers) caused a humanitarian crisis among Gaza’s civilian population.

Questions concerning the legality of the Israeli blockade and its enforcement in international waters were dismissed by Scumberger who, once again with no regard for reasoning nor logic – stated for the record that the U.S. had itself blockaded Germany in both World Wars, Japan in the Second, Cuba during the missile crisis, and, curiously, the Confederacy during the Civil War.

Hmmm, obviously the irony escapes the blinkered mindset of Rep Scumberger that he is now reduced to applying references to a 150-year old conflict to justify the criminal military actions of the mad dog Israeli Defence Force.
However, such is the kikester’s habitual disregard for laws of any kind – international or otherwise – unless they are the offended party and litigating from their customary standpoint as ‘victims’ against what they incorrectly term ‘anti-Semitism’ and Holohoax denial.

To round off his paranoid party piece and distract attention from the Knesset and the IDF’s criminal actions, Scumberger announced with equally faulty dialectic that all of Israel’s problems are connected to Iran’s nuclear program, which he alleged is aimed at nuclear weapons of mass distraction.
“Just you watch, if Iran acquires a nuclear device then the U.S. itself will be in danger as you could smuggle one into the States in a bale of bullshit.”

(Yep, quite true – just like the Israeli psychopaths did with the false flag micro-nuke bomb they detonated in the monsoon drain outside the Sari Club at Kuta Beach in Bali in 2002)

“What really matters is the Iranian nuclear program and we have a short amount of time to stop that program,” Scumberger pontificated “And our failure to take drastic action to stop that program could force Israel to execute a resolution far more controversial than what they’ve done this week by just murdering a couple of dozen whingeing do-gooders messing around on boats – such as a pre-emptive nuclear strike on Tehran.”

Well, there’s a pretty piece of political spin for you. It was the Gaza Freedom Flotilla’s own fault – with perhaps even Hamas more to blame for being the democratically-elected government of the Gaza Strip.

So, will international condemnation of Israel’s rogue criminal actions result in any form of ‘sanctions’ or judicial stricture or prosecutions? Doubtful. Same as the 2008/2009 festive season ‘Operation Kill Every Fucker and their Dog’ psychopathic military assaults by the IDF on the civilian population of Gaza - and the UN-generated Goldstone Report condemning their actions – which the US refused to sign - and the Knesset wiped their arse on.

Obviously the outlaw pariah State of Israel is above the laws of common decency – and we even have the new UK government proposing to amend the protocols governing the issuance of international arrest warrants so the Israeli war criminals wishing to visit Britain can do so with indemnity and without further fears of being apprehended, charged and prosecuted for their crimes against humanity (ref ex-Knesset Foreign Secretary Tipzy Livid et al).

And that, I’m sorry to say, is how it will remain while 99% of humanity operates according to the dictates of its stomach and sex organs - and suffers from Cognitive Impairment where matters of the Truth are concerned - exhibiting this curious refusal to behave rationally in what seems their own best interest.

Such a pity there exists this confounding glitch in the perceptions of mass human consciousness that derails an understanding of what the fuck is actually going on in the world and hence works to their collective detriment. Humanity, endowed with the facility of logic and reason, prefers folly and thus, in apathy, allows the rogue state of Israel to get away with their continued trespasses and criminality.

Allergy warning: This article was written in a known propaganda-infested area and may contain traces of slight exaggeration, modest porkies and mis-spoken references.

Thought for the day: If anyone believes in the concept of Karma, then the Israel sociopaths have the Hammer of the Heavens coming at them big time for their crimes against humanity.

Oh, and by the way, fuck the Rothshite crime family consortium- and their pet project Israel - and the Protocols of the Elders of Zion.

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